Domestic Gifts Throw Quilt

Hi again, it’s Molly Culley with another quick and easy throw quilt.  When I saw the Domestic Bliss line, it was love at first sight.  Pinks, aquas, plums…what’s not to like?  Another reason I was smitten with this line is how it looks so vintage, yet modern.  The quilt design is clean and simple, and really lets the fabrics shine, with a hint of texture and embellishment with the ruffled solids. 

One Layer Cake
One Jelly Roll
4 yards backing fabric

1.  Choose 36 layer cake squares for the front of your quilt, and set aside the remaining 6 for the pieced back.  Lay them out in a pleasing arrangement.

2.  Unroll your jelly roll and set aside 6 strips for your binding.  Next, we will need 5 strips for the ruffled/pleated solids, so go ahead and unroll those.  Take the first one, and fold it in half lengthwise so the selvedges are touching.  Cut the strip on the fold so you have 2- 2.5″x21″ pieces.  Now, cut each strip in half width-wise so you now have 4- 1.25″ by 21″ strips.  Do the same to the remaining 4 jelly roll strips. You will need 18 ruffle strips that measure 1.25″ by 21″.

3.  Using a coordinating thread color, stitch a 1/4″ seam on either side of each solid strip.  This will slow any fraying during daily use and laundry days.

4.  Your next step is to choose the squares you want your ruffles on.  I chose three alternating squares from each row, and also changed the direction of the ruffles for each row.

5.  Using the 18 solid strips, either ruffle or pleat them using your favorite method.  I chose to fold the strip as I sewed it onto the layer cake square to make pleats.  The photo above shows an example of my pleating method.  I just used my fingers to tuck the fabric under the presser foot, but you could also use a ruffler foot or a gathering stitch to make traditional ruffles.  I also didn’t put my ruffle exactly in the middle of the square each time…I didn’t want each block to be the same.

6.  Once the ruffles/pleats are sewn onto your layer cake squares, sew over the 1/4″ stitch lines on the edges of the solids so they lay nicer on your quilt once it’s washed.  I learned this the hard way…it’s much easier to do this with the individual squares, rather than wrestling the whole quilt into the machine again.

7.  Join your squares into rows, then sew the rows together into a 6×6 block layout.

8.  For your pieced back, sew together the 6 layer cake squares set aside earlier, and piece them into your backing fabric.

9.  Baste, quilt and bind.  I quilted mine in an all-over meander with a variegated thread.  Use the 6 solid jelly roll strips you set aside earlier to make your binding.  Enjoy your gorgeous new quilt!

A throw quilt that measures 57″ square.

I hope you enjoyed my project! If you’d like to see what I’m sewing up lately, stop by my Instagram feed (link below).

Molly Culley

Sugar Garden Throw Quilt

Hi everyone, I’m Molly Culley from Stitch-n-Thyme Designs with my second Moda Bake Shop tutorial!  This is a really fun and quick quilt to piece.  The plot on our base’s community garden inspired me.  There is order but there are always some stragglers that get into the paths, represented here in the botanical raw-edge applique.  If you make one of these quilts, I’d love to see it!

Sugar Pop Layer Cake

Bella Snow Jelly Roll
2 yards backing
3/4 yard binding

1.  Separate your layer cake: You will need 25 squares for the top, 12 for the backing, and 3 or 4 for applique.  Choose applique squares that have a large floral or botanical accent.  Set aside backing and applique squares.

2.  Cut your 25 squares for the top into quarters; arrange them into pleasing groups of four.

3.  Stitch your squares together into four-patches; press.  Arrange four-patches into a 5×5 layout.

4.  Unwrap your jelly roll and cut 20 pieces that measure 9.5 x 2.5 inches.

5.  Sew one sashing piece onto one side of four of the four-patch units in each row.  Sew into rows; repeat for each row of your quilt.  Press.

