Confetti – A Modern Embroidery Applique Quilt

Hi there! It’s Natalia Bonner from Piece N Quilt and I’m excited to share our Confetti quilt here today! As you’ve probably noticed Kathleen and I have gone Machine Embroidery Applique crazy! We love it! Every single project we see we are trying to figure out how we can add machine embroidery applique.

This new quilt was so much fun to make. It’s made from Zen Chic’s new fabric line Barcelona and a little bit of Moda Bella Solids. We call it the darling Confetti quilt! Finished size is 60″x70″

The instructions below are for using a machine embroidery applique technique but you can achieve similar results by outlining the triangles with a satin stitch on any sewing machine.

4 1/4 yards white background fabric OR 6 white charm packs
1 Fat Eighth Bundle Barcelona by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics
1/4 yard Green Binding
3.8 yards Backing 

From background fabric, cut 27 strips measuring 5″ x WOF and 2 strips measuring 2″ x WOF.
Subcut 5″ x WOF strips into:

  •  208 squares measuring 5″ x 5″
  • 16  rectangles measuring 5″ x 2 5/8″

Subcut 2″ x WOF strips into:

  • 58 – 2″ 60 deg white triangles*

From fat eighths, cut:

  • 58 – 4″ 60 deg print triangles*  (we tried to do two from each print)

To cut triangles, use the templates in the Printer Friendly file or use the 60 degree mark on your ruler to cut the correct shape.

    The triangle digital machine embroidery applique file is currently available for free! Click {here} to download from our website. Check out all of our other darling Embroidery Appliques while you’re over there.

     **All applique on this quilt is done using embroidery applique, for this technique you will not cut your triangles into triangles at this point. Follow our triangle Machine Embroidery Applique Tutorial {here}.**

    If you are using a satin stitch instead of machine embroidery applique, pin each print triangle to a 5″ square. Outline with a satin stitch using coordinating thread. Repeat for all 58 triangles.

    Layer a 2″ white triangle on top of each print triangle and outline with a satin stitch. Repeat for all 58 white triangles. You  can use a small pair of very sharp scissors to trim out the print fabric behind the white triangle.

    Assemble the Quilt Top

     Confetti is laid out like subway tiles, alternating blocks.

    Refer to quilt layout for exact placement. We rotated our triangle blocks to get a more random look.

    Quilt, bind, and enjoy! The super cool thing about embroidery applique, because it’s done so precisely with a nice satin stitch when washing this applique there will be no fray! The quilt can be washed and washed and it will look nice forever! This quilt is machine quilted with a pantograph pattern designed by Natalia Bonner called Crackle, available {here} in {digital} and {paper} pantograph pattern.

     All of our embroidery applique is done on a Bernina Aurora 440QE with the embroidery module. Batting used is this quilt is Quilters Dream Poly Select.  

    1- 60″x70″ Confetti Quilt

    Natalia Bonner

    Skittles Quilt

    Hey there friends! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. When I saw Vanessa’s new fabric Simply Color it just screamed to me, make something! So I’m here today to share my creation using Simply Color.
    You can read more about me and my new book, Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting, over on my blog!

    2 Yards Simply Color Grey Ombre #10800
    2 Yards Moda Bella Solid Steel #9900 – 184
    1 Simply Color Charm Pack
    4 Yards Simply Color Zig-Zag #10804 (backing)

    Begin by preparing your charm pack fabric for applique. I prefer to use starch applique.
    Next, cut all of the circles in the charm pack into random 2″, 3″ & 5″ circles. I used my accuquilt GO! die to cut my circles.

    Now take your 2 yards of ombre fabric and find the point in the fabric where the steel fabric matches the best. cut a tiny slit and then tear the fabric. I chose to tear so that I could ensure that I had a perfectly straight cut.

    From your solid steel fabric cut a piece that is 13″x 2 yards.

    Lay that steel piece of fabric in the cut part of the ombre fabric. Randomly lay the circles onto the fabric, mostly on the steel fabric, and a little bit on the ombre.

    Applique as many of the circles onto the steel piece as you can, then sew the steel piece into the ombre piece. Finish appliqueing all circles.

