This Way Up?? Quilt

Hello! This is Margie from Ribbon Candy Quilt Company with an easy, fun project today. Let’s get started.

{Mixed Bag fabrics}

11 Fat Quarters – 3 for the Center diamonds and 8 for the Arrows
¼ yard orange – top block
¼ yard yellow – bottom block
1¾ yard blue for stop border and outer border
⅓ yard each of 4 fabrics for middle border
½ yard orange for binding
4 yards for backing

Here’s what I used:

From each of the 3 fat quarters that you are using for the center diamonds, cut one 12½” x 12½” square

NOTE: Arrows 1-4 point up and arrows 5-8 point down.

For Arrows 1 and 4, cut one 6½” x 8½” rectangle and one 6½” x 6½” square

For Arrows 2 and 3, cut one 8½” x 12½” rectangle and two 6½” x 6½” squares

For Arrows 5 and 8, cut one 6½” x 6½” square and one 6½” x 14½” rectangle

For Arrows 6 and 7, cut one 12½” x 14½” rectangle and two 6½” x 6½” square

Sew Arrow blocks 1 -4 together in a row as shown and press seams to one side.

Sew Bottom Arrows blocks 5 – 8 together in a row as shown and press seams to one side.

Arrow Block sets:

Now to make the Center Diamonds. Place your Center Diamond 12½” x 12½” squares in the order you wish them to appear in your quilt.

Take your Arrow Point  1- 4….6½” x 6½” squares and lay them out as shown above.  Each Center Diamond will have a different fabric in each corner. Using a pencil, draw a diagonal line from point to point on the wrong side of each  6½” x 6½” square.

Line up the raw edges in the top left corner and pin in place.  Sew on the pencil line. Press the Arrow Point square back and trim excess fabric.

Repeat with all top arrow points. Here’s what your Center Diamonds should look like at this point.

We are now going to work on the bottom half of the Diamonds. Lay out the Arrow Points 5 – 8 …. 6½” x 6½” squares as shown. Make sure you have the Arrow Point squares in order or your Arrows will not turn out.

Repeat the process of drawing a diagonal line, sewing on the line, pressing, and trimming as outlined above.

Continue to make your Diamonds and Arrow Points until you have all three Center Diamonds completed.

Sew your Center Diamond blocks together in this order.  Press seams to one side. Layout your Top Arrow Block set and your Center Diamond set. Do you see the Arrows appear? 

Match your seams and pin these sections together. Sew and press seams to one side. The top half is done! Repeat steps to attach the bottom arrow blocks.

For the first border, cut one 8½” x 36½” strip from each of two fabrics.

Sew on the top and bottom borders as shown.  Press seams to one side.

For the second border, cut 5 – 2½” x WOF strips. Set 2 strips aside for top/bottom border. Piece remaining strips end-to-end and cut into 2 strips measuring 50½” long. These are your side borders.

Sew on side borders and press seams. Sew on top and bottom borders and press. At this point the quilt measures 40½”  x 54½”, a great size for a baby, just a thought.)

For the third border, from each 1/3 yard, cut  2 – 6½” x WOF strips. Piece strips together, matching like fabrics. Cut middle borders as follows:

  • Side middle borders measure 6½” x 54½”
  • Top and bottom middle borders are 6½” x 52½”

Sew on side middle borders.  Press seams to border. Sew on top and bottom middle borders.  Press seams to borders.

For the fourth/outer border, cut 8 – 6½” X WOF strips.  Piece strips together end-to-end. Press strip and cut as follows:

  • 2 side outer border strips measuring 6½” x 66½”
  • 2 top/bottom outer border strips measuring 6½” x 64½”

Sew on side outer borders.  Press seams to border. Sew on top and bottom outer borders.  Press seams to border.  DONE!!!

Baste and quilt as desired.  I cut my binding at 2¼” x WOF.  You will need to cut 7 strips for binding.

One Quilt finishes 64½” x 78½”


Thanks for stopping by.

Margie Ullery