Bucket of Fish {Toss Game}

Hello everyone! Totally excited to be hanging out with you today.  I have been so lucky to work with some fantastic fabric for this project.  I don’t dip my toe into batiks often, but from now on, I would be happy to pick up a new line or two.  The colors and designs are so wonderful!  No cut square is the same, and I love that.  For some it can throw you off because you’re like what– why is this block yellow when it started off red? But for me, I love the little switches it makes and keeps you on your toes when you are designing.
For this project I used fabric from the Breezy Batiks Collection. I love this line and have a giveaway going on the blog to win 10 fat quarters from the same line!- ‘swim’ on over and sign up to win.

Printed Fish Template (see Printer Friendly Version at the end of this post)


12″ X 12″ square of fabric for each fish —you can mix and match the front and back if you’d like and use smaller pieces. If this is for a game toss, then you might want to make sure 3-4 of them are matching on one side so you can sort them out for each player easily.


1 > 7″ X 30″  Blue for the ocean waves
2 > 7″ X 30″  Green for background and lining of basket
1 > 7″ X 30″ Fusible Fleece for stiffness
2 > 8″ X 8″  Bottom lining and outside
1 > 8″ X 8″ Fusible Fleece for stiffness

1)  Print out template of fish and cut out
2)  Lay fabric right sides facing out, pin template
3)  Cut out using pinking shears
4)  Sew all the way around the fish, leaving an opening for stuffing
5)  Fill tail with poly beads, crushed walnut shells, or sand- something to give it some weight
6)  Stuff firmly the rest of the fish body- the weighted fill will shift, that’s ok, just try to keep it inside the body and not leak out when you are stuffing the rest
7)  Pin closed and sew the opening closed
Repeat with additional fish as needed
Cut: 2 > 2 1/2″ X 14″ handles
1)  Fold handles right sides together and sew
2)  Turn right sides out, iron. Set aside for later
Sewing Instructions:
1)  Place the fusible fleece on the wrong side of the outside fabric- right side facing out. Fuse it
2)  Cut the blue fabric wavy with your rotary cutter.  You can’t mess this up.  Just have fun 🙂
3)  Pin the blue fabric right sides facing out on top of the green background, lining up the bottom straight edge
4)  Zig-zag along the raw edge wave of the blue wave to secure
5)  Sew additional straight lines 1/4- 1/2″ from the last line sewn.  Repeat 3-4 times- you will be sewing through the wave, the background and the fusible fleece
6)  Fold in half and sew the ends together, making a tube
7)  Fuse the fusible fleece to the bottom outside fabric
8)  Pin right sides together the bucket tube to the bottom square. It will be tricky moving around those corners, but you can make it work
*When you get to the corner- keep the needle in the down position 1/4″ from the edge.  Lift the pressure foot and pivot the fabric to the next side.  Line up the edges and continue to sew.  Repeat at each corner
9)  Sew all the way around the square
1)  Fold in half and sew the ends together- leaving a 3″ opening for turning later
2)  Repeat steps 7-8 with the lining
3)  Pin the handles to the ouside fabric- the end of the handles should be lined up with the top edge of the bucket
4)  Stuff the bucket lining -right sides facing – to the outside bucket. Pin- making sure the bottom squares are lining up
5)  Sew along the top edge of the bucket.  Make sure the handles don’t shift
6)  Turn right sides out through the hole in the lining
7)  Stuff the lining inside the bucket and close the opening
8)  Iron the top edge of the bucket.  Sew 1/4″ from the edge along the top
9)  Fold the handles in half length wise and sew along the edge- starting and stopping 2″ from the top edge of the bucket
10)  Fill bucket with fish and have some fun!

1 Bucket + Fish for tossing

Enjoy!  Remember to stop on by the blog for the giveaway.
Becky @ Patchwork Posse

60-Minute Gift: Christmas Overnighter Cinch Sack

18” X WOF for lining (2 fat quarters in same or coordinating print)
18” X WOF for outside (2 fat quarters in same or coordinating print)
8” X WOF for strap channel  {can be a coordinating fabric}
Ribbon:  8″ X 1/2″
Rope 2– 43″ or longer {you can adjust this length to fit child}
Pre-cut scrap strips in green for tree and brown for trunk

Cut 2 – 18” X  18″  outside fabric  
Cut 2– 18”  X  18″  lining fabric
Cut 2– 4″ X 18″ strap channel
Cut 2– 4″ X width of ribbon
Cut 1/2” X various lengths– green fabric for tree

Rag Christmas Tree:
1)  Cut 3 strips 1/2” X 9” out of green scraps
2)  Fold the front outside piece in half and iron, using this creased iron line to center the tree tip,  pin the 3 strips in the shape of the tree
3)  Cut a brown 2” X 2” square for the trunk of the tree.  Pin in place.
4)  Sew down the center of these strips, and outline stitch the tree trunk
5)  Using the rest of the 1/2” green scrap strips, place on tree and sew down the center – one strip at a time
6)  Overlap additional strips, change their angle, direction to make it interesting
7)  Take a rough toothbrush and dampen the strips and scrub, this will rag the edges just a bit- or scrub with your fingernails. You can snip the edges if you’d like too

Strap Channel:

1)  Cut 2 strips 4” X 17”
2)  Hem both sides (4”) of each strip

3)  Fold in half so they will measure 2”- wrong sides together.  These will be your channels for the ties

