Basket of Turnovers

by Daniela Stout of Cozy Quilts Designs

When I first saw this panel I knew just what I was going to do with it. …. Then when it came in, I went to work designing! Now I am so thrilled that a little piecework and a peaceful little girl panel came together to make such a wonderful wall-hanging! To get a FREE PDF copy of this complete pattern, just click here: Download Basket of Turnovers -Pattern

80 TurnoverTM Triangles of Baskets of Flowers
1 Baskets of Flowers Panel (any color as the girl is the same)
1 ½ yards of Background and Outer Border (cream)
⅛ yard of Inner Border Color 1 (red)
⅛ yard of Inner Border Color 2 (pink)
3 yards for Backing½ yards of binding (cut into 6—2 ½” strips)

The Strip Tube RulerTM by Cozy Quilt Designs
Shape CutTM by June Tailor
The new Olfa Quick-Change Rotary Cutter
(45mm) Light Steam a Seam fusible

Place two turnovers right sides together and sew a ¼” seam along the long side. (Tip: I put all of the light turnovers together and arranged them in the bottom right of the patchwork so they would create a subtle transition.)
Square up to 5 ½” before opening. Here’s a great way to do that. Bring your sets of turnovers to your cutting mat.
With the turnovers still right sides together, place the 5 ½” line of The Strip Tube RulerTM on your stitching line. Place the left side of the ruler along the left edge of the triangles.

Trim the right side. (Note if you are left-handed, place the right side of the ruler along the right side of the fabric and trim the left side.)

If you’d like to trim away both sides, place the 5 ½” line on your stitching line and center the ruler on your triangles. Trim the right and left side, keeping the ruler in place.
Open to reveal your perfect 5 ½” half square triangle!

Trim your dog ears.

Repeat to make 36—5 ½” half square triangles from turnovers.
From your Background Fabric, cut 1—5 ½” strip. From that, cut 4—5 ½” squares.

Again from your Background Fabric, cut 1—6” strip and from that cut 4—6” squares. Cut those in half diagonally. Partner these background triangles with the remaining turnovers triangles and make 36 —half square triangles measuring 5 ½” square.

Now put the blocks together as arranged in the picture at the top or bottom of this post.

Add Borders as follows:
Border 1
Top (2 ½” of background)
Left (2 ½” of background)
Bottom (4 ½” of background)
Right (4 ½” of background)
Border 2
Top (1 ½” of Color 1)
Left (1 ½” of Color 1)
Bottom (1 ½” of Color 2)
Right (1 ½” of Color 2)

Border 3
Top (2 ½” of background)
Left (2 ½” of background)
Bottom (4 ½” of background)
Right (4 ½” of background)
Fussy cut the girl from the panel and appliqué onto the quilt!

This is how I did the appliqué:
I used two long pieces of Lite Steam a Seam. First I removed the loose paper backing, Then I put the nubby fusible side on the back of the girl in the panel, butting the sheets up against each other. Leaving the top paper in place, I ironed the fusible down. If I had one really wide piece, I would have used that, but this worked just fine.

With the paper still on the fusible, I carefully fussy cut the girl out of the panel. (This was my favorite part because I left like a little girl playing with paper dolls.)

I didn’t want her to completely blend into the piecework, so I left a ¼” margin of background fabric on the left side of the girl.

I removed the paper backing and positioned the girl on the quilt top. Pinned her into place. Took her to the ironing board, removed the pins and pressed her down.

I love her! I hope you do to… now go make one! For a kit of our Turnover girl, click here.

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