Floral Gatherings Quilt

1 – Floral Gatherings Layer Cake
3 yards Bella Solids – Off White (for stars, sashing, borders)
5/8 yard Bella Solids – off white  (binding)
5 yards Floral Gatherings – cheddar  (backing)
From the Bella Solid Off White : 
Cut 6 – 10″ x width of fabric strips.
Subcut 4 of the strips into 10″ squares.
You will need : 16 – 10″ squares
Subcut the remaining 2 strips into 5″ x width of fabric and then subcut those strips into 5″ squares.  You will have 8 from each 5″ strip.  You will need 32 – 5″ squares.
Cut 19 – 2½” x width of fabric strips.
Separate into two sections – 8 for the binding and 11 for the sashing and borders. 
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From the Floral Gatherings Layer Cake :
Divide 40 of the 10″ squares in this manner:
You will need 8 – 10″ squares for the four patches – subcut into 5″ squares.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star points.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star centers.

For the four patch blocks :
layout two 5″ cream tone and two 5″ whites in four patch pattern
sew top two together and sew bottom two together, press towards cream tone squares
sew top two to the bottom two, press open, should measure 9½” x 9½”
For the star points : 
draw diagonal line on the back of each white square, with right sides together – sew 1/4″ from line, trim blocks along line
press open, should measure 9½”
For the star centers :
layout four 10″ squares
sew top two and bottom two together – press seams open
sew top row and bottom row together, 
being careful to align pressed seams, then press open
 square to 18½” square

make four

layout star block as you would like it sewn
sew both star point sides to center four patch, press
sew four remaining points to smaller four patch blocks, press
sew top to center and then sew bottom to center, press
ta-da!  36½” square
 now make three more
sew the 11 – 2½” sashing/border strips end to end, press
subcut :
2 – 2½” x 36½” strips
3 – 2½” x 74½” strips
2 – 2½” x 78½” strips

sew 2 – 2½” x 36½” sashing between two top blocks and two bottom blocks, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½”sashing between top and bottom sections, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½” border to the top and 1 – 2½” x 74½” to the bottom, press.  sew 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the left side and 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the right, press.
For the backing : cut the 5 yards of fabric in half, selvage to selvage.  You will have 2 – 2½ yards x width of fabric pieces.  Sew them right sides together creating a square.  It should roughly measure 87″ by 90″.P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
Quilt and bind as desired.
Long arm quilting by Kathy Olkowski.

78½” x 78½” quilt 

Trish Poolson

Turkey Tracks Quilt

Hello everyone! I’m Becky from Patchwork Posse.  Today I am going to show you how to sew up the Turkey Tracks Lap Quilt Top. I love quilts….especially lap sized ones.  They don’t take as long to sew up, are great for gifts, and are handy to have around the house for a quick snuggle and use.

Great for any time or season.  Bright colors and prints would also work great.  Just make sure that your dark and medium fabrics are contrasting enough- so the blocks stand out and don’t get lost. 
This quilt is a bit tricky, but I will show you a quick piecing technique for the flying geese to speed up your construction time.

1/2 yard- dark fabric
2 yard- background
1 1/4 yard- green
3/4 yard- red
various fabric scraps for the piano keys border- 5″ X 2 1/2″ –92

Dark Blocks~
36– 4 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ dark
36– 2 1/2″  X 2 1/2″ background
36– 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ background- corners of blocks
Flying Geese Blocks~
36– 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ background
108– 3″ X 3″ green
9–  Red 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ squares
36– 6 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ background
2– 2″ X 43″
2– 2″ X 47″
Piano Keys:
92– 5″ X 2 1/2″ vairous fabrics
4– 5″ x 5″ corners- green

Dark Block:
Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the 2 1/2″ square
1)  Place the small background 2 1/2″ square right sides on one corner of the 4 1/2″ dark square
2)  Sew on drawn line, cut off remainder triangle and iron

