"Awesome" Lap Quilt

Hi, I’m Jamie from SunFlower Seeds and this is my third Moda Bake Shop project. I hope you like it!  It comes together rather quickly and will add that touch of fall to your house!  I really think this quilt would be cute in any holiday color and can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!  Stop by our blog for a giveaway honoring our new MBS project!  Enjoy!  If you’re going to Quilt Market or Festival stop by our shop located 15 minutes north of downtown Houston!

-1 Jelly Roll (JR)                                                                                                                                                     
-3 yds yards of backing fabric


* We pulled out 5 solid JR strips to be used later for the binding. 
*1/4″ seam allowance for entire quilt
*Press all seams open.


1. Choose 16 JR strips (we used dots and stripes)

2. Take 13 JR strips and cut each as follows:
four- 7 1/2” pieces
four- 3” pieces

3. Take the 14th JR strip and cut as follows:
two- 7 1/2” pieces
two-3” pieces

4. Cut the 15th JR strip as follows:
14- 2 ½” pieces

5. Cut the 16th JR strip as follows:
13- 2 1/2″ pieces

6. Mix & Match the 2 ½” middle squares with two each of the larger pieces (same fabric).

7. Sew one 2 ½” square in the middle of two matching 3” pieces along the 2 ½” side. Press.

8. Next, sew two matching 7 1/2” pieces on both long sides to make a block.

9. Repeat steps 6-8 until you have 27 completed blocks. Press all blocks.  Square up/trim all blocks to 6.5″ X 7 1/4″.

10. Sew three completed blockstogether. Make sure the long 7 1/4” sides on top and bottom. See photo:

11. Repeat until you have nine complete rows.  Press.


1. Choose 18 JR strips and set aside the remaining JR strips for binding. (We chose all the strips that had patterns and set aside the solid strips for binding).

2. Cut the following from each of the 18 JR strips:
one- 14.5” piece
one- 28” piece

-You should have 18- 14.5” pieces and 18- 28” pieces.

3. Mix and Match your pieces and sew together as follows:

Sew three 14.5” pieces together six times. Sew three 28” pieces together six times.

-You should have 6- 14.5” stripe rows and 6- 28” stripe rows.


1. Sew three rows as follows:
one-14.5” stripe row THEN one square row THEN one-14.5” row.

-You should have three rows total like this. Press.

2. Sew six rows as follows:
one- 28” stripe row THEN one square row.

-You should have six rows total like this. Press.

3. Lay out rows as shown in photo:

4. Sew rows together matching up squares, and pin in place. You will be matching up one square on each row. See photo:

-Your rows will be a little off on the ends and will need to be trimmed after all sewn together. Press all rows.

*TIP: Sew every three rows to help match up squares then sew the three sections together to complete the top.

5. Quilt as desired.


1. Take the 5 solid JR strips for the binding. Sew all these strips together (short ends) to make 1 continuous strip. Fold binding in half wrong sides together and press. Attach binding to right side of quilt (raw edges even) and machine stitch all the way around. Turn binding to back and hand stitch down. 

You’re finished! Enjoy your “Awesome” lap quilt! I hope you enjoyed making this quilt!

48″ x 55″

Jamie Mueller


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