Summer Pinwheels

Hi! We are two sisters who love fabric. Our company is called The Sproutz Store. Check out our blog for great ideas and our ETSY shop for awesome patterns, and fabrics! We hope you enjoy this tutorial for pinwheels. We think they work great for a fun summer centerpiece.

1 layer cake (we used “Dream On” by Urban Chiks)
Heavy weight double-sided fusible interfacing
Eraser (the kind that fits on the end of a pencil)


1. Choose (2) 10″ squares from your layer cake for each pinwheel you would like to make.

2. Trim interfacing so it is slightly smaller than your 10″ squares of fabric. We trimmed ours to 9 3/4″.
3. At the ironing board, lay one fabric square right side down and center your interfacing on top. Put your other 10″ fabric square on top of the interfacing right side up. Press until the interfacing is securely attached to the fabric.

4. Trim your squares so that all edges (bottom fabric, interfacing, and top fabric) are even. Make sure you still have a perfect square.

5. From each corner, measure 4 1/2″ diagonally to the center and mark. Repeat 3 times. These will be your cutting lines.
6. Cut on lines.

7. Bring every other corner to the center to make your pinwheel shape. Stick a pushpin through the center to secure all four corners.
8. Put your eraser on the end of the dowel and push the pin through. Bend the pin down or trim so it won’t be too pokey. If your eraser won’t stay on the dowel, use some hot glue to secure.

9. Add a button to the center of the front of your pinwheel. We used hot glue to secure the button.

You are done!

Note: You can also use a charm square to make smaller pinwheels. Use a medium to heavy weight double-sided fusible interfacing. You will need to measure and mark 2 1/2″ diagonally from each corner and then trim. You could also trim down some Layer Cake squares to make various sized pinwheels.

1 pinwheel.