Three Halloween Treats

Hello again! It is LeAnne over at Everyday Celebrations. Today I am bringing you three delicious little Halloween treats that can all be made from one jelly roll!

I will warn you, this is a loooong post! However, I made one apron, three wall hangings, and six trick or treat totes with one jelly roll! (Along with minimal additional fabrics.)  So if you are looking for some quick projects, just pick up your favorite seasonal jelly roll, some solid fabric, a couple of fat quarters, and get sewing.

p.s. These all would make adorable Christmas projects too!

p.p.s Since I was able to make so many cute little trick or treat totes, I have a couple in need of a home! So click on over to my blog and leave a comment to win one of the pictured trick or treat totes!

1 Haunted Mansion Jelly Roll by Sanae

Below is the breakdown of materials for each project.

Additional fabrics/materials for wall hanging:
1/2 yard Bella Solid in Black
2 Fat Quarters
1 yard jumbo black ricrac
1/4 yard iron-on adhesive, such as Heat n’ Bond Ultrahold – the kind that does not require sewing
(2) 6 foot 1″x 2″  finished or unfinished, mine are finished
hand saw or table/circular saw
staple gun

Additional fabrics for trick or treat tote:

1/2 yard Bella Solid in Black for lining & top and bottom pieces – per tote
30″ of 1″ wide black handle strapping, found with the trimsper tote
seasonal ribbon, optional

Optional: If you want the top and bottom pieces to be from a different fabric you will need
1/2 yard fabric for each the top and bottom pieces – will yield enough pieces for many totes

Additional fabric for hostess apron:
3/4 yard Bella Solid in Black

WOF = width of fabric
RST = right sides together
All seam allowances 1/4″ unless otherwise stated.

Tip: I remember the first time I sewed with jelly roll strips. Boy was I surprised when I had a massive ‘curve in my pieced jelly roll strips! Argh, it was one of those ‘Why do I sew?’ moments. 

To help with this, place two strips RST lining up the selvages (uncut end) as PERFECTLY as you can. Sew the length of the strip. Press seams open. Then sew another pair together, repeating the same process. Repeat till all jelly roll strips are in pairs. Next sew two pairs together, again lining up the selvages as perfectly as you can and pressing the seam open. Now sew the sets of four jelly roll strips together, each time remembering to match up the selvages at the top and pressing seams open. It worked for me. 🙂

{wall hangings}

1. From the black fabric cut the following pieces:
(3) 15″ x 7″ pieces
(1) 1.75″ x WOF, then cut in half

 2.  Select 6 strips from the jelly roll and cut in half at the fold. (You will need 6 half jelly roll strips for this project, save the other halves for the totes or apron.)

3. From the two Fat Quarters cut the following:
(4) 5″ x 5.25″
(2) 5″ x 5.5″
(4) 6.5″ pieces of jumbo black ric rac

 4.  Sew together the jelly roll strips adding a 1.75″ black strip on the top and bottom. Press seams open. Even up the ends of jelly roll strips so the panel is 20″ long.

5. Cut the panel into (4) 15″ x 5″ strips.

6. With RST, sew a 15″ x 5″ strip on both sides of a 15″ x 7″ piece. Press seams open. Repeat again to make an identical wall hanging.

7. Place one of the pieces of ricrac across the 5″ edge of one 5″ x 5.5″ rectangle. Place the ricrac so the dip in the top wave is just about even with the top edge of fabric.

8. Place a  5″ x 5.25″ rectangle on top, RST. Line up the top edges of both rectangles and pin together. Sew in place. Repeat for the opposite end of the rectangle.

9. Press seams open. Top stitch the ricrac in place. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the remaining rectangles. Sew both pieces to the sides of the remaining 15″ x 7″ black piece like in step 6.

10. Trace the words ‘boo’, ‘trick’, and ‘treat’ onto iron-on fusible webbing. Follow the directions for adhering to fabric for your brand of fusible webbing. Cut out letters. Templates for words are included in the Printer Friendly PDF at the bottom of the post.

11. Fuse the words 3″ up from the bottom in the lower right hand corner of the black panel. Top stitch along either side of the black panel as shown. I used a decorative zigzag with orange thread. Repeat for the remaining panels. (Since this is a wall hanging, I am not concerned about reinforcing the letters with sewing.)

12.  To help stretch each panel evenly, stitch around each panel about 1/4″ away from the edge. Trim away threads and ricrac ends.

10.  Cut both 6 foot long 1″ x  2″s every 10.5″ with a hand saw or table/circular saw. Arrange as shown below. Repeat for other two frames.

11. Secure in place with two staples at each joint. Flip frame over and staple from the other side at each joint. Repeat for the other two frames.

12. Place one of the wall hangings right side down. Place the blunt side of the frame on top of the panel. (The rounded edge should be facing up.) Center the frame 1.5″ from the top and bottom and 2.25″ from each side.

13. Fold up the top and bottom edges and staple in place, slightly stretching as you go. Stretch evenly. (It is helpful to have one person fold the fabric and the other staple.)

