A Picnic for Two

These are perfect durable placemats that work great for outdoor dining plus the fabric napkins to finish off your table decor.

1 Charm Pack + 1/2 yard of two coordinating fabrics

A squiggly blade for your rotary cutter.

Lots of “junk” to decorate your placemats.

You’ll also need four 12 x 18 pieces of 12 gauge plastic. It’s available at your local craft store. (If you can’t find 12 gauge, don’t worry. 8 gauge will work as well.)

Let’s start with the napkins. With the wrong side of the two coordinating fabrics together, cut two sets 18 inches square. (In the interest of full disclosure, I made mine 13 inches and they were way too small to fold!)

Stitch one inch in from the edges around all four sides. Stitch a giant X from corner to corner to hold the fabrics together nicely. Use the squiggly blade to trim around all four edges of your fabric napkins.

Have your husband fold your napkins using some fancy folding technique. (Seriously! Those aren’t my hands!)

Now on to the placemats. We’re going to have this project finished by the time Rachael Ray finishes her 30 Minute Meal!

Take your charm pack, and cutting several pieces at a time, trim around all four sides with your squiggly blade. Don’t be fussy!

Now subcut the pieces into odd shapes.

Now you get to cut off all the petals of that pretty silk flower.

Lay out one piece of the plastic on your cutting table. Arrange all the “junk” on the piece of plastic. Play with the layout until you’re pleased with the way it looks. Place the second piece of plastic over the top of your first piece. Press out the air bubbles. Static electricity should hold the whole thing in place.

Carefully carry the placemat to your sewing machine and stitch around the edges. Then begin randomly stitching across the placemat to hold the pieces in place. (Watch out for the gems or buttons you may have added.) When you’ve completed your stitching, use your squiggly rotary cutter to trim your edges.

You now have an adorable placemat that wipes off easily and is great for outdoor dining.

These would be easy to personalize. Letters could be cut from fabric or you could purchase foam letters. Even paper would work well. Or how about take home gifts for a birthday party? The possibilities are endless.

Two placemats with coordinating fabric napkins.

Bon Appetit!

Maria at passingdowncrazy.