1)  Pin right sides together both the front and back linings
2)  Sew all the way around the sides and bottom of the bag, leaving a 2 1/2” opening on one side for turning later
1)  Fold ribbon in half and stay stitch at bottom of each side of the front outside piece { 1 1/2” from bottom}

2)  Pin right sides together and stitch all the way around the sides and bottom of the bag.
3)  Turn Right sides out and iron
4)  Pin the channels to the top of the bag and stay stitch in place {sew on using 1/8th inch seam allowance so the stitching won’t show} One channel will be sewn to each side

5)  Stuff the outside into the lining, right sides together
6)  Pin along the top edge, matching the side seams
7)  Sew all the way around the top edge
8)  Turn right sides out through opening
9)  Sew opening closed and iron

Rope Strapping

8)  Tie rope to ribbon loop at the bottom of the bag.
9)  Thread through the tube directly above the ribbon loop, going around the whole bag.  The tie will be coming out the same side as it entered

10)  Repeat with rope on the other side of the bag

11)  Pull the rope to cinch the bag at the top

1 super cute cinch sack to Stuff with goodies, games and Christmas jammies!
Finished size:
17″ wide x 20″ long

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!  Hope your overnighters are full of wonderful surprises!

Becky Jorgensen

Studio Tour: Patchwork Posse

Welcome to our final day of Studio Tours! Today we are visiting the studio of  Moda Bake Shop Chef Becky Jorgensen of the blog Patchwork Posse. If you missed the other spaces, you can see them all {here}.

{Have you visited our Show Off Your Stash Link Party yet? Tour the sewing spaces of other Moda Bake Shop readers like you!}

Here we go! Becky doesn’t just have a sewing room…she has a sewing cottage! She converted a backyard cold storage into a 15′ X 12′ work space that fits *almost* everything. (Quilters always need a little bit more room, don’t we?)

Let’s step inside a for a look around.Watch your step!

Becky has a great stash and a nice quiet spot to work on her projects. She collects buttons, dolls and other little things that catch her eye.  Not much has been done on the decorating side of the things, but it’s on her to do list!

I spy a long arm in the background! What a lucky gal.

Thanks for letting us into your space, Becky! You can see more of her studio {here}.

With Long-Arm Envy,

Wheelies Quilt

Hi everyone!  I am Becky of Patchwork Posse and I am totally excited to be here on Moda Bake Shop!  I am always checking out the new patterns over here– and now to be featured is spec-tac!  The Wheelies Quilt is a great way to use up the whole Layer cake.  Add 2 more yards for your background and you are all ready to go.  I chose to go with a dark solid grey for my background which I think plays nicely with the Reunion Layer Cake.

The spokes of the Wheels are simple pinwheels.  Find and match up 4 that share the same color and you will have a more unified pinwheel.  If you don’t want to be so fussy– mix and match and scrap it up!  Because all the squares get used there isn’t enough to finish one more large block so the little 2 leftovers get put right in center square.

1 Layer Cake OR 42 10″ X 10″ squares  {21 light and 21 med/dark}
2 yards background fabric

Separate the lights and darks. You need 21 lights and 21 med/darks

Cut list for sashing: 16–-3” X 17 1/2”   and   4–4 3/4”X 17 1/2”

Cut list for center blocks:  5–3”X 64 and 4–9”X 4 3/4″

Block Instructions:
1) Place a 10″ X 10″ light square on top of a second med/dark square-right sides together. 
2) Draw a line from corner to corner of square. Use a pencil and draw on the wrong side of the fabric 
3) Sew 1/4” from the drawn line on BOTH sides. 
4) Cut on the drawn line and iron- you will now have 2 1/2 square triangles
5) Place one half triangle on top of another half triangle– right sides together Hint: darks should be opposite darks. Lights opposite of lights. 
6) Draw a line from corner to corner of the square– should be perpendicular to the previous sewn seam.
Use a pencil and draw on the wrong side of the fabric. 7) Sew 1/4” from the drawn line on BOTH sides. 
8) Cut on the drawn line and iron.
9) Match up 4 of your squares with one wheel being the same color.
10) Sew the 4 blocks together-repeat for a total of 10 blocks. They will measure 17 1/2” X 17 1/2”
Center Blocks:
1) Sew 9” X 4 3/4” background to each side of the block 
2) Sew 17 1/2” X 4 3/4” background to top and bottom of each block.
3) Repeat for a total of 2 finished blocks
Sewing the top together:
4) Using the layout diagram– sew sashings in between the blocks and at the ends 
5) Sew the blocks with sashings into rows 
6) Sew the sashing strips in between the rows- pin before sewing
7) Sew the rows together Hint: When you are sewing the rows together, match up the sashings from the previous rows. Lay them down right sides together and fold down the top layer just a little to make sure they are lined up correctly. Pin in place and then sew. 

Quilt Size: 80″ X 64″
Block Size:  17 1/2″ X 17 1/2″

Because I have two boys who are needing a new ‘do’ in their room I sewed up another top.
They love them– the grays are a bit off, but who will notice besides me?
I am in love with the dark sashing….and the modern feel.  I don’t usually go that way in designs, but i love it!
Thanks for joining me today!  If you have any questions or comments, ask it!
If you sew up your own Wheelies Quilt let me know. Share it!