Hexagon Flower Bag

Hi, I’m Julie from Narioka, Australia. After four quilt tutorials for the Moda Bake Shop, I’ve decided to show you a bag pattern. While paper piecing hexagons, this idea came to me. Its a really cute, quirky, fun to make bag. It would make a great hand-stitching project to take away if you are travelling.

To make this bag you will need
One Charm Pack. (One bag takes 18 squares.)
Half yard of fabric to make lining and handle.
Three inch wide strip of coordinating fabric for handle.
Pre-cut 2 inch hexagon templets.
2.5 inch strip iron on interfacing.
I’ve used Lauren and Jessi Jung’s Flora for the main bag and for a different look, a second bag from the Indian Summer range from Laundry Basket Quilts.

Step 1.
To make this bag you will require 18 charm squares from your pack. Pick them at random or hand select your favourites like I did.

When I sew hexagons, I use pre-cut hexagon templates. Alternatively you can make your own. The ones I have used are two inch {ie. the length of each side measures two inches}.

Step 2.
Place your hexagon template over you first charm square and rotary cut around it allowing slightly more than 1/4 inch. I find 1/4 inch not quite enough. Some people don’t cut off the excess but I prefer to. It may give the bag a better finish if you do cut them off.

Step 3.
Place your first cut hexagon on a stack of five or so charms as a guide. Continue to cut out the remaining hexagons from all eighteen squares.

Step 4.
Lay your hexagon template on the wrong side of your first cut piece and evenly fold the first side down. Using a threaded needle, work your way all the way around the edge using a long basting stitch to hold the sides in place. See below.

You will end up with a pretty pile like this after a little while.

Step 5.
You are now ready to start joining your hexagons together. Place them right sides together and whip stitch along the edge. See image.

Use my pictures as a guide to how to arrange the hexagons.

You can join them in rows or make two hexagon flowers like I did below. I wanted to see what the front and back of the bag would look like so I joined them this way. I wanted the red in the centre front of the bag.

Keep working your way around until all 16 pieces are joined in the shape below.
Step 6.
Placed the two remaining hexagons, right sides together on the hexagon at either end.

Only stitch these two end hexagons on along the two sides as indicated in the photo. Leaving the end opening open to insert the strap into.

Step 7.
You can now fold the bag in half and partially stitch down the sides. Only stitch down three hexagon sides, from where I have indicated below.

Step 8.
After stitching the sides, turn your bag sideways and you will have an opening at the bottom. Lift the bottom hexagon (green) up to meet the two (yellow) hexagons above it. Stitch along these two sides.

This is how it will appear on the finished bag.

Step 9.

You can now snip your basting threads and remove the paper templates. Turn your bag so the correct side of the fabric is facing out. Flip over the top two top hexagons so they face the inside of the bag.

Give the bag a gentle press along the edges.

Step 10.
To make the lining and handles you will need to cut the following pieces.
Bag lining 9 by 19 inches.
Bag straps 2.5 by 14 inches.
Optional – if you want a stiffer handle cut a 2.5 by 14 inch piece of iron on interfacing and fix to wrong side of one of the bag straps.

Step 11.
Press over about 1/2 inch the top edges of the bag lining.

Flatten pressed edge out and sew along side seam as shown.

Lay your bag exterior over lining and mark with a pin the position to sew the opposite side seam. This will make sure your bag lining fits snuggly into the bag exterior.

If necessary, trim excess fabric off the side seams back to about 1/4 inch. Fold each corner as shown and stitch across the corner one inch from the end of the side seam stitching. This will box out the bottom of the lining. Trim off excess back to 1/4 inch.
Step 12.
Fold over the top along the pressed mark.

Insert lining into bag, pin and then slip stitch around the top edge.
Step 13.
Iron on interfacing to wrong side of one bag strap.
Stitch bag straps together, right sides together along the long edge. Check required width against strap opening and stitch along the other side.

Turn strap in the right way, press and then insert the ends into the opening on the bag as shown. Insert about 1/2 an inch. Pin and hand stitch in place and you are finished.

A cute pieced hexagon bag.
Perfect for day or evening.

9 3/4 inches widest x 6.5 inches tall {including strap}

Julie Sebire.