Lamplight Table Runner

Hey there, I am thrilled to be able to share with you my very first recipe for the Moda Bake Shop. I have been quilting for over 17 years, with the last few years being an exponential growth of the art form in my life. Please feel free to visit my blog at Blue Nickel Studios for other free patterns that I have available there under the tab labeled Downloads, as well as the fairly regular posts where I share my thoughts about life, family, quilting, and design.

1 Jelly Roll
1 Charm Pack

10 Fat Quarters (2 {one red and one beige} for piecing the top, and 8 for the back)

1 half yard of Red print for the binding (OR I used one Maison de Garance fat quarter and the matching Jelly Roll strip that I had set aside)

From your Maison De Garance Charm Pack, choose 3 brown charms and 3 red charms, then trim off 1/2″ from one side.

From your Jelly Roll, choose 3 Beige Strips and 3 Brown Strips. From each of these, cut (2) 5″ strips and (2) 8 1/2″ strips.

Keeping the Jelly Roll strips in sets, sew a pair of Beige 5″ strips to the two 5″ sides of one of your trimmed Brown Charms, and repeat with the other two trimmed Brown Charms and Beige 5″ strip pairs. Do the same with the trimmed Red Charms and the pairs of 5″ Brown strips.

Trim a half inch off these sets (as shown), making the units 4.5″ by 8.5″ overall.

Sew the matching pairs of 8.5″ Jelly Roll strips to the tops and bottoms of all the units you just made.

Choose 6 Beige Charms and 6 Brown Charms and cut six 5″ squares from the Red Fat Quarter and six 5″ squares from the Beige Fat Quarter.

Lightly draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner on the 6 Beige charms and the 6 Beige 5″ Fat Quarter squares.

Matching the Beige Charm Squares to the Red 5″ Fat Quarter Squares and the Beige 5″ Fat Quarter Squares to the Brown Charm Squares right side together. Sew 1/4 ” away from the pencil line on the Beige pieces on both sides of the line as shown:

Cut down the pencil line on all of these sets:

Press the Red/Beige units open, pressing 6 towards the Red side and 6 toward the Beige side…

Do the same with the Brown/Beige sets, pressing 6 towards the Brown side and 6 towards the Beige side..

Trim all of these units to 4.5″ squares as shown:

Sew these Triangle/Square units together, matching seams as shown with the pressed diagonal seams going in opposite directions as shown:

Sew these along the Beige sides on the Beige/Red units and the Brown sides of the Brown/Beige units so that you end up with these units:

Sew these Triangle units to the Square in a Square units you made in the beginning:

Sew the three Red/Beige “lantern” units end to end as shown and then do the same with the Brown/Beige “lantern” units.

Cut eight 4.5″ pieces from any remaining Jelly Roll strips and sew four of them side to side to make two units that look like this:

Sew these 4-strip units to the ends of each of your three “lantern” units as shown:

Sew the two “lantern” units together with 4-strip units at opposite ends as shown:

Cut (52) 3.5″ strips from the remaining Jelly Roll strips (you can cut some 2.5″ x 3.5″ pieces from the remaining Charms as needed too).

Sew 26 of these together along their 3.5″ sides for a scrappy side border. Then do the same with the other 26 pieces.

Then sew them to the long sides of the table runner as shown:

Quilt, bind, and enjoy.

This table runner can go from Autumn to Valentine’s Day with a quick change of accessories. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will come drop by Blue Nickel Studios often for other quilty things going on.

And don’t forget to post a picture of your finished Lamplight Table Runner on the Moda Bake Shop Flickr page as well as the Blue Nickel Studios Flickr page. We look forward to seeing what you cook up….

One tablerunner 22″ x 52″

Scott Hansen
{Blue Nickel Studios}