    Quilt, bind and enjoy!

    1 – 53″x72″ Skittles quilt.

    Natalia Bonner

    Wonky Baby ~ A Baby Quilt

    Hi there! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. Today I get to share this fun baby quilt tutorial. I wanted to make a quilt that was simple yet had a little spunk to it. So I’ve created this Wonky Baby quilt. I’ve also created tutorials over on my blog for those coordinating bumpers and that darling dust ruffle. So take a minute and check out my blog for those tutorials!

    2 A Stitch In Color Charm Packs
    1 5/8 Yards coordinating grey fabric
    1/2 Yard coordinating binding fabric
    1 1/2 Yards coordinating backing fabric

    Begin by cutting from your grey fabric 56 – 6″ squares and 10 – 1″xWOF strips.
    From your charm packs cut 52 – 4″ circles, I used my Accuquilt Go to cut my circles and it went very fast and simple.

    Using the applique technique of your choice {I like to use starch applique}, applique a 4″ circle onto 52 of the 6″ squares, I tried to make each of the circles off centered so the quilt would have a wonky look.

    After you have appliqued the circles you will randomly cut each block on an angle. I cut each block individually so they would all have different angles.

    Now take the 1″ strips of grey fabric and sew those into the block, where you cut the diagonal line. Sew the block back together. You will end up with 52 blocks that look like the one above and then 4 plain grey blocks.

    Sew the blocks together, randomly, 7 blocks by 8 blocks.

    Quilt, bind and enjoy!

    1- 38″x44″ baby quilt.

    Natalia Bonner

    Jumbo Coins Baby Quilt

    Hi there, it’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt! I’m super excited today to share this super simple baby quilt. I love giving baby quilts as gifts to friends when they have new babies so I’m always on the lookout for a simple but cute baby quilt pattern.
    Hope you enjoy this quilt today!

    1 Good Fortune Layer Cake
    1 Yard Bella Solids White
    1/4 Yard Coordinating Binding
    2 Yards Moda Snuggles Backing (if you are using regular fabric for backing you will need 4 yards)
    Quilt kits are available over at Burgundy Buttons!

    Begin by cutting your layer cake in half. Creating 5″x10″ rectangles.

    From your Bella Solids White cut 14 – 2″x WOF strips.

    Using the attached template cut 6 flower petals, one small flower center (3″ circle, a cup works great for a template) and one large flower center (a 3 1/2″ circle) and one large Bella Solids White circle (I used a large mixing bowl for this template).

    Sew the 5″x10″ rectangles into strips, 5 strips of 12 blocks.

    I pieced the leftover strips together and pieced them into the backing.

    Now sew the rows together using the 2″ white fabric as your sashing and borders. As shown in the image above.

    Using the applique technique of your choice applique the flower onto the lower right hand corner of the quilt top. (I prefer to use starch applique, here is my free tutorial)

    Quilt, bind and enjoy!

    A super simple baby quilt that can be made in less than one day!

    1 – 58″x58″ Jumbo Coins baby quilt.

    I have to share a little picture of the quilt backing.

    Being a machine quilter I don’t love working with minky type materials. But… I had never used the Moda Snuggles before so I decided that this was a great quilt to try it out on. Let me tell you! It is AWESOME!!! I will definitely use the Moda Snuggles AGAIN!

    Thanks for checking out my tutorial today!

    Stop by my blog to see what I’m up to!

    Quilt kits are available over at Burgundy Buttons!

    Natalia Bonner
    {Piece N Quilt}

    Pillows Gone Wild

    Hey there! It’s been a little while. If you don’t remember me, I’m Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I love to blog, sew, design and machine quilt. If you have a second, stop by my blog and say hi. 🙂

    Today I’m sharing a tutorial for a few pillows. This tutorial actually started out as a tutorial for just one pillow but somehow things got a little carried away (hence the name, Pillows Gone Wild) and now I’m sharing 5 pillow tutorials in one!

    1 Hometown Layer Cake
    1/2 yard coordinating fabric for backing for each pillow
    1 yard coordinating grey
    1 yard coordinating ivory

    I will be sharing instructions/tutorial for each of the 5 pillows.
    First up.
    Square in a square 18″ pillow.

