Christmas Table Ensemble

A Table Topper, Table Runner and Pillow Cover

1 Winter Song Turnover
1 Yd. of Moda Bella Solid White

Yep! I used 1 Turnover to make all 3 of these projects!
Now how cool is that.

Cut your turnovers in half as shownCut your white fabric into 4 1/2 ” strips
Cut your strips into 4 1/2″ squares.

You will need 72 – 4 1/2″ squares (for all three projects)

Cut in half diagonally

To help speed things up while I was sewing,
I put a white triangle with a print triangle ready to sew.
Now start sewing.
Queen Elna and I sped right along.

Sew the longest side of the triangle,
and don’t worry if the white piece is a little bigger
than your print piece. It’ll be fine, you’ll see…
Iron the triangles to make a square
I ironed my seam towards the print side.

Now trim/square up your blocks to 3 3/4″
You’ll have plenty of room to trim and make a perfect square block.

for some reason I felt the need to take a picture
of all the scraps. Aren’t they pretty.

Lay out your blocks for your pillow
4 across and 4 down

Lay out your blocks for your Table Topper
10 across and 10 down.
Do the same thing for your Table Runner
9 across and 3 down.

Sew your blocks together to form rows.
Sew your rows together

I love using a blue Mark-B-Gone pen and my quilt ruler to mark
my quilting lines. So very cool.
For the pillow I quilted the top to a layer of batting first.

To make the pillow cover, Kim has a great set of instructions HERE for making a pillow “envelope”. My pillow comes out at 12-13″ square. Kim’s is for a 16″ square pillow, so you’ll need to do a little adjusting. I make all my pillow covers with the envelope style back.
Easy Peasy.

Bat, Back, Quilt and Bind your Table Topper and Table Runner as desired. And pat yourself on the back for getting a Christmas project done way early! What a good feeling. Yes?

1 Table Topper @ approx. 32″ square 1 Table Runner @ approx. 10″ x 29″ 1 Pillow @ approx. 12″ square
Happy Christmas in July!
ooxx`jodi of {}