Lovely Lattices Quilt

This is Sarah from Thrift Store Crafter here with my first project for Moda Bake Shop.  My favorite block ever is the Broken Dishes block and it just dawned on me one day that it was perfect for charm packs.  It wasn’t long before I had come up with the idea for this Lovely Lattices quilt.

4 Hubba Hubba Charm Packs
4 yards Essential Dots, one yard each in four different colors (I used Baby Pink, Spring Green, Teal and Tangerine)
Backing and Binding – 4.5 yards of Essential Dots (I used Spring Green)

From each of your four Essential Dots colors, cut 42 five inch squares.  Keep the colors separated in four different stacks.

This is the basic block of this quilt, the Lattice block:

The Lattice block is comprised of four Broken Dishes blocks, each with a different Essential Dots background fabric and a different Hubba Hubba Charm Square.  This is the Broken Dishes block:

The Broken Dishes block is made up of four half square triangles (HSTs).  We are going to construct the HSTs using the charm squares and the squares we cut.  

Step 1:  Match up each stack of Essential Dots squares with one charm pack of Hubba Hubba. 

Working from one of your sets, take one charm square and one of the Essential Dots squares you cut. Place the squares right sides together matching up all edges.  

Sew around all four sides with a quarter inch seam.  It should look like this:

Step 2:  Cut the squares you just sewed together diagonally from the upper left to the lower right:

Then cut from the upper right to the lower left:

Essentially, you are cutting an “X” across the square.  It should look like this after you cut:

Step 3:  Press the seams to the dark side of the HSTs and trim the HSTs to 3 inches.

Step 4:  Lay out your four HSTs like this and sew them together:

Step 5:  Pinwheel the seams and press.  What do I mean by that?  Moving counterclockwise around the block, press the seam to the left.  It should end up looking like this on the back:

If you do this with each Broken Dishes block, the seams will all nestle together when you sew the blocks together.  

Step 6:  Trim blocks to 5.5 inches.

Let’s stop and talk for a minute about the best way to tackle the 168 Broken Dishes blocks you need to make.  I like to divide and conquer.  I work with one set of charm squares/Essential Dots at a time.  I divide that set into four smaller sets.  I chain piece one smaller set through the HST phase then through the piecing of the Broken Dishes block.  I then take the next set and do the same thing.  Once all 168 of my Broken Dishes blocks are together, I move on to step 7.  Keep the blocks separated by background color.

Step 7:  You should now have four piles of Broken Dishes blocks, one of each of the four background colors.  Lay your blocks out like this:


Make sure when you are sewing your Lattice blocks together that you are consistent in the placement of your background colors.  Each block should have one Broken Dishes block with each background color.

Sew your blocks together.

Step 8:  Pinwheel your seams and press.  This is just like you did in Step 5 only the seam is longer this time.

Step 9:  Trim your blocks to 10.5 inches.

Step 10:  You are now ready to lay out your blocks and sew your quilt together!  You should have seven rows of six blocks each.  Sew the Lattice blocks together into rows, alternating which direction you press the seams from row to row. 

Step 11:  Sew the rows together.

This makes one 60 x 70 inch quilt.  With it’s bright, happy colors, it would be perfect for any girl from a toddler to a teenager.

Sarah Meland
Thrift Store Crafter