    Start by cutting your center square to 7 1/2″x 7 1/2″

    Next cut four ivory strips,
    2 strips 2″x10″
    2 strips 2″x13″

    Now take one layer cake square cut it down to 8 1/2″x8 1/2″ then cut it into quarters.

    Lastly, cut two layer cake squares into halves.

    Sewing it all together…
    Begin by sewing the layer cake square that was cut into quarters onto the center square. For the best result, sew opposite sides then press, then sew the other opposite sides.

    Next, sew the ivory strips onto the outside.
    First the shorter strips.
    Second the longer strips.

    Now sew the two layer cakes that were cut in half onto the outside of the block.

    Again for the best result, sew opposite sides first.
    Square up the pillow to 18 1/2″ square.
    Now prepare the backing and finish the pillow.

    Click here for our free Zipper tutorial.
    Click here for our free Pillow Form tutorial.

    Next pillow.

    Start by choosing 8 contrasting layer cake squares.

    For each of the x’s cut one strip that is 10″x 3 1/4″

    Also cut two 2 1/2″x2 1/2″ squares from each of the X prints and then cut into halves (ending up with 4 triangles from each print).

    Sew the points onto the ends of the long strips.
    You will have one long strip for each X.

    For the sides of the X’s you will cut:
    Two short X print strips that are 3 1/4″x4″

    Sew one of your points to the end of each of those strips.
    From the background print cut the four background prints into 6 1/2″x6 1/2″ squares and then cut those into quarters.

    Now, sew those background pieces onto  the sides of the shorter X pieces.
    You will need two of these for each X.

    Sew those side strips onto the long center X strip.
    You will have four X blocks like the one below.

    Sew those 4 X’s together.

    Now prepare the backing and finish the pillow.
    Next up.
    Begin by cutting
    9 – 4 1/2″ squares.
    Cut those in half diagonally.

    Next from 9 different prints cut a 2 1/2″x10″ strip.
    Sew a triangle onto one side of each of the nine strips.

    Press the strip in half.

    Cut as shown in the image below.

    This will give you nice points on the 2 1/2″strip.

    Now sew a triangle onto the other side of the block.

    Repeat until you have 9 angled blocks.

    Sew the blocks together side by side in three rows.

    Now prepare the backing and finish the pillow.
    Next up.
    Squares and Knots
    From your layer cake pick out 16 prints and grab 1/4 yard ivory.
    From those prints cut 16 – 2 1/2″ squares, 12 – 2 1/2″ squares from the ivory, 5 strips and two strips.
    Sew the squares together into four strip sets as shown in the image below.
    Using the larger strips, sew those rows together into pillows.
    I machine quilted the pillow top before putting it completely together.
    Next, adding the knots.
    Knots are a fun little element that can add a lot of detail to a simple pillow.
    After pillow top is quilted Sew a 2″x6″ strip onto each corner as shown in the image below.
    You will do the exact same thing to the prepared pillow back.
    When you sew the back of the pillow to the front of the pillow instead of sewing straight across the corners, you will sew out and around each of the four knots.
    When the pillow is turned right side out it will look like the image below.
    After you have inserted the pillow form simply tie those tails in knots.

    Last but not least.
    Inside out.

    This pillow will require yardage.
    You will need 1/8 yard three different prints.
    Cut the three outer prints into 2 1/2″xWOF strips and then cut the center print into a 2 3/4″xWOF strip.
    Sew the strips together side by side.


    Cut into four sections using a 45* angle.
    Sew those four pieces together first into two large triangles and then into one large square.
    I machine quilted the pillow before adding the backing.

    Add the backing…
    Keep the pillow inside out. Measure in about 2″ from each point and sew across each corner, as shown in the image below.

    Turn the pillow right side out and you will end up with more of a boxy pillow.

    It’s fun to see how many pillows you can make from one layer cake.
    I actually made a couple from each of these patterns and it was all from just one layer cake!

    I did machine quilt each of the pillow tops before putting the pillows together.

