Little Rays of Sunshine Quilt

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve completed my very first Bake Shop project! I’ve enjoyed this new adventure and I must thank the encouraging Jo of Jo’s Country Junction for nudging me into this creative outlet. This quilt I originally designed for the Quilt Minnesota shop hop in 2009. After a little tweaking, I’ve stumbled upon Little Rays of Sunshine. This little sweetie reminds me of that time of day when the sun comes in the window just right and you can’t help but take a minute to smile 🙂 Enjoy and I hope to be back with more!

To make one 62″ x 70″ quilt:
1 California Girl Jelly Roll
2 1/2 Yards background

1/2 Yards Binding (2 1/2″ binding needs 17 1/2″)
4 Yards Backing (back to measure 72″ x 80″)
60 degree Creative Grids ruler or comparable
From background fabric, cut 13 – 6 1/2″ width of fabric (approx 42″) strips.
From your 40 Jelly Roll strips, select 13 groups of 3 strips.
Sew these groupings together to create 13 strip sets like this:
Now for cutting the triangles.

Cut each strip set like this:
1) Trim the salvage off one end
2) Lay template on strip set positioning as shown here.
Make sure the flat point is lined up even with the top edge of your strip set!!!
3) Cut end segment, flip template over and make another cut lining up flat part
once again with edge of strip set.
4) Flip template over again and make another cut.
5) Keep flipping and cutting….
6) Until you get to the end…then trim selvedge.
7) Turn over so wrong side is up and cut another end segment
that is the opposite of the one created at the beginning of the strip!
8) Each strip will yield…. 2 end triangles and 9 full triangles.
Repeat with remaining 12 strip sets to yield a total of:
13 Right ends
13 Left ends
117 Middle triangles 
Cutting the background strips
Using your 13 – 6 1/2″ x width of fabric strips and your 60 degree template, cut background triangles the exact same way as you did your strip sets. Once again, yeild 13 right ends, 13 left ends, and 117 middle triangles.

Now it’s time to piece into rows!
When piecing background triangles and strip triangles together, lay right sides together.
The flat point should line up with a pointy point.

Tip: I pinned the beginning and the end so that my pieces didn’t pull funny and end up stretched!
Make 6 rows like this:
Make 6 rows like this:
Assembly time:
Now arrange your beautiful rows out in a pleasing manner and sew together like this:
Congratulations! Your top is complete!
Quilt and bind as desired. 
Quilted by Mary Nordeng of Pieceful Settings – Rose Creek, Minnesota
Completed quilt measures 62″ X 70″

Katie Zenk