Tips & Tricks: Moda Candy Storage

Oh, Moda Candy! Those irresistible, tiny nibbles of fabric in perfect 2 1/2″ square stacks…They are a dream for mini quilts and a joy to give and receive.

Carrie Nelson of {Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.} and designer of the ever-popular Schnibbles patterns shared a cute way to package up those little darling crumb cakes we call Moda Candy. It keeps them tidy, easy to store, and easy to see. No more lint bombs!

The cellophane bags measure 3″ x 11″ and fit two Moda Candy pieces. Seal with a bit of washi tape and it makes the perfect gift! The bags can be found online (search for 3 x 11 pretzel bags) and in the food prep sections of some big box craft stores.

Thanks for sharing, Carrie and Rosie!

Tips and Tricks: Out of the Box Storage

Reader T. Baker shared an “out of the box” storage solution for in-progress projects – pizza boxes! They’re large, lightweight, easy to find new (and cheese-free) online, and much cheaper than conventional plastic storage bins. You can find them in plain white or dress up the brown version with some decoupage. The only cuter way to store WIPs just might be a pink bakery box.

For more storage ideas, check out {this post} from Oda May.

Tips and Tricks: Crafty Storage

Today’s Tips and Tricks post is all about crafty storage. 
I don’t know about you, but keeping my work space tidy is a constant battle. Fabric, fabric everywhere! There are scraps and jelly rolls and charm packs just piling up on every surface. And don’t get me started on notions!

A few of our Chefs share some of their crafty organization tips with us today.

Erin Davis, of

I keep my needles and machine accessories in plastic craft bins meant for embroidery floss. I like the ones with removable dividers so I can accommodate large feet like the button holer and small needle packs efficiently. Everything is labeled so it makes it very easy for me to find the right foot without having to consult my machine manual.

Lisa Calle of

My favorite way to organize fat quarters is by color and I’ve found that if you fold them just the right way, the fit perfectly in bins and shelves designed for media (CDs and DVDs).  With so many people going digital these days, I see CD shelving units for sale very inexpensively at yard sales and thrift shops. They aren’t always cute but there is nothing a good coat of spray paint can’t fix.

See more of Lisa’s studio and organization ideas here.

Angela Pingel of

I use comic book boards to keep 1/2 yard and larger pieces of fabric neat and tidy. I’ve figured out a way to fold the fabric so it fits nicely on the board and the shelves in my studio.

See the full tutorial on Angela’s blog.

Thanks for sharing, ladies! Readers, what are your favorite ways to keep your space tidy?

Tips & Tricks: HSTs

Today’s tip is from Chef Pamela Lincoln from the blog Mama Spark’s World.

Pam shared her trick for perfectly lining up the points on your half square triangles (HSTs). Her method prevents those “clipped” corners that can so ofter happen with HSTs.

Pam says….”A little bit of time spent pinning helps with not cutting off your points!  If you have pressed your seams correctly as indicated in your pattern/recipe the seams should “nest” as shown below.”

Line up your pieces and insert your pin…check to make sure that the pin is just at the point on each side of the intersection.  Sew right up to the pin and then take it out.

Happy pinning!

Tips & Tricks: Bobbin Storage

Today’s tip comes from Erin of the blog Domestic Adventure.

Clever Erin shared several great tips for organizing her craft room. My favorite was how she stored her bobbins:

Erin says, “I accidentally realized that the metal bobbins are attracted to magnets, so I looked in the craft section of our local big box store and found strips of adhesive magnet.  Then I just lined them all up!”

Looks great, Erin! Thanks for sharing your ideas. To see more clever organizing tips, check out her blog post {Craft Closet Makeover}.

Do you have great tips to share? Email modabakeshop{at}unitednotions{dot}com. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy sewing,

Today’s Tip: Cutting Mat De-Fuzz

Today’s tip comes from Jennifer Overstreet of {}.

All quilters know that cutting mats wear down like a well-loved pair of shoes. Jennifer has a neat tip to remove some of the fabric fuzz that gets stuck in the well-worn grooves.

Jennifer says:

  1. Got Fabric fuzz stuck in your cutting mat from excessive rotary cutting in the same spot? 
  2. Grab a pink eraser to make it all go away! I happen to have an extremely large one from our Dollar Store.
  3. Take your pink eraser and rub it over the fabric fuzz to lift the fuzz out of your mat.
  4. Dust away the eraser residue and the loosen fabric fuzz
  5. No more fabric fuzz left behind from excessive rotary cutting.

 Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Would you like to share your favorite sewing tip? Send us an email.

Happy sewing!

Today’s Tip: Organized Piecing

Today’s tip comes from reader Carol of {Brown Quilts}.

Carol came up with the clever idea of using baking sheets from the dollar store to organize her quilt pieces.  She arranges them on the cookie sheet (four blocks per sheet for this particular project) and then she has a nice tidy stack next to her sewing machine. It makes it quick and simple to jump back into a project when you get distracted. Thanks for sharing, Carol!

Would you like to share your favorite sewing tip? Send us an email.

Happy sewing!

Today’s Tip: Binding

We are going to share a series of sewing tips and tricks here on the Moda Bake Shop. Would you like to share your favorite sewing tip? Send us an email.

Today’s tip comes from Jennifer Overstreet of {}.

Jennifer suggests trimming away the excess fabric at your corners when binding your quilt. This cuts down on the bulk and leaves you with a nice smooth corner. It’s especially helpful when you are working with true bias binding and curved edges.

See how Jennifer’s binding turned out on her Tea Time Quilt.

Happy sewing!