Cowboy Up Quilt

Hello everyone! It’s Crystal Hendrix from over at Hendrixville. When I saw this fabric line I couldn’t resist making a quilt! I grew up on a ranch and the scenes presented in this line were a very common thing growing up! I originally made this for my father, but am now having second thoughts! It would look too beautiful on MY bed! 

2 King of the Ranch Jelly Rolls (String blocks)
1/2 yard of each : (Featured Squares – Need 8)
1864.10067 (first border)
1 1/8 yard 1864.10058 (second border)
5/8 yard 1864.10051 (binding)
5 yards 1864.10069 (backing)

Take your 8 different feature fabric and cut them to a 15.5″ square. Take your two jelly rolls and sort each one into the different colors. (I took out the different strips that were the same as my feature fabric.)

Make sure that as you cut your feature fabric, that you are actually featuring the desired design you would like to be showcased.

Now for your string blocks, you will be paper piecing them. Cut out 32 – 8″ squares out of scrap paper. 

For each block you will use 7 different strips of fabric. This is where you can be creative and choose any type of coloring patterns that you would like or you can choose a random pattern. 
Cut your strips into 7 different lengths: 
Strips             Length
1                     4″
2                     7″
3                   11″
4                   13″
5                   11″
6                    7″
7                    4″
You will need 32 strips for each number (7 strips equal 1 block)

With all your strips ready, now you can begin construction. 

1. With your 8″ paper square take a glue stick and run a line down the center of your paper. 

2. Take strip #4 and place it face up down the center. (I just eye ball it)

3. Take strip #3 and place on top of strip #4, right sides facing. As you place it make sure that you have the fabric covers the paper completely. (Make sure you do this throughout)

4. Turn your stitch length down on your sewing machine to tighten the stitch ( I went down to a 1.5) Sew 1/4″ down the two strips of fabric over the paper. Then iron it open, iron it to the outside of the square. 

5. Take strip #2 and lay it face down on top of strip #3. 

6. Sew a 1/4″ down the strips.

7. Iron the fabric towards the outside of the square.

8. Lay strip #1 on top of strip #2. 

9.  Stitch down the two fabrics.

10. Iron the fabric open.

11. Turn block around, lay strip #5 on top of strip #4, facing together. 

12. Stitch down the two strips.

13. Iron the fabric strip open.

14. Lay strip #6 on top of #5 facing together.

15. Sew down the two strips and iron open.

16. Lay strip #7 on top of #6 facing together. 

17. Sew down the two strips. 

18. Iron Open.

When you turn your square over, this is a good stitch length that you would like to achieve. Having it this tight makes tearing the paper off a lot easier.  *If you want you can use fabric instead, but it will be thicker.*

19. Take strip block and turn it over on your cutting mat. 

20. With your ruler and your paper as a guide, cut off ends, the ones that are hanging off the end of the square. 

21. Continue to turn your square and trim around the rest of your square.

22. Start with a corner and fold paper towards your stitch line. 

23. Then tear off the corner. 

24. As you go from section to section of paper, if you pull on the block it will release the paper from the stitch, so that you can then take the next section to fold and tear. Continue to tear off the remaining pieces of paper.

25. Make sure you have all pieces of paper out. 

26. Iron your block once again. At this point I like to add a little piece of starch, this will help your block from stretching as much once you begin to sew your blocks together. 

27. You now have 1 string block down, 31 more to go!

Once you have your string blocks done, take 4 of them to make 1 large string block. I turned my blocks to make a diamond shape. *This is where your color design will come into play. 

With all of your string blocks put together (total of 8 large squares). Now arrange your blocks like above and sew them all together.

Now take your first border fabric and cut it into 2″ strips. Sew them around your blocks. (Cut a total of 8 strips and sew them into 4 different strips.)

Now with your 2nd border fabric cut 5″ strips and sew them around your quilt. 
You will have a few strips and pieces left over that you could make some beautiful matching pillows or save for another project! 

Baste, quilt and bind as desired. (Measurements for fabric needed for basting and backing are listed above.)
Approximately 94″x94″quilt, big enough for a full to queen size quilt!

These beautiful deep colors make a wonderful combination to make your quilt look amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this quilt and everything seems clear enough! I appreciate all of your kind words and your support! I would LOVE to see any of your quilts that you make using this pattern! Feel free to email me pictures at

Crystal Hendrix