Baby Doll Bunting

Looking for a quick handmade gift for a little girl?
I have just the project for you.  In as little as 45 minutes you can whip up one of these cute little buntings.
Baby Doll Bunting 12 X 19 inches
Moda Spring Fever Layer Cake by Me & My Sister or 9 {10 inch squares}
• Batting 19.5 X 24 inches
• 3/4 yard lining fabric Spring Fever or other Moda basic cut to 19.5 X 24 inches
• basic sewing supplies, needle, thread etc.
• walking foot
• Choose 9 layer cake squares {10 inch squares}
• cut each square into 8.5 inches X 7 inches rectangle
• arrange and sew  the pieces in a nine patch similar to this, alternating lights and darks
• if you haven’t already, cut the lining and batting 19.5 X 24
• layer lining right side up, bunting top right side down and batting as shown. 
• starting in the middle of what will become your ‘bottom’ sew 1/4 seam around the perimeter of the quilt sandwich.
• Stop about 4-5 inches from your starting point to leave an area for turning. 
• Clip corners to reduce bulk
• After sewing your ‘quilt sandwich’ should look similar at the opening.
• turning it out
• clipped corner
• Once piece is turned, iron to smooth edges.
• Pin the opening closed as shown.
• Sew a 1/4 inch top stitch around the perimeter of the quilt being careful to catch your opening to finish the edge.
• Quilt center using a walking foot to help prevent shifting.
• Consider quilting an X through the centers of the rectangles or meander edge to edge.
• This project would be a great way to practice your machine quilting technique.
• Here’s a view of the lining.
• Next lay the piece on your work surface with lining facing up.
• Fold in the sides of the bunting to meet in the center.
• Overlap the center front about 1/4 inch and carefully pin together about 6 inches from the top all the way to the bottom. 
• You do you not want to catch the fabric underneath.
• Next, top stitch over your original top stitching slowly. 
• You do NOT want to catch the fabric underneath.
• In order to achieve this, roll the quilt piece as you stitch to ‘take up’ the bulk. 
• near the top you may have to stop and stitch from the opposite direction due to the bulk of the piece.
• you will end up with a ‘tube’.
• Pin across the bottom edge and sew over the original top stitching if possible.
Fold down the top edge to expose the lining a bit.
And there you have it, only 45 minutes later, a quick, easy, baby doll bunting that any little girl will love.
* Happy Holidays *

Vickie E