Avignon Picnic

Hi again, it’s Andrea from Millions of Thoughts. Looking for a perfect summer picnic quilt? A few flips and turns makes a basic two rail block into something dreamy!
Can you imagine sipping your favourite wine, reading profound literature, savouring imported cheese underneath a great oak tree in the park? I can…but my reality says it will be koolaid, cheesestrings, oreos and will be on the sparse grass at the local playground. Ahhh the name of this fabric line makes me dream!!

1 Jelly Roll – Breath of Avignon by American Jane
1 Jelly Roll – Jelly Roll Basics – 9900-12JR – Natural
4 yards backing fabric – Breath of Avignon 21304-13 – Rouge
1/2 yard binding fabric – Breath of Avignon 21098 50A – Bleu

1. Separate jelly roll into colour groupings (red, green, yellow, blue). You will need almost every single coloured strip for this quilt, except for the few white prints. I even used the prints that look like they are strips from border/panel prints.

2. Sew a white solid strip to each one of the Avignon strips, using 1/4″ seams. Press towards the dark print.

3. Cut into 4.5″ blocks.

5. Separate the 4.5″ blocks into the colour groupings.

6. Using one 4.5″ rail block from each colour, arrange and sew them together as I have indicated in the illustrations below. Make sure to vary the prints and the position of the colours in the block. Block S and Block Z are basically mirror images of each other.

Block Snotice that the dark fabrics make it kind of look like an S?
Make 32 of these. Remember to vary your prints and colour positions:

Block Znotice how this one kind of looks like a Z?
Make 32 of these. Again, as you sew them together, remember to vary your prints and colour positions:
7. Separate and organize into Block S pile and Block Z pile:
8. Sew one Block S to one Block Z. Do this for all of your blocks:

9. Turn one of your SZ blocks upside down and match together.
Here is an example below…
this one I didn’t like the two reds and the two blues touching each other:

This one has more variety:
This is where varying colour/position in step #6 is very helpful!

10. Sew the two together to get one large, O looking block.
11. Arrange your large blocks into 4 rows, 4 blocks in each row.

12. Sew blocks together in each row.

13. Sew rows together.

14. The backing of this quilt is a gorgeous red (rouge) floral from the Breath of Avignon Line.
The 2 1/4″ binding completes it with the pindot print in blue (bleu).

64″ x 64″ quilt
It washes and crinkles up beautifully – I had no problems with colours running!