Jelly Roll Tu-Tu

1 Jelly Roll Cuzco from Kate Spain (or leftover strips from another)
1/2″ wide elastic cut to 16″ for 3-6 month old girl (see below for other sizes)
Pinking shears

Hot glue if you don’t want to sew!
Leggings or diaper cover for underneath

Step 1: Measurements
This Tu-Tu is easily to make custom for your little one.  Take measurement around the waist where you want the skirt to lay and add 2.5″.  This accounts for the seam and the extra bulk of the ties around the waist.  If you don’t have a child available you can measure around the waist of the leggings or diaper cover.  The next measurement you need is from the waist to where you want the skirt to hit on the leg.  Multiply that by 2 and add 2″ to account for the knot.

Here are the numbers I have for a 3-6 month size:
Waist: 16″ + 2.5″= 18.5″ cut of elastic
Length: 6″ x 2= 12″ + 2″= 14″ strip cut from the jelly roll

Step 2: Cutting
Now that we’ve got your numbers let’s begin!  Begin by cutting your elastic and making it one continuous loop.  You can do this by either sewing it, hand stitching or a hot glue gun.  The overlap should be about 1/2″.

Next using your jelly roll strips cut with pinking sheers to the length you determined before in your measurements.  For me that was 14″ so I could get 3 strips from each jelly roll.  I used a total of 25 14″ strips for the whole skirt.  Your numbers may differ slightly from that, just cut a good amount to start and you can easily add as you go.
Tip: The reason you need to use pinking sheers is that those edges (the zig-zag cut) do not fray. That’s why this is perfect for jelly rolls – the sides are already pinked!
Step 3: Tying and finishing!
Fold the fabric in half lengthwise.  Wrap around the elastic and knot it once.  Take care not to pull it too tight, you don’t want the elastic to gather.  Knot one more time, make sure all the knots are to the bottom of the skirt.  See the following three images for a guide.

Continue around the skirt until it is to the fullness you desire!

A super sweet, scrappy and sassy little Tu-Tu!

Megan Jimenz