Christmas in July Round Up

Fabric stores are teeming with beautiful and festive Moda holiday fabric. Over the years our talented Chefs have whipped up some lovely holiday projects to help you get a jump start on Christmas sewing.

Click through to view the links to the recipes.

-Oda May


Trifle Dish: Assemble the Layers

 Today we are adding the whipped cream between our trifle dish layers!

  • Completed layers 1-8
  • 1 yard whipped cream fabric (sashing fabric for between layers)

{NOTE: Dimensions of blocks/rows are unfinished measurements.}

1. Cut off selvedges from whipped cream fabric and cut into 11 strips measuring 2½”  x WOF. Join strips end-to-end and press. Subcut into 7 strips measuring 2½” x 64½”.

2. Assemble block layers and whipped cream layers. Measurements and block requirements are given below so you can check for accuracy.

6 blocks measuring 9½” square + (5) 2½” x 9½” sashing strips = 64½” x 9½”
{whipped cream}

8 blocks measuring 8½” square + 0 sashing strips = 64½” x 8½”
{whipped cream}
13 blocks measuring 4½” w x 8½” h + (12) 1 ½” x 8 ½” sashing strips = 64½” x 8½”


{whipped cream}

6 blocks measuring 10½” w x 8½” h + (2) 2½” x 8½” end sashing strips = 64½” x 8½”
{whipped cream}
6 blocks measuring 9½” square + (5) 2½” x 9½” sashing strips = 64½” x 9½”

{whipped cream}
8 blocks measuring 8½” square + 0 sashing strips = 64½” x 8½”

 {whipped cream}
8 blocks measuring 8½” square + 0 sashing strips = 64½” x 8½”

 {whipped cream}
5 blocks measuring 11½” square + (6) 2¾” x 11½” sashing strips = 64½” x 11½”

Quilt top measuring 64½” w x 83½” h (a nice size throw quilt!) Instructions for borders will be posted June 27.

Oda May

Tips & Tricks: Moda Candy Storage

Oh, Moda Candy! Those irresistible, tiny nibbles of fabric in perfect 2 1/2″ square stacks…They are a dream for mini quilts and a joy to give and receive.

Carrie Nelson of {Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.} and designer of the ever-popular Schnibbles patterns shared a cute way to package up those little darling crumb cakes we call Moda Candy. It keeps them tidy, easy to store, and easy to see. No more lint bombs!

The cellophane bags measure 3″ x 11″ and fit two Moda Candy pieces. Seal with a bit of washi tape and it makes the perfect gift! The bags can be found online (search for 3 x 11 pretzel bags) and in the food prep sections of some big box craft stores.

Thanks for sharing, Carrie and Rosie!

Tips and Tricks: Out of the Box Storage

Reader T. Baker shared an “out of the box” storage solution for in-progress projects – pizza boxes! They’re large, lightweight, easy to find new (and cheese-free) online, and much cheaper than conventional plastic storage bins. You can find them in plain white or dress up the brown version with some decoupage. The only cuter way to store WIPs just might be a pink bakery box.

For more storage ideas, check out {this post} from Oda May.

Recipe Updates and Corrections

Dear Readers,

We so enjoy bringing you a wide array of talented Chefs whose beautiful designs showcase our fabrics. Occasionally mistakes are made in the instructions or templates. We do our best to correct the recipes as soon as we hear of an error and we appreciate you bringing them to our attention.

When recipes are updated, you will now see a new version date next to the Printer Friendly file link.

We have also added this note and file version date to the Printer Friendly Files for new and updated posts:

Happy Sewing,

Q&A with Oda May: Fat Quarter Folding

Click through for two folding methods from Oda May.

Dear Oda May,

This might sound like a silly question but I’ve recently started organizing my fabric stash and I wondered…how do other people fold their fat quarters? I can’t seem to get them to look tidy and pretty the way I see so many on Pinterest.

Floundering in Fat Quarters

Dear Floundering,

There is never a silly question when it comes to fabric!  Fat quarter folding is one of my favorite ways to relax so I can definitely help you out with a few different ways to fold them.

First….the Moda way! This is how the fat quarters are folded in our beautiful bundles. No raw edges show with this folding method.

Second…a slightly smaller fold.

Here are the two stacked up so you can see the size comparison.

Hope this helps you keep things tidy! Readers, do you have any favorite folding methods?