Sweet as Honey Quilt

Hello everyone!  My name is Chrissy Lux and I am thrilled to be sharing a project here at the Moda Bake Shop!  I co-own Sew Lux Fabric with my mom and share my adventures in sewing on our blog.

Hexagons are so cute and I was excited when Moda introduced their Honeycomb precuts.  If you’re scared to piece them, don’t be!  I am going to walk you through this quick and easy quilt.  I’ve listed the ingredients below, but if you need a kit for this quilt you can order one here.

Let’s get sewing, shall we?!

Fabric Needed: 
1 Honeycomb (Scrumptious 55070 HC)
1/2 half yard for sashing (Bella Off White 9900 200)
1/2 yard for inner border (Scrumptious Berry Pink 55074 21)
1 yard for outer border (Scrumptious Paisley Aqua 55077 12)
1/2 yard for binding (Scrumptious Printed Color Aqua 55078 12 )
3 yards for backing (Scrumptious Summer Aqua 55072 12)

Tools Needed:
Marking Pen
Hexagon template (included with Moda’s Honeycomb precuts)
Rotary cutter & ruler
Machine & Basic sewing supplies

First, let’s cut all your sashing & borders so they’ll be ready.

From the outer border print, cut five strips 6.5″ x WOF.
From the inner border print, cut four strips 3.5″ x WOF.
From the sashing solid, cut six strips 2.5″ x WOF.
From the binding, cut six strips 2.5″ x WOF (not shown in photo below).

Sort your precut hexagons into the following stacks:
SIX stacks of 5 prints
ONE stack of 6 prints (these will be cut in half and mixed among the stacks of 5 hexies)

Note: Try to disperse your colors among each stack.  OR make them monochromatic – its up to you!

Use a ruler to cut the stack of six hexies in half.

Add two half hexies to each of the six stacks of 5.
Each Honeycomb comes with a plastic template with holes in the corners that make it super easy to mark your seam allowances!

 Grab a stack of five full hexies + two half hexies, the template and a marking pen.

Use the template to mark dots on all the points the WRONG side of each hexie.

Next, take your center hexie and one of the half hexies and place them right sides together, lining up the dots.

Pin in place and stitch from dot-to-dot using a 1/4 in seam.  Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end (the dots).

Stitch the other half hexie to the opposite side of the center hexagon.

Sew two full hexies together.  Line up the dots and stitch using a 1/4″ seam from one dot all the way to the outside edge of the hexies (ignore the second dot).  Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning dot!  Make two pairs.

Now its time to hook them all together!  Start by sewing one hexagon to the half hexagon.  Match the dots and stitch from the inside dots (closest to the center hexie) to the edge of the fabric (past the outer dot) using a 1/4 inch seam.  (NOTE: You are going to ignore the dots along the outside edges of the hexie block and stitch all the way to the edge of the fabrics so that all seams along the outside of the block are completely closed.) 


Pin the top side hexie to the center hexie.  Match the dots and move the other pieces out of the way so they are like wings sticking out from the intersection of the dots. Stitch from dot-to-dot.  Don’t forget to backstitch!

Continue going around the center hexie.

Pin and sew from dot-to-dot to attach the hexies.  Make sure to move the other fabrics out of the way.

For the bottom, you’ll sew from the inside dot all the way to the outer edge of the fabrics.

Repeat the process on the other side so you have a ring of hexies around the center hexie as shown below.

Press your hexagon block as shown.  (Away from the center hexie.)

Make six blocks of pieced hexies.

Press and use a ruler and rotary cutter to trim each hexie block to 9.25 in  x 11.5 in. 

Let’s sash and add the borders!

From one of the sashing strips, subcut into four 2.5″ x 9.25″ strips.
Sash the blocks by adding the 9.25″ long strips between blocks to make two columns of 3 blocks.

Then join the columns by adding the WOF strips between the columns and onto the right and left sides. Then use the remaining two strips to add sashing to the top and bottom.

Add the inner border to the sides first (long sides) and then to the top and bottom (short sides).

Finally, add the outer border.  Cut ONE of the outer border strips in half (6.5″ x 22″) and sew one half strip to each of TWO WOF strips to make them longer.

Sew two WOF strips to the top and bottom (short sides).  Then add the pieced strips to the right and left sides (long sides).

For the backing, cut your yardage into two 1.5 yard pieces.  Sew along the selvage side – be sure to include a seam allowance and trim away the selvage.

Layer and quilt as desired.  Finish by adding binding.

Need help binding?  See the MBS tutorial here.

One pretty lap quilt (42 in x 59 in)

Chrissy Lux