Flying Geese Blocks:
Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the 2 1/2″ squares
1)  Place the 2 1/2″ squares at opposite corners of the background square
2)  Sew on either side of the drawn line
3)  Cut on drawn line and iron
4)  Place a 2 1/2″ square in the last corner of the background
5)  Sew on either side of the drawn line
6)  Cut on drawn line and iron
Square these to 4 1/2″ X 2 1/2″

1)  Sew 6 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ on either side of a red 2 1/2″ square
Repeat for a total of 9
Set aside the remainder background pieces- will be used later

Piano Keys:
1)  Sew 23 keys (5″ X 2 1/2′ ) side by side
2)  Repeat for a total of 4
3)  Sew the corner 5″ X 5″ squares to either ends of 2 sets- set aside

Block construction:
1)  Sew single flying geese to the dark block
2)  Sew the section from step 1 to the side of the block
Repeat until you have 36 blocks

Sew the sashing pieces in between two blocks
Then use the layout below to sew 9 blocks total
Sew the 9 blocks together in rows of 3 for the center of the quilt
Sew your first border on the sides of the quilt top
Sew your piano keys border on the sides of the quilt top

56″ X 56″ Quilt
For more quilt tutorials and easy sewing projects– come stop by: www.patchworkposse.com
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Hope you enjoy this quilt!
Becky @ www.patchworkposse.com

Table Top Turkey Trot

Hello! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyous New Year to you! Things have been quiet recently at my online home at Sewing by Moonlight, but I hope you will come visit anyway.

I had hoped to have this project ready to post for you by Thanksgiving, but it seems my reality does not allow for a one week project turn around time. So, here we are, just in time for Christmas, a Thanksgiving table runner.

The turkey is ready. She even wore her Santa hat for the festivities!

1 Layer cake – I used Floral Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda
1 1/4 yards backing fabric
1/2 yard of coordinating fabric for binding
Fusible web for appliqué
20″x47″ piece of battting
Template for dresden feathers and turkey body

Click {here} to dowload dresden feather and turkey body templates. The templates are also available in the Printer Friendly Version at the end of the post.

Embroidery floss for turkey eyes and beak, and embroidery needle

1. Determine the layout of your table runner. 
Alternate placing two squares together (these will be the maple leaf blocks) with single squares (these will be the background color for your dresden turkeys. This table runner has 5 turkey dresdens and 5 maples leaves, but you could easily make it longer or shorter.

2. Cut the fabrics for your maple leaf blocks.
Stack the two fabrics for the maple leaf block together, and cut as shown in the diagram below. Following this cutting diagram will ensure that you maximize the fabric in each 10-inch square.

2a. Begin by cutting a 3.5 inch strip from one side. Sub-cut two 3.5 inch squares from this strip. Save the remaining 3.5 x 3 inch piece to use for dresden feathers. 

2b. From the remaining 6.5 x 10 inch piece, cut across the width 5.5 inches from the edge. Sub-cut this piece into a 5.5 inch square and a 1 x 5.5 inch strip.

2c. Finally, cut one additional 3.5 inch square from the last piece of the layer cake square. Save the leftover 3 x 4.5 inch piece to use for dresden feathers. Add the final 3.5 x 1 inch strip to your scrap bin.

3. Create the maple leaf block. 
Use the pieces you just cut for the maple leaf block.

3a. Place the two 5.5 inch squares right sides together. Sew 1/4 inch from the edge all the way around the perimeter. Cut the square apart along both diagonals into four sections. Iron each piece open and trim the half square triangles to 3.5 inches.

3b. Cut one of the 3.5 inch squares of the leaf background fabric in half along the diagonal. Sew the 1 x 5.5 inch strip of leaf foreground fabric into this piece for the leaf stem.

3c. Arrange the block units into a maple leaf shape. Sew the block together and trim to 9.5 inches.

4. Create the dresden feathers
Using the template you downloaded above (under Ingredients), cut out the dresden pieces. Each turkey will require 12 dresden feathers. Since we have 5 turkeys in this table runner, I needed 60 dresden pieces. Use the unused pieces you saved from cutting out the leaves as well as additional layer cake squares.

4a. Fold each dresden piece length-wise and stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of longer width (not the longest side, that’s the length. Rather the longer of the two shorter sides. Clear as mud? See below.) This is an excellent opportunity for chain piecing.