    Natalia Bonner
    {Piece N Quilt}

    Simple Spring Table Runner or Place Mats

    Hey everyone! It’s been a while and I’ve missed you! In case you don’t know me, I’m Natalia Bonner, I blog, sew and create over at Piece N Quilt. Take a second and stop by my blog. Today I’ve created a fun table runner or some darling placemats for you to enjoy.

    1 Sunkissed Layer Cake
    2 Yards coordinating fabric for background
    2 Yards coordinating fabric for backing & binding

    Begin by tracing an 18″ circle onto your background fabric. I used a large mixing bowl for my template.
    You will use the templates included for your applique pieces. I prefer to use starch applique. You can find my full tutorial here.

    For the daisy place mat you will use a green background, add 10 half circles as shown in the image above.

    Then add a grey 8″ circle.
    Then add 9 pink 2″ circles and I green 2″ circle.
    Machine quilt the square and then cut to size and bind after machine quilting.

    For the Spring place mat you will first applique 6 small orange petals onto 6 grey petals. Off-set those and applique onto green background.

    Add a large print circle and a small pink circle to the center.

    Add the word “spring”.
    Machine quilt the square and then cut to size and bind after machine quilting.

    For the Daisy Wheel cut applique 1- 8″ green circle and 1 -7″ white circle.

    Applique 6 pink daisy flower petals.

    Add a large yellow center and a small pink center.
    Machine quilt the square and then cut to size and bind after machine quilting.

    For the dots place mat, you will applique one 7″ yellow circle in the center.
    Then applique 12 small green circles around the outside and 1 green circle to the center.
    Machine quilt the square and then cut to size and bind after machine quilting.

    Now that you have created your darling placemats it’s time to turn them into a table runner.
    To the left side of each place mat you will add 1 button.

    On the right side of each place mat, you will make a buttonhole.
    And that’s it! You’ve created some quick and simple placemats or one darling table runner!

    4 – 18″ round placemats or 1 table runner.

    Natalia Bonner
    {Piece N Quilt}

    Simple Circles Table Runner

     Hi again! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I am super excited about this fun table runner. As you know I usually make quilts but I decided to change it up this time and go with a fun, simple table runner that requires no quilting.

    Stop by my blog or website to see my other tutorials and purchase your materials.

    2 Yards Batting
    Take 20 of your layer cake squares and trace three sizes of circles on them.
    We used (15) 10″ circles, (5) medium circles and (5) small circles.

    Cups, plates and bowls are my favorite templates for circles.

    After you have traced your circles on the fabric you will layer your materials. First batting, then backing material, right side toward you, then your layer cake square right side away from you.

    Stitch 1/4″ inside the traced line leaving a 2″ opening that will be used to turn the circle right side out.

    Trim on the line you originally drew.

    Clip little notches every 1/2″ around the entire circle.

    Turn the circles right side out. Press and top stitch. You don’t need to turn the small opening.

    Now lay the circles out in a pattern like the one above. Tuck the opening of every circle under another circle. Stitch in place.

    1 Simple Circles Table Runner

    Natalie Bonner

    Snowflakes are Falling

    Hi again! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I am so excited about this new Christmas quilt. Even though I pieced and quilted the whole thing while it was 100 degrees outside, it still makes me excited for Christmas. Don’t forget to stop by my blog and my online quilt shop where kits and Fruitcake materials are available.
    1 Fruitcake Layer Cake
    Kits are available @ Piece N Quilt
    Start by cutting 168 – 4 1/2″ squares.
    Now take your 4 1/2″ squares and draw a diagonal line across them. As shown in the image above.
    Snowball all 42 of your layer cake squares. Sew across that diagonal line.
    After you’ve sewn across that diagonal line you will trim the excess material away. As shown in the image above.
    Now press the block. You should have 42 blocks that look like the above block.
    From the white material you will cut 18 – 1″x width strips.
    Now cut those strips into 4″x1″ strips.
    You will now create the point for your snowflakes.
    As shown in the image above, cut a diagonal line.
    Cut another diagonal line in the opposite direction to create a point.
    Using our starch applique tutorial , applique the points onto the 42 layer cake blocks as shown in the image above.