It’s slightly hard to see, but the sashing is sewn between each block.  Next we’ll work on the long sashing.
6.  Take out four jelly roll strips and set aside.  Take out another jelly roll strip, and cut 4-10″ sections off.  Now join each small section to one jelly roll strip.  We want to align these long jelly roll strips between each row so the seam on the jelly roll lands between or really close to a four patch.  Alternate the seams on each row so you have a seam on the left, on the right, left, then right.  Sew long strips between your four-patch rows as sashing. Press your quilt top.
7.  Using your squares set aside for applique, cut out 8 pieces that are large enough to cover the jelly roll seams.  
8.  Four pieces will be used for covering seams; the other four are for balancing out the quilt top so there are two motifs per long strip.
 8.  Stitch around each shape about 1/4″ from the raw edge.  Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end so your stitches don’t come unraveled.
9.  Quilt Back:  Take the 12 reserved squares and piece them together into two rows of six.  Press and stitch together.  Cut your backing yardage in half, then piece to opposite sides of the layer cake squares.
10.  Layer your quilt top, batting, and backing.  Quilt, bind and enjoy! 

I am proud to say I had this quilt long-arm quilted by Melanie Simpson and company at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe in Ozark, Alabama, which happens to be my local quilt shop.  Her shop is wonderful, and full of Moda goodness!

A gorgeous throw quilt, just right for a picnic at the park or your local community garden!

Molly Culley

Sassy Steps Throw Quilt

Hi there! I’m Molly Culley, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my first Moda Bake Shop project with you.  This is a really quick and easy quilt to piece that has quite a striking visual impact!  I blog at  Come pay me a visit when you get a chance!

4 Print Charm Packs (I used “Spirit” by Lila Tueller)
2 White Bella Solid Charm Packs
4 yards Backing (I used SKU 11430-11)
3/4 yard Binding (I used SKU 11435-15)

 1.  Choose two print charms; cut in half. Separate into pairs, then sew each pair together in the middle, using a 1/4″ seam. 

2.  Choose a coordinating print charm and a solid charm.

3. We’ll be making half-square triangles with the print and solid.  Draw a line from one corner to the other of the solid charm, with the print underneath.  Draw a line 1/4 inch on either side of the center line.  These will be your sewing lines.

4.  Sew on your sewing lines.  I like to prepare several charms for sewing, so I can chain piece. 

5.  Align your ruler on the middle diagonal line of your square, and cut.  Open up each piece and press to the darker fabric.

6.  The segments of the block so far:

7.  Layout your block:  Place the  half-square triangle pieces across from each other in the block, with the “tips” of the print triangles touching in the center.  Place your dual-color pieces across from one another in the empty spaces, making sure the alignment is the same on each side (like prints are in the middle together, aligned either horizontally or vertically).

8.  Sewing the block together: Making sure that you are working from the middle of the block outward, sew the top two pieces, then the bottom two pieces together.  Press toward the dual colored section of the block as this will allow for nesting of seams.  Align the two halves of the block together in the middle, matching seams, and sew together.  Press.  You will need to make 24 blocks with the dual colored segments of the block in a horizontal orientation, and 25 blocks in a vertical orientation.  The half-square triangle segments stay constant in their alignment throughout all the blocks.  It will help in your layout process if you keep the two block “types” separated.

9.  Trimming your blocks:  Trim each block to 9″ square. 

10.  Laying out your blocks:  I started my layout with a vertically aligned block, then alternated each block in the row (vertical, horizontal, vertical…).  Remember the half-square triangles determine the layout…make sure they are all aligned the right way!   Lay out all the blocks into a pleasing arrangement of 7 blocks down by 7 blocks across.  Step back and admire (and make sure you have a nice balance of colors, of course!)

11.  Assemble your quilt top:  Begin sewing the blocks in a row together.  Once each row is sewn, begin sewing the rows together, matching seams together so all your blocks meet perfectly!  Press well. 

12.  Backing:  Press your backing fabric very well.  When a project has a pieced backing, I lay my fabric out, then lay my quilt top on top of it.  I don’t like my seam to be right in the middle, so I offset the cut a bit, then sew the two pieces together. 

13.  Binding:  I used 6-2.5″ strips for my binding.  Feel free to cut a narrower binding if you like.

14. Layer your backing, batting and top, then baste.  Quilt and bind as desired.  I quilted mine with an all-over meander.  Wash, dry, and pull a cozy, crinkly thing of beauty out of your dryer!!! 

One super-cozy throw that is just the right size (57″ x 57″) for snuggling with!  Enjoy!!!  I’d love to see your finished creations; please email them to me!  Thanks to Moda for a wonderful, creative place to share!

Molly Culley