Pharaoh’s Pyramids Quilt

Hi, Em here from Em’s Scrapbag, so thrilled to be back sharing another recipe.  Being the mother of three sons, I’m always on the look out for fabrics and patterns that lend themselves well to all things masculine.  I’m also a big fan of Malka and have been thrilled that Moda has taken her fabric and mass produced it.  So when I saw her new line I knew I had to design a quilt using it.  My oldest son, Alex, is studying engineering and recently he had to construct a bridge out of nothing but Popsicle sticks and wood glue.  Did you know that a triangle is the strongest shape structurally? Well it is.  I guess seeing his bridge sparked and idea for a quilt.  Using Simple Marks, Color Splash Batiks, and lots of triangles  Pharaoh’s Pyramids was born.

1- Color Splash Batiks jelly roll

1- Simple Marks jelly roll
4 yards background (23210 31)
1/2 yard binding (2321031)
5 yards backing
90″x 90″ batting

A 60* ruler
Cut your background fabric into 18- 6 1/2″ strips the width of fabric. Open your jelly rolls. Mix and match your strips into 18 sets of 3.
 Using your 60* ruler sub cut each of your strips into 10 triangles

Repeat this process with the background strips.
Starting with a background triangle place a strip triangle along pieced side.  Make sure that the point of your triangle extends 1/4″ past the end of previous triangle as shown in picture.  This ensures that you have a straight edge as you make your row.  Repeat this process until you have used 11 strip triangles and ended with a background triangle.
On alternate rows you will start and end with a strip triangle and use 11 background triangles.
Continue until you have made 15 rows total. 
Sew your rows together.  Next line up your ruler on inside points of the rows. Trim
Sandwich and quilt as desired.  I simply quilted a 1/4″ away from all the seams on either side.
One Pharaoh’s Pyramid quilt structurally sound and ready to keep that strong man of yours toasty warm.  Measures approximately 82″ x 90″ 

Emily Bailey