Dog Harness Tutorial

Hello Everyone, I am Seema Mohan SK. This is my 1st tutorial with Moda Bake Shop and I am totally excited about it! I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Please do stop by my blog Hooks, Needles and Brushes to say “Hi”. I am also on twitter as @sskcraftshop and FB….see you soon.

1 piece of printed Fat Quarter

1 piece of solid color Fat Quarter

1″ Curved Side Release Buckle

1″ D Ring (Steel or Nickel Plated)

1″ Heavy Duty Plastic Adjuster

Interfacing (small piece)

1″ wide Webbing

Step 1: Measure your dog around the neck for the collar, neck down to chest and also make note of the measurement where you will need to cut the curve below the arm .

Please remember the measurements will vary with your dog’s size and weight. The above template measurement is just an idea for you to create your own template The measurement provided is based on my dog Rusky who is a medium sized Pomeranian, weighing 10.5 pounds.

Step 2: Prepare the template. Cut 2 chest pieces from printed fat quarter and 1 piece from interfacing (optional). Press the interfacing on wrong side of 1 of the chest piece of harness.

Step 3: Cut long piece of fabric for collar by measuring your dog’s neck around. Fold the fabric on both sides and place webbing (optional) inside and sew it on all sides.

Step 4: Cut 3 more pieces of long fabric strips using solid color fat quarter. I used the following measurements: 5″, 11″ and 22″ in length and 3″ wide, however, it may differ a little for every dog. Fold the fabric in half and then fold 1/4″ inch as you did in collar above, then place webbing (optional) inside it and sew as you would sew the collar.

Step 5: Place the ends of the collar strip between the right sides of the chest piece as shown above and pin it. Sew from top till bottom, however, leave 1/4 inch at the end and do the same on the other side.

Step 6: Pull the collar and chest piece right side out from the bottom opening. This is how it will look after you turn the right side out.

Step 7: Fold the fabric inner side and sew from top as shown above.

Step 8: Place the D ring in the medium sized solid color band. Fold it over the collar and sew 2-3 times.

Step 9: Sew the other part of the strip by forming a loop.

Step 10: Attach the small strip to the bottom part of the chest piece and insert the male part of the buckle as shown in picture above.

Fold and stitch 2-3 times to make it sturdy as shown above.

Step 11: Attach the bigger strip to the other end of the harness chest piece. Slide the adjuster and female part of the buckle.

Now insert the unstitched part of the strip in the adjuster as shown above.

Stitch the part that you just passed through the adjuster. Stitch 2-3 times to make it sturdy

This is how it will look once stitched. Trim any excess thread at this point. Pass the female part of the buckle through the loop made just below the D ring.

Click!!!!! Your Harness is Ready and now all you need to do is….

take your furry friend out on a walk….. Enjoy!!!

Makes 1 Harness.

Seema Mohan SK