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Hi! I’m so glad that I can finally post this tutorial! As you can see, from the above picture, that this bag was made during the sunny summertime. It is no longer summer where I live.
Have fun making this bag. It is a great Carry-all!
Hope you like it!

Layer Cake,
1 and 3/4 yards Moda Muslin
2 yards Large Cording,
16 Extra Large Eyelets / Grommets
1/3 yd Peltex 71 for bag bottom
Step 1– Choose 6 Layer Cake squares for the front of your bag, and 6 for the back of your bag. Don’t worry about the size of the bag just yet. It is a large bag, but not as large as the squares laid out make it seem.

Step 2- Sew your front pieces together, and your back pieces together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure to press your seams flat.

Step 3- Cut a 4 & 1/4″ square out of the bottom corners of the front and back pieces.

Step 4- Using your front piece as a pattern, cut 4 pieces of muslin. 2 will be a flat lining for the outside of the bag, and 2 will become the bag lining.

Step 5- Flat line the outer bag pieces by laying one bag piece (right side up) onto one of your muslin pieces. Sew around the entire outside of the piece at a scant 1/4″.
Step 6– Preparation for outside and inside pockets. Pick 4 more layer cake pieces.

A– Layer them in pairs.

B– Mark a line down the center of the square, and sew 1/4″ on each side of the line.
C– Cut on the drawn line and press. Take one of each pair and pair these together.
D- Mark a line down the center again, and stitch 1/4″ on each side of the line. Cut on the line, and press.

Repeat with other pair.

Step 7– Pocket Construction.

1– Select 2 of your mixed squares.

2– Place right sides together.

3– Sew around the square at 1/4″. Make sure you leave a 3″ opening for turning right side out. 4– Clip corners and turn right side out. Fold opening in 1/4″ and press seams flat.

Repeat with other set of mixed squares

Step 8- Center Pocket, on the bag front, 4″ down from top edge. Be sure to place the 3″ opening on the side, or the bottom of the pocket.
Step 9– Top Stitch down sides, and across the bottom at 1/8″ and 1/4″.
Step 10- Center the other pocket, on one of your Lining pieces, following the same process as you did for the outside pocket.

Step 11– Lining Construction. Place other lining piece on top of lining piece with pocket, right sides together. Sew down sides, and across the bottom. On the bottom, leave a 5″ opening in the center for turning right side out. (Leave cut out squares unsewn).
Step 12– Squaring bottom of bag. Match the bottom of side seam with the bottom seam.
Step 13– Sew across the opening, and do the same to the other side.
Repeat steps 11- 13 with outer bag pieces. (No need to leave an opening in the bottom of the outer bag)
Step 14– Lining the purse. Place the Bag (right side out), into the lining (wrong side out).
Line up the side seams, and the top edge.
Step 15-Sew around the top edge with a 2″ seam allowance. Turn the bag right side out and press top of bag.
Step 16– Edge stitch the top of the bag at 1/8″. Top stitch the bag at 1 & 1/2″.
Step 17- Eyelet/Grommet placement. Measure 2″ from side seam and mark the spot. Measure another 2″, mark. 2″, Mark. 2″, Mark. Do this on the opposiste side of the seam, and on the other side of the bag.
Install Grommets according to manufacturer’s directions
Step 18-Thread cording through the grommets. I have a special method of connecting the ends of the cording to each other. DUCT TAPE. It sounds strange, but it is the easiest way. REALLY!
Step 19- Now you are going to want to cover up the tape, so we’re adding some cute little Handle grips.
With another layer cake piece, Cut 4 pieces at 3″ x 5″.
With 2 pieces, right sides togetrher, sew short ends at 1/4″.
Turn right side out and press seams. Fold one end in 1/4″ and press.
Repeat with other pieces.

Step 20– Fold Handle grip around one handle. Tuck raw end into folded end, and handstitch it in place.

Step 21-If you want a more structured bottom to your bag-

1– Measure the bottom of your bag.

2- Cut 2 pieces of peltex to that measurement, and stitch them together.

3– Stuff the peltex pieces through the hole in the bottom of your bag, and sew the bag closed.

If you prefer it unstructured just sew the bottom of the lining closed with your sewing machine.

Load it up and go Shopping!!

1 Layer Cake will make 2 Large bags

I had so much fun with this tutorial. I love to make bags. I can never have too many bags. They always fit…no matter how many cookies I eat!!

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Love~ Lola