Moda Twill Tape Key Fob


Hi, I’m Tonya from Tonya’s Sewing Room.  Today I’m going to show you how to make a Moda Twill Tape Key Fob from all those precut Twill Tape’s you’ve been saving.

10″ Moda Twill Tape
10″ black webbing
key fob hardware
black thread (for your bobbin)
white thread (for the top)
measuring tape
crimping tool (for the key fob hardware)

Cut 10″ of your Moda Twill Tape and 10″ of your black (or your color choice) of webbing.

Line the twill tape up on the middle of the webbing and sew down both sides. Remember to use white thread on top, and black thread in your bobbin.  I used white thread on the first one I made and that white really stands out on the black webbing.  Black thread looks much better.

Once you have the twill tape sewed down both sides, fold the key fob in half and place the hardware in the middle just like what I have done.  You can get a crimping tool here like this, or see if your husband has something like it in his shed.  Mine did, thankfully.  I did wrap some extra twill tape around the tool to keep it from scratching my key fob hardware.  I crimp the hardware without the key chain ring on there because on my first attempt, I crimped the ring as well.  Oops…….

Add your ring once you have the hardware crimped on………

1 Moda Twill Tape Key Fob

Tonya May