Jelly Roll Chair Cover

Hi from Jo’s Country Junction! Our beagle Gracie prompted me to get creative with a jelly roll to make a chair cover. Hopefully now all those hairs she is shedding will end up on the chair cover and not on my chair. If you have a pet, little ones in the house, or a messy hubby like mine, the chair cover might just be the thing you need to protect your furniture.

1-Jelly Roll of Civil War Reunion

1/4 yard coordinating fabric for trim
3/4 yard coordinating fabric for chair center
2 1/2 yards coordinating fabric for backing

Batting Scraps

Here’s a picture of what it will look like before you put your cover on your chair. I thought seeing this picture before you read the instructions might help you understand the construction a little better.

Cut the 1/4 yard of coordinating fabric into 3-2.5″ strips. Set aside.

Open your jelly roll.

To make the front flap piece, pick 9 strips from your jelly roll. Trim to 13″ long. Sew them together lengthwise. Press the seams open. Trim so the piece is only 12″ long.

Take one of the 2.5″ strips of coordinating fabric. Trim to the appropriate length. Stitch on place. Press.

From your batting scraps and your backing fabric, cut pieces that are the same size as the front flap you just made. Layer batting, then backing right side up and pieced section right side down. Pin around the three sides as shown, leaving the top portion without the trim piece unpinned.

Sew around the three pinned sides. Trim the corners and turn the piece right side out. Carefully poke the corners out. Iron the entire piece. Machine quilt as desired. I recommend using a walking foot if your machine has one.

I stitched along each seam as shown.

Trim the edge.

Set the front piece aside.

Making the side pieces that go over the arm of the chair is a very similar process. Chose nine jelly roll strips. Sew them together along the length. Press seams open. Trim off the selvage edge. Add the trim pieces to each end. Cut in half and you will have two pieces as shown.

Finish preparing the arm pieces as you did with the front piece. Set aside.

To make the back piece, select 10 jelly roll strips. Sew them together. Press and square up the edges as you did with the previous piece. Add a trim strip to one edge.

Finish preparing the arm pieces as you did with the previous pieces. Set aside.

Using the coordinating fabric, cut two squares that are 21″ x 21″. (This was a good measurement for my chair. You may want to adjust the measurement if the cushion on your chair is larger or smaller.) Cut a piece of batting that is 22″ x 22″.

Lay the batting down. Place one piece of fabric right side up on the batting. Then begin laying the quilted pieces onto the fabric with the right side of each piece facing down and the unfinished edge along the edge of the fabric square. The arm pieces need to go across from each other. The front and back pieces need to be across from each other. Pin in place. You will have to fold arm pieces back as shown in the photo. Continue until all pieces are pinned in place.

Sew all pieces in place using a scant 1/4″ seam allowance, being careful not to get one of the pieces caught in the seam. I recommend using a walking foot if your machine has one.

Trim the batting so it is even with the fabric edge. Fold the edges of the back piece up as shown.

Place the other 21″ x 21″ piece on top of the project putting the right side down. Pin in place as shown.

Sew along the edges using a generous 1/4″ seam allowance and leaving a section about 8″ long along the back unsewn.

Trim corners. Turn right side out.

Carefully poke the corner out. Get the base of the project to lay flat.

Pin the opening shut. Hand stitch it closed.

Machine quilt the center if you desire.

You now have a completed chair cover.

Put it on your chair and enjoy some security, knowing your good furniture won’t be ruined…or if you’re like our family, put it on your chair and know that your company won’t see all the spills and stains you can’t get out.

This was a fun project that went together very quickly. It’s an easy weekend project that’s fun to make and will surely get used. Don’t forget to hop on over to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction, and check out what I’m working on. I’m always busy with something….and Gracie…she’s usually snuggled up in the chair.

Jo Kramer
{Jo’s Country Junction}