    Using the white grunge material, set your blocks using 1 1/2″ sashing. Arrange the blocks 7 across by 6. Refer to the picture below.
    Aadd a 3 1/2″ strip off Avalanche grunge material to the top of your quilt.
    Then add a 9″ strip of the Fruitcake Sugar Cookies material to the top.
    Now quilt, bind and enjoy all winter long.
    I like to add coordinating pillowcases to my quilts. Use our pillow case tutorial on my blog to make these darling Christmas pillowcases.
    1- 72 1/2″x74″ Snowflakes are Falling quilt.

    Thanks again! You can save 10% off your total purchase @ Piece N Quilt when you use discount code “modabakehop”.

    Itty Bitty Babies

    Hello again, I am Natalia Bonner from Piece N Quilt. Stop by my blog and say hi! I am really excited to be able to share these baby quilts here today. I really wanted to design a quilt that was just as cute for boy as for a girl. I hope you enjoy them.

    Kits are available @ Piece N Quilt.
    Boy version here.
    Girl version here.
    1 3/4  Yards Verna Clover Earth for backing.

    Start by cutting your brown charm pack and one of your natural charm packs in half. Make sure to set one of your natural charm packs aside for now.


    Cut 23, 1″ x width strips from your Robins Egg material.

    Now cut those 1″ strips into 5″ x 1″ strips.
    Start by sewing a 1″ strip into your charm squares.
    After sewing those blocks, turn the charm blocks and cut them in half again.
    Sew another blue strip into the blocks.
    You should have 84 blocks that look like this, 42 of each color scheme.
    Open your charm pack that you had set aside in the beginning.
    Cut 3 of the charm squares in half on the diagonal.
    Take your natural blocks that you have added the blue to and cut them in half on the diagonal.
    Take one of those blocks and cut it in half on the opposite diagonal for your 4 corner blocks.
    Use the image below and lay your blocks out.
    Download the applique pieces included in the printer friendly version. Use our starch applique tutorial and applique the words and shapes onto your quilt.
    Quilt, bind and enjoy!

    1 -39″x57″ crib size quilt.

    Don’t forget to stop by Piece N Quilt. You can save 10% off your next purchase when you use discount code “modabakeshop”

    Each Day is a Gift

    Hi again! I’m Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I’m really happy to be able to share this tutorial with you. You can read more about me on my blog or check out my website to see what’s on sale today!

    1 Half Moon Charm Pack
    2 Yards Bella Solids Bleached White
    1 Yard Bella Solids Magenta
    1 Yard Bella Solids Reg Black
    4 Yards Backing
    1/2 Yard Binding
    Kits are available here.

    You will make 3 blocks.
    First block.

    Take one charm square and cut it in half.

    Sew in a 1″ strip of the magenta fabric.

     Now cut the block in half again, as shown in the image above.

    Now sew a 1″ strip into the block, as shown in the image above. Repeat this process until you have 11 blocks.
    Block two.

    Cut the block in half.

    Now sew a 1″ pink strip, as shown in the image above.

    Now sew a 1″ pink strip to the top of the block.
    Then trim the block down to 5″ as show in the image above.
    Make 6 blocks like this.
    You will also make 4 blocks with a 1″ white strip on the top.

    Block three.

    Cut the block 1.25″ from the left side.

    Now you will add a 3/4″ magenta strip, as shown in the image above.

     Measure from the left 1″ and add in a 3/4″ magenta strip, as shown in the image above.

     Now you will turn the block and repeat this process.

    The block should look like the one above when complete.
    You will have 10 of these blocks.

    Now you will add sashing.
    Cut all sashing from the Bleached white material. You will cut the sashing 4.5″ width.

    When I added my sashing I first add the horizontal pieces. Then the vertical strips.

    I like to add my applique pieces  after the horizontal sashing is added but before I add the vertical strips.
    (Please e-mail me for the applique PDF)

    Using our starch applique tutorial to applique the words as shown onto our quilt.
    Your top border is 9.25″tall by quilt width.
    You bottom applique section is 9″x34″

    1- 53″x63″ Each day is a gift quilt.

    Thanks for checking out my tutorial!
    Templates for applique are available here.