Jewels in the Curio

Look and see what is fresh from the oven, Jewels in the Curio from me, Jo, at Jo’s Country Junction. This 79 ” x 79″ quilt’s name comes from the fabric line, Curio, by Basic Grey, and the name of the quilt’s featured block, Jewel Box…put them together and we have Jewels in the Curio. The Curio fabric is wonderful…soft, subdued, and perfect for a gift when you know don’t what colors the recipient might like.

The quilt makes efficient use of a two charm packs, a jelly roll and yardage making very little waste. If you are new to quilting, the pattern may look difficult but honestly, this is do-able. The layout is what makes the quilt look harder than it actually is. To help make this project even more do-able, Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway on my blog to help get you started on purchasing the ingredients
…let’s get cooking.

(Normally I would insert a cute picture of all the fabric right here, but I was so excited when the fabric came that I immediately starting cutting into it.) Please forgive me but I am sure if you are a quilter you understand…when new fabric comes, I just have to touch it! Here’s a partial picture instead. Imagine the backing and background fabric and two charm packs totally intact… Aren’t the colors just wonderful!?!

Blocks, Scrappy Border and Binding:
One Jelly Roll and two Charm Packs

Background and Borders:
4.75 yards Moda Marbles Sweet Off White 9880 36

5 yards Curio Cabriole Pond 30272 11

Batting 90″ x 90″

Start by cutting the background fabric. Cut 8~ 5″ strips. Subcut them into 64~ 5″ squares. Open up the charm packs and pick out 64 charms that you want to use in the quilt. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the backs of the charms squares.

Sew 1/4″ on each side of the line. Then cut on the line and there will be two half square triangles. Press to the colored triangle.

Trim the blocks to be 4.5″ square.
Keep the like colored blocks together.

Set the triangles aside.

From the background fabric cut 16~ 2.5″ strips. Sub cut them in to 64~ 11″ strips.

Open the jelly roll. Set aside the “whitish” strip. Select 32 pieces. Cut 2~ 11″ pieces from each strip for a total of 64 pieces. Cut 2~ 2.5″ squares from each strip. Set the squares aside for the scrappy border. Set the remaining strip piece aside for the scrappy binding.

From the remaining jelly roll strips cut a variety of 84 more 2.5″ squares for the scrappy border for a total of 148~ 2.5″ squares. The leftovers of the jelly roll strips will be sewn together for the binding.

Take a 11″ jelly roll piece and a 11″ background strip and sew them right sides together. Press to the colored piece.

Cut the piece into 4~ 2.5″ segments. There will be a little piece leftover. Discard it.

Lay the pieces right sides together, matching the seams and sew creating a four patch. Press. Keep the like four patches together. Sew all of the segments into four patches.

Take two matching half square triangles and two matching four patches. The triangles and four patches should not match. Lay them out as shown. Sew the pieces together to create a block. Make 64 blocks.

Lay the blocks out as shown in a 8 x 8 “barn raising” pattern. Sew together in rows. Then sew the rows together creating the center of the quilt.

From the background fabric, cut 8~ 4.5″ strips. Sew the pieces together. Cut two borders the length of the quilt. Sew them on. Press seam toward the border. Lay the quilt out. Cut two background strips the width of the quilt. Sew the pieces to the quilt. Press to the border. Here’s a close up of the borders so you can see how they come together.

Sew two rows of 36~ 2.5″ scrappy border squares together. Sew them to two opposite sides of the quilt. Press to the first border. Sew two rows of 38~ 2.5″ squares together. Sew them to the remaining two opposite sides of the quilt.

From the background fabric cut 8~ 2.5″ strips. Sew the strips together. Cut two borders the length of the quilt. Sew them on opposite sides. Press toward the background border. Lay the quilt out. Cut two background strips the width of the quilts. Sew the pieces to the quilt. Press to the border.

Cut the backing fabric in half. Sew together. Sandwich the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt as desired.

Sew the remaining jelly roll pieces together to make a scrappy binding.


79 ” x 79″ quilt

I love the scrappy binding…Here’s Gracie showing that binding off.

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Jo Kramer
{Jo’s Country Junction}