Hi everyone! This is Anna from HootnHaller. I am very excited to share my first Moda Bake Shop tutorial with you today. This is a tutorial for a bunting that is a great decoration for a party, special event, or to spruce up any room. If you have been nervous to try the honeycomb precuts in the past, I hope you try out this project that uses these fun fabric cuts!

1 Moda Honeycomb precut (Honeysweet by Fig Tree & Co.)
1/2 yard coordinating fabric

1. Sort your hexagons into pairs. Stack the pairs right sides together.

2. Use the template that comes with your precuts to mark dots on one of the hexagons in each of your pairs. (If you have never used the honeycombs before you are in for a treat! This template is amazing and makes sewing the quarter-inch seam soooooo much easier!)

3. Connect the dots that you drew using the template as a straight edge. You can leave one side without a line. These lines show you where to stitch your seams.

4. Follow the lines to sew a quarter-inch seam allowance along five of the sides.

5. Trim off the corners of each of your sewn-together pairs.

6. Turn each unit inside out. You may need to use a turning tool to get the points to pop out. Give your unit a good press.

7. Bring the units back to your machine. Using a coordinating thread, topstitch a quarter-inch from each edge.  

1. Cut one 20″ square from your fabric.

2. Using your rotary cutter, cut down the diagonal of the square. I used two rulers to reach the entire length, but you can use one ruler and move it for a second cut.

3. Sew the two triangles together by lining up the straight sides as shown below.

4. Cut 2″ strips along the bias, or the diagonal line you have created with the fabric.

5. Pin and sew the strips together.

6. Fold the bias strip in half and press.

7. Open the fabric up on the fold and fold each side towards the center crease. Press.

8. Fold the strip in half so that no raw edges are showing. Press. You have just created double-fold bias tape!!

1. Lay the hexagons out in an order that is pleasing to you.

2. Pin the hexagons into the center of the bias tape. Make sure to leave at least 10″ of bias tape before you place your first hexagon. Leave 3-5″ between each hexagon. Once you start to pin the hexagons you may decide to leave a larger or smaller gap – it depends on how you want your finished bunting to look.

3. Sew about 1/8″ from the edge of the tape. This will keep the bias tape closed and will secure the hexagons.

You will have one completed hexa-bunting! Enjoy!!

 Anna Haller