Child’s Nap Mat

Hello! Hello! Hello!  My name is Kristin and I blog over at  I also design and do custom work at   I have to say I feel like I have come full circle with Moda Bake Shop.  When I started sewing seriously about a year and a half ago I knew very little about sewing.   I was searching the internet and came across Moda Bake Shop.  It had me at HELLO!  I spent hours scouring through all the recipes and then the chef’s sights learning and absorbing all that I could.  When I received the invite to become a chef, I am sure, that there was an audible squeal coming from the Southeast Oklahoma direction.  Me, a chef?  This is so much fun!  Ok, enough of me jumping up and down and acting like a little girl.  Now for the tutorial…

This project can be easily adjusted just by adding or taking away strips. I also didn’t use many measurements because of this.  

1 Lucy’s Crab Shack by Sweetwater Jelly Roll
1 yard of coordinating fabric for backing
1.5 yards natural cotton batting

*use a 1/4″ seam allowance unless stated different.

The Top of Mat
Start by selecting 11 strips.

Cut the strips to a length of 22″.  Then sew them together. Side by side. Press your seams open.  This will allow the mat to lay flatter in the end.

Cut this piece in half giving you a head and foot for your mat.

Choose 15 more strips.  These will become the body of the mat. You only need 22″ from 14 strips.  You will use all of the 15th strip but you still need to cut it in half.  I just used the fold mark and cut there.  Arrange the strips how you want  and sew them together side by side. I wanted to use the same strip on the top and bottom just to add some continuity.

Square up all of your edges.

Sew the “head” and “foot”pieces to the body piece of the mat.

Cut 2 pieces of batting that are 2″ longer in length and width than the entire mat.  Cut 4 Pieces of batting that are 2″ longer in width and length than the head of your mat, this will become the pillow.

Layer the 4 pieces of batting under the head of the mat.

Start attaching the batting to the head of the mat by stitching in the ditch where you sewed the body and head together.  TAKE YOUR TIME with this step.  For the other 3 sides use a 1/8 “stitch.  

Trim the excess batting from your project.  I used my scissors for this seam so I could get really close to the seam.

I used my rotary cutter for the other 3 edges.

The Ruffle
Meaure your mat and determine length around.  Multiply that number by 1.5.  This will give you the length of strip you will need to make your ruffle.  Take any of the leftovers from your strips and sew them together to form one lone length.  Then fold your long strip in half and press.  Now you want to set your machine stitch on the longest length you have.  Stitch the entire length of the strip.  Then pull your strings until you have the desired ruffle.

Pin your ruffle to the top and sew down.  Again, use a 1/8″ stitch.

Prepare your backing fabric
You want your backing fabric to be 2.5″ bigger in width and length than your top piece.  I chose to piece my back so that it would have a little extra color on it.

Prepare the Mat Tie

Take one full length jelly roll strip.  Fold the ends in and press.  Fold in half with right sides together.  Sew a 1/8″ stitch along the open edge.  Turn it right side out, press,  top stitch along all sides.

Fold the tie in half and pin to the bottom edge of the mat then secure in place by stitching it down.

Layer your piece.  Start with the batting.  Then the backing fabric, face up.  Then your top laid face down.  Pin the pieces together.  Sew all three together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Be sure to leave at least an 8″ opening so you can turn your mat right side out.

Trim away any excess fabric and batting.

Stitch the opening closed.

Quilt the mat how you like.  I just did the top and bottom strip of the body of the mat.  I didn’t want to loose any of the bulkiness of the batting but wanted to have it secure for washings.

A super cute nap mat for your little cutie to lay on and have sweet dreams.



Kristin Hajny