Personalized Placemats

What an honor to be chosen to contribute to one of my favorite websites! My name is Chris Warnick from I am here today to share a tutorial for a set of six personalized placemats. My set is specifically a set of Christmas placemats for my sister’s family including one for Santa. You can use this tutorial to make any kind of placemat with personalization in the center or even replace the personalization block with two additional charm squares. I tried to include lots of pictures so that even a beginner could tackle this project. This is an easy and quick project perfect for a holiday gift!

2 Charm Packs (I used Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas)
1/3 yard Moda Bella White for background of personalization blocks
1 1/4 backing fabric (I used SKU 27029 the Ornaments fabric)
6 pieces of batting 15″x22″
420″ length of binding (if using 2.5″ binding you will need 10 strips x WOF so you will need 3/4 yard of fabric – I used Moda Christmas Red)
Heat’n Bond or other fusible of your choice

You can add embellishments to the background of the personalization blocks by sewing on beads, snowflake buttons, embroidering details, etc.

First select 10 charm squares to use for each placemat. Set aside.

Cut your white background fabric into 6 rectangles measuring 9.5″x5″ each.
Cut your backing fabric into 6 rectangles measuring 22″x15″ each.
Cut 10 binding strips your desired binding width (2.5″) times the WOF.

Print out your names on computer paper. I think I used the font Tempus put into bold and printed in size 200. You can place your 9.5″x5″ white rectangles over your printed names to see how it will look.

Next flip your printed name page over to the backside. You will use this method for each letter separately:

Use a sharpie to trace your letter so that it becomes the mirror image of the original letter. THIS is what you will use for your Heat’n Bond.

Place your Heat’n Bond over your letter and use your marker to trace the backwards letter onto the paper side of the Heat’n Bond.

Select a charm square for your letter fabric. Iron the Heat’n Bond letter to the wrong side of the charm square:

Cut out your letter. Notice that I chose to leave a little extra room around my letter to make it bigger. You do NOT need a seam allowance on these letters.

Peel away the Heat’n Bond paper from the letter:

Note: Layout all of your letters before ironing them onto your background rectangle. Iron the letter, fusible/wrong side down, onto the right side of your white background rectangle.

Using a blanket stitch, sew down the edges of the letters. I suggest using thread to match the colors of your applique letters but in this photo I used a contrasting green so that you could see my blanket stitch.

Once all of your 9.5″x5″ name rectangles are finished, determine your placemat layout using your original placemat charm square selections.

Piece together the top row and bottom row, pressing seams according to your preference. Piece together the middle row by adding a charm square to each end of your name block.

Piece together the three rows to complete your placemat top.

Assemble your quilt sandwich using your backing rectangle, batting rectangle, and placemat top. Baste and quilt. For the Santa placemat I used blue painter’s tape to quilt a diagonal grid. For all the others I used a meandering free-motion stipple. I used a light green thread for quilting and it turned out nicely.

Bind, wash and dry. You may need to iron them flat again.

Six festive, personalized placemats about 13″x18″ each after washing.

Keep in mind that Moda comes out with so many wonderful Charm Packs throughout the year that you could have a set of placemats with seasonal themes, kid themes, charity sets, etc. Your personalization blocks could read “His” and “Hers”, “Peace”, “Joy”, etc. The possibilities are endless! If you use this tutorial to make placemats, please share them over on the Moda Bake Shop Flickr page or drop me a note at Enjoy 🙂

Chris Warnick

Christmas Packages


Hello, my name is Doug Leko. I am 17 years old and I LOVE to design and make quilts. My mom got me started in quilting about 11 years ago.

For the past couple years I have been creating my own line of quilt patterns – I design under the name Antler Quilt Design.

I’m excited to share with you my first Moda Bake Shop Recipe!

bake shop final

  • One Layer Cake (shown is 12 Days of Christmas, NEW for Christmas 2010 by Kate Spain)
  • 1- 1/2 yards of Block Sashing Fabric (Red 27023 -12)
  • 1- 3/4 yards of Outer Border Fabric (Cream 27030 – 11)
  • 5/8 yard of Binding Fabric (Cream 27030 – 11)

1/4” seam allowance used throughout.
WOF = width of fabric

From the Block Sashing Fabric cut
Two (2) 10” WOF strips. Sub-cut into thirty-five (35) 10” x 2” rectangles.
Two (2) 11” WOF strips. Sub-cut into thirty-five (35) 11” x 2” rectangles.
From the Outer Border Fabric cut
Eight (8) 6-1/2” WOF strips.
From the Binding Fabric cut
Eight (8) 2-1/4” WOF strips.

 Block Construction:
Position one Layer Cake square in front of you and cut in from the right-hand side 3”. Repeat with all 35 squares as shown.
Picture 161
Add one 10” x 2” Block Sashing rectangle between the two Layer Cake pieces just cut. Picture 167
Sew the unit back together as pictured below. Press seams in towards Block Sashing fabric. Proof to 11” x 10”. Repeat with all 35 squares as shown. 
Picture 169
Next measure up from the bottom 3” and cut. Make 35 units. Picture 173  
Add one 11” x 2” Block Sashing rectangle between the two Layer Cake pieces. Repeat with all 35 squares as shown.Picture 175

Sew the unit back together as pictured below. Press seams in towards the Block Sashing fabric. Proof to 11” square. Repeat with all 35 squares as shown.
Picture 178

Arrange your blocks as pictured below and sew the rows together. I did have a couple blocks that didn’t make the quilt and that’s okay.


Attach the Outer Borders – sides first, then the top and bottom. Press your seams towards the Outer Border.

Quilt as desired.
Bind using your favorite method.

A festive Christmas Packages quilt; sized approximately 65”x 86”.
I hope you enjoy your Christmas Packages Quilt!
Thank you to my dear friend Sarah Q. for the beautiful way she quilted my sample.
Check out other fun patterns by Antler Quilt Design:
by Doug Leko

Fabric Fortune Cookies

Hi it’s Megan from Brassy Apple. Give a little “fortune” to your guests at baby showers, receptions, holidays, dinner parties and MORE! They are even great to encourage the little ones as well!

1 Charm Pack
Fusible Fleece
White Ribbon
Wire (20-24 gauge)
E6000 Glue
Fabric Marker
Circle Template (4.5″ – 4.75″ wide)
paper “fortune” strips

color coordinating sequin

Step 1: Choose several squares from your charm pack for your fabric fortune cookies. Using fusible fleece, apply it per package directions to several squares in a grid formation. This helps to save time. We did 4-6 squares at a time.

Step 2: Create a circle template – 4.5″ – 4.75″ inches wide (You can easily create one using a small bowl or mug from your cupboard if necessary). Trace the template in the middle of each square and cut out.

OPTIONAL: Add a bit of glitz to the edge of your fortune cookies. Using a strand of sequins, apply it to the edge securing it in place with E6000 glue. Allow to dry.
Step 3: Cut a piece of wire that is just slightly shorter in length than the width of the circle. Cut a piece of ribbon the same length. Glue both in place with E6000 glue and allow to dry flat.

Step 4: Create and print out fortune paper strips. Choose the font, size and number of sayings you like. Place the paper strips in the middle of the fortune cookies.

Step 5: Fold the fabric circle in half and crease the middle to create the cookie shape.
Step 6: Placing a finger inside, “fluff” and shape the cookie to give it a rounded shape. And you are DONE!
Add a bit of the unexpected to your special events….

and the everyday….

42 fabric fortune cookies