14. Fold the side pieces as shown below. Secure with a staple.

15.  Finish folding up the sides like you are wrapping a present. Secure with staples. Repeat for other wall hangings.

{trick or treat tote}

1. Cut the following pieces:
5 jelly roll strips
(2) 4″ x 12.25″ bottom – from FQ or solid fabric
(2) 2.5′ x 12.25″ top – from FQ or solid fabric
(2) 12.25″ x 16″ lining
(2) 15″ pieces of 1″ wide handle strapping, found with the trims

2. Cut three of the jelly roll strips in half at the fold line. (The orange strips. You will only need 3 halves for this project.)  Trim the two remaining jelly roll strips to 2″ wide then cut in half. (The gray strips. You will use all four halves for this project.)

Arrange the half strips in this order:

4. Sew strips RST. Press seams open.

5. Even up the panel so it measures 21″ long. Then cut into (2) 10.5″ pieces.

6. Take one of the 4″ x 12.25″ pieces and pin to the bottom of one panel. Sew RST along the bottom edge.

7. Repeat with the 2.5″ x 12.25″ piece and sew RST along the top edge. Press seams open. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other panel.

8. If desired, cut a 3″ piece of ribbon for a ‘tag’. Fold in half and pin in place about 1″ from the top edge on one of the panels. Match up the raw edges of the ribbon with the raw edges of the bag.

9. Pin both panels RST and sew. Leave the top open. Press seams and clip the bottom corners. Turn right side out.

10. Pin handles in place  3.25″ from the side of the bag. Repeat for other side. Baste handles in place using a long machine stitch about 1/8″ away from the top edge.

11. Pin the two lining pieces RST and sew together. Leave the top open and a 6″ opening at the bottom of the bag. Press seams and clip corners.

12. Place the outer bag inside the lining, RST.

13. Pin the two bags together and sew the two bags together. Do not leave an opening.

14. From the opening in the bottom of the lining, turn the bag right side out. Press along the top edge of the bag making sure the lining isn’t peeking out. Top stitch about 1/8″ from the top edge of the bag.  Tuck the raw edges in the raw edges of the opening in the lining and press. Sew the opening close.

{hostess apron}

Note: The finished size of this apron is 26″ wide x 21″ long. The ties measure 37″ long on either side. To add/subtract width to the apron just add/remove jelly strip halves.  For each strip added/removed, you will add/reduce 2″ to the width of the apron. The length is also adjustable. I am 5’10” and the apron comes to just above my knee and ties generously around me.

1.  Cut the following pieces:
14 jelly roll halves
(1) 6.5″ x 27″ top band (add/subtract an additional 2″ to/from 27″ for each strip added/removed)
(1) 4″ x 27″ bottom band (add/subtract an additional 2″ to/from 27″ for each strip added/removed)
(2) 6.5″ x 36″ ties

2. Sew the jelly roll strips together in pairs lining up the selvages at the top.Press seams open. Then join all the pairs together.Press seams open. The cut edges will be slightly uneven and all at the opposite end. (See second picture in this step.) The panel should measure 27″ wide.

3. Even up the panel and trim to 17″ long.

*Note: You can cut the panel to any length. The bands/hems will add about an additional 4″ to the apron.

5. You will want to finish the raw edges. Either serge or zigzag each seam of the panel.

6. Along the long edge of the 4″ x 27″ bottom band, fold under 1/4″ and press. Then fold under another 1/4″ and press again. Sew hem in place 1/8″ from the edge. Pin the raw edge of the bottom band and the bottom raw edge of the apron RST together and sew in place. Zigzag or serge to finish the seam.

7. Fold the side raw edges under 1/4″ and press. (From the top to the bottom band.) Then fold under another 1/4″ and press again. Sew in place 1/8″ from the edge.

8. Sew the ties and top band together RST. (The top band needs to be in the middle and a tie on either side.) It will be WAYYYY long. Press seams open.

7. Center the WAYYY long band/ties over the apron panel RST and pin. The seams should be on either side of the apron panel. Sew only to the apron panel. Do not sew onto the free hanging ties.

8. Press the seam and place the band/ties up as shown below. You should now see the right side of the band/ties. Press well.

9. Now fold the band/ties down, RST so the raw edges of the free hanging ties meet. Pin the free hanging ties as shown below.

10. Start sewing at the end of one tie and continue sewing. Stop when you get to the apron panel. Skip over the apron panel and continue sewing the other tie together. Clip corners at the ends. Press.

11. Turn the ties right side out. Push the end back through the tie with a wooden spoon.

12. Tuck the raw edge of the band/tie to the inside and press. Pin in place from the front, being sure to catch the back of the band with your pins. Top stitch 1/4″ from the edge starting at one of the ties continuing onto the apron, closing the opening, and ending at the end of the other tie. Press well when completed.

I hope you enjoy your yummy Halloween Treats. 😉
Happy Baking!!

1 hostess apron
3 wall hangings
6 or more trick or treat totes

LeAnne Ballard
{Everyday Celebrations}