Battle March Quilt

Hello!  My name is Kelli.  I make guest appearances every now and then on my mom’s blog at Jo’s Country Junction.  We enjoy getting together on the weekends to work on quilting projects, make yummy food, and let the dogs run around to keep us entertained.  Another of our favorite things to do is to look through old quilt magazines to find quilt blocks and layouts that are new to us.  While looking through a magazine, I stumbled upon the English Wedding Ring block.  After a little bit of color play, I came up with this quilt entitled Battle March. Stop over to the blog and sign up to win a $40 gift certificate from Cabbage Rose Quilting and Fabrics to get you started on making your own quilt.

One fat quarter bundle (1862 Battle Hymn by Barbara Brackman)
Sashing/Binding/Side Setting Triangles/Block Parts–4.75 yards Bella Solids U Brown 9900 71 Moda #1
Corner stones/Block Parts –2.5 yards Bella Solids Parchment 9900 39 Moda #1
Backing–7 yards New Bern Red 8224 15 Moda #1 

I also used an easy angle to cut the triangles in this quilt.

1. From each fat quarter, cut 6- 2”x 21” strips. These strips will be placed in two piles. Place two single strips, as individuals, to the first pile. Make two sets of 2 strips each and place in the second pile.

2.  From the brown yardage:
-Cut 34 2” strips to be used in the sashing.  

-Subcut into 5  2” x 8” rectangles to be used as sashing from each strip.  You will need to cut a total of 168 sashing strips.

-For side setting triangles, cut two 14” strips.
-Subcut into 6  14” squares.  Cut twice on the diagonal to yield 22 side setting triangles

-For corner triangles, use the remaining 14” strip to cut two 7.25” squares.  Cut once on the diagonal for a total of 4 corner triangles.
-For the border, cut nine 3” x WOF strips.
-For binding, cut ten 2.5” strips x WOF.

3.  To cut the center of the blocks and the cornerstones to be used in the sashing of the quilt, you will need to cut a total of 45 2” strips from your neutral fabric.  

-Sub-cut 9 strips into 2” squares, for a total of 169 squares.  Seventy two of these squares will be used as the center in each block.  The remaining 97 squares will be used as cornerstones in the sashing.
-Cut the remaining 36 strips in half to yield a total of 72  2” x 20” strips.

1.  To make 1 block, you will need 1 block strip set (2 matching strips from Pile 2 and one complimentary strip from pile 1), 1 neutral 2” x 20” strip, and one 2” cornerstone.

2.  From the complimentary strip, cut four 2” x 3.5” rectangles and set aside.

3.  Placing right sides together, layer the rest of the complimentary strip with one of the strips from the matching set.  Using your Easy Angle ruler, cut a total of four 2” finished triangle sets.

4.  Layer the second matching strip with the neutral strip, right sides together.  Using your Easy Angle Ruler cut a total of 12 right triangles.

5.  Sew all triangles together along the diagonal.

6.  Press all triangles to the matching strip set color.

7.  Arrange block as shown.

 8.  Assemble the block as shown.  

9.  Repeat to create 72 blocks.

1.  Arrange the blocks, on point, in a 6 x 7 layout.

2.  Sew sashing and cornerstones between blocks. Make sure to end each sashing strip with a cornerstone to create the outside half square triangles.

3.  To trim the quilt, line up your ruler one quarter of an inch from the outside cornerstone diagonal.  As this is a large quilt, I simply trimmed mine from cornerstone to cornerstone until I had trimmed the entire quilt.

4.  Putting right sides together, sew all 3” border strips together.  After pressing your quilt top, lay out and measure the quilt the long way through the middle of the quilt.  Cut two border strips to this measurement.  Sew onto the long sides for the quilt and iron towards the border.  Repeat to add the border on the shorter side.

1.  Quilt as desired.

2.  Bind using the ten 2.5” strips.

One approximately 77″ by 89″ quilt.

Kelli Kramer