Introducing Owlivia – A Sewing Companion

Hello Moda Bake Shop Followers,

I am Sandy Gervais, a fabric designer for none other than Moda Fabrics. (Yes, it is a dream job!) Lissa at Moda asked me to design a project that could be sold as a kit using my new spring line, Frolic. I thought it would be fun to have a “sewing companion” to set by your machine, or on a shelf nearby.

With that thought Owliva was born. The size of her eyes certainly enables her to “watch” over you. She could also be used as a pincushion – if you can bear to poke her with pins. The kit includes pattern, 6 fabrics, ric rac, cotton batting and two buttons for $12.50 (plus shipping). All you will need to add is your favorite stuffing – batting, play sand, walnut shells, etc.

Go here to order the kit.

6 Frolic Layer Cake squares
10″ of jumbo ric rac
10″ X 10 1/2″ piece of batting
2 pieces of cotton batting 2″ X 2″

Two 5/8″ buttons.
Crushed walnut shells

One sweet sewing companion.

Go here to download and print the template. Note this prints on 11″ X 14″ paper.

1. From your Frolic Layer Cake™ select:
Green leaf print square – cut this to a size of 6 1/2″ X 10″
Solid orange square – cut this to a size of 2 1/4″ X 10″
Brown daisy print square – cut this to a size of 3 1/4″ X 10″
2. With right sides together, stitch these three pieces together along the 10″ sides. Press. (front of owl)

3. Cut a piece of ric rac 10″ long.
4. Center ric rac over middle orange piece.
5. Machine stitch down center of ric rac.

6. Cut a piece of cotton batting 10″ X 10 1/2″.
7. Lay the batting down and place the pieced owl front on top of batting with right side up.

8. Top with the large brown floral Layer Cake™ square, right sides together, matching lower edges.

9. Fold back large brown floral print to the spot where the green print meets the orange solid piece.

10. Insert pins to mark the fold.

11. Lay owl template onto backing fabric.

12. Lay a ruler across the pin markings.
13. Now move your owl template until the dotted line on the owl template is lined up with the ruler.

14. Pin template in place.
15. Using a small machine stitch, stitch ON the template line, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing.
16. Tear away the paper.

17. Cut out owl a scant 1/4″ away from stitching line. (It is helpful to leave about a 1/2″ excess in the opening area.)

18. Turn right side out.

19. Stuff firmly with Poly-fil – just up to the middle section.

20. Fill remainder of owl with crushed walnut shells. This will make Owlivia stand straight. (You can purchase crushed walnut shells at a pet store.)

21. Whip stitch opening shut.

22. From your solid yellow Layer Cake™ square cut a 2″ X 2″ square.

23. Fold this in half diagonally, wrong sides together. Finger press.

24. Fold in half diagonally again. Finger press. (beak)

25. Pin beak in place. (see owl template for placement) Stitch beak in place with a running stitch.

26. From the medium brown flowered Layer Cake™ cut out two large flowers. (these are the eyes)

27. From cotton batting cut two 1 1/2″ circles. (eye backing)

28. Center eye over batting circle.
29. Using a running stitch, stitch eye to batting by stitching through all thicknesses around the center of the eye.

30. Thread a long needle with two strands of thread.
31. Sew button in place in center of eye. DO NOT cut thread.

32. Position eye onto owl. Poke needle through hole of button, go through the owl and come out the back of the owl, pulling thread tight so that eye pulls in somewhat.
33. Go back and forth a couple of times and knot thread in back of owl.
34. Repeat for other eye.


Meet Owlivia –Isn’t she a Hoot?

Now go stitch.

From my heart,

Charming Belt & Shirt

9 pink charm squares (belt) – feaured fabric is Candy Kisses by Sandy Gervais
2” belt buckle (I used and antique one.)
1/8 Yd. stiff interfacing (belt)
1 pink and 2 red charm squares (t-shirt)
1 off-white t-shirt (I bought mine at Target.)
2 fat quarters (“tissue paper”)

Large and small yo-yo maker by Clover
Gift Box and Gift wrap

Charming Belt:
1. With right sides together, stitch the 9 pink charm squares in a row. Press.

2. Cut a piece of interfacing 2 3/8” X length of belt.
3. Top with the piece of interfacing.
4. Fold belt in half right sides together.
5. Machine stitch along the side of the belt and across one end. (I made my end curved.)
6. Turn belt right side out. Press.
7. Slip open end of belt around belt buckle, turning under the raw edges. Hand stitch in place.
1. Follow the Clover yo-yo maker instructions to make 2 large red yo-yos and 1 small pink yo-yo.
2. Hand tack the yo-yos in place at the neckline of the t-shirt.
1. Place 2 fat quarters wrong sides together.
2. Place the fat quarter set in the gift box as if it were tissue paper.
3. Place t-shirt in box and fold fat quarters up and over t-shirt.
4. Place lid on box and wrap with red wrapping paper.
5. Wrap belt around package as your ribbon.

Makes one shirt and one belt… great for any occasion!
Sandy Gervais