4b. Trim the corner of each piece, flip the stitched side toward the inside to create a point and iron the piece flat so the point is centered.

4c. Sew 12 dresden pieces into a partial circle. Press the two raw edges 1/4 inch in to the wrong side.

4d. Trim the background square for the turkey to 9.5 inches. Fold in half and press. Open the square, fold in half the other direction and press again.

4e. Align your partial dresden circle so it is centered horizontally on the background square and two dresden pieces on each side fall below the horizontal center line. Pin the dresden in place and edge stitch all the way around.

5. Add a turkey body appliqué to your dresden feathers. 
Using the template, create an appliqué body for each turkey. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your fusible web and arrange the body so the head is centered and the body covers the raw edges at the center of your feathers dresden.

Use a tight zigzag stitch around the turkey body, or use another appliqué method of your choice.

If desired, add features (eyes, beak) to your turkey faces with embroidery floss or your sewing machine.

6. Arrange your maple leaf and turkey blocks in an alternating pattern. Stitch together. 

7. Use 10 of the remaining layer cake squares to create a backing for your table runner. 
Layer the runner top, batting, and backing together. Quilt and bind as desired.

One autumn appropriate table runner, made up of ten 9-inch finished maple leaf and dresden turkey blocks, measuring 18 x 45 inches.

Em Komiskey

Old Glory Quilt

Hello quilting friends! We are Quilted Works and we are so excited to be sharing our very first Moda Bake Shop project! Today we are sharing with you a fast and easy tutorial for creating hour glass blocks using a Layer Cake. We had so much fun creating this quilt and know that you will all love it.

(Old Glory Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings)

  • 2 Layer Cakes
  • 1/2 Yard Inner Border – 1040-39G (RED)
  • 1 3/4 Yard Outer Border – 1077-19 (BLUE)
  • 5 3/4 Yards Backing Fabric
  • 3/4 Yard Binding – 1040-43G (NAVY)

Begin by separating the Layer Cakes into LIGHTS (all the beiges) and DARKS (all the reds & blues)

Select one DARK and one LIGHT fabric square and place them with right sides together.  Pin all sides.


Sew 1/4″ seam around the entire 10″ square. When you come within 1/4″ from the corner, simply leave your needle down, and pivot the fabric to continue sewing around the square.

Your entire square will be sewn closed. Repeat with the remaining Layer Cake squares – sewing one DARK and LIGHT together. (Image below shows the 1/4″ stitching all around.)

Next we will be cutting the squares into 8 pieces. Place your square onto the cutting board. Do not reposition your square after making any of the cuts. First, cut diagonally both ways (from corner to corner), then cut vertically and horizontally at 5″.

Press each piece towards the dark fabric.

This is what your pieces will look like:

Mix up all your pieces and then re-pair them together with one BLUE piece and one RED piece.

Match the center of them together, pin, and sew 1/4″ seam. 

Now you have a finished “Hour Glass” block! It should measure 6 1/4″ and will end up being 5 3/4″ finished.

Repeat this process until you have created all the hour glass blocks.

Now we are ready to start laying out our blocks and forming rows. Make sure to rotate every other block 90°. Arrange the blocks until you are happy with the color placements.

Sew together in rows, making sure to pin well so that everything is lined up perfectly.

This quilt is 11 blocks across and 13 rows down.

Attach the borders.
INNER Border: cut 7 – 2″ strips from the RED fabric. Attach sides first, then top and bottom.
OUTER border: cut 7 – 6 1/2″ strips from the BLUE fabric. Attach sides first, then top and bottom.

Baste, Quilt and Bind your quilt as desired!


Finished Quilt Size is approximately 81″ x 92″.

We hope that you’ll come visit us at www.quiltedworks.com.  If you create a quilt using this tutorial, we would love to see it – be sure to link up to the Flickr Group here. Kits for this Moda Bake Shop project can be purchased on our website and will be eligible for free U.S. shipping! We have loved sharing our first project with you and hope to have many more to share.

Quilted Works