Trifle Dish: Butterflies and 4-Patches

To make LAYER 8, use charm packs, Moda candy, and layer cakes to mix and match for a scrappy version. Fat quarters will yield more repetitive blocks.

For EACH Butterfly and 4-Patch block, you will need:

Fabric 1/Background

  • (1) 6″ square
  • (4) 2¾” squares

Fabric 2/Butterflies

  • (1) 6″ square

Fabric 3/4-Patch A

  • (2) 2¾” squares

Fabric 4/4-Patch B

  • (2) 2¾” squares

Block Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ (finished) / 9½” w x 9½” h (unfinished)

Note that the above fabric requirements won’t yield a completely scrappy block. Mix and match the block components in the row for a truly scrappy look.

You will need an additional (5) strips of background fabric measuring 2½” x 9½” to complete the row.

Suggested precuts: Fat quarter bundle, charm packs, layer cakes

1.  Create quarter square triangles/hourglass blocks for the butterflies. Mark a pencil line along the diagonal of 1 background 6″ square. Place right sides together with a butterfly 6″ square. Sew a ¼” seam on each side of the pencil line. Trim along the opposite diagonal and then trim each piece on the pencil line to create 4 hourglass units.

Piece hourglass units together to create (2) 5″ unfinished butterfly blocks. (Mix and match butterflies between blocks in the row for a scrappier look.)

make 2 per block

2. Make 4-patch units. Join 1 background 2¾” square with 1 print 2¾” square to create a 2-patch unit. Press to the darker fabric. Repeat to make one additional 2-patch unit. Flip one 2-patch unit so the background fabric is opposite the print fabric and sew a ¼” seam. Press to the darker fabric.

Make (2) 4-patch units for this block. They should measure 5″ unfinished.

3. Join butterfly and 4-patch blocks to complete the block as shown.

4. Make 5 more blocks to complete the row. Add (5) 2½” x 9½” sashing strips between blocks to make the row measure 64″ wide (finished)

1 row, measuring 64″ x 9″

Block design by Trish Poolson of {Notes of Sincerity}

Floral Gatherings Quilt

1 – Floral Gatherings Layer Cake
3 yards Bella Solids – Off White (for stars, sashing, borders)
5/8 yard Bella Solids – off white  (binding)
5 yards Floral Gatherings – cheddar  (backing)
From the Bella Solid Off White : 
Cut 6 – 10″ x width of fabric strips.
Subcut 4 of the strips into 10″ squares.
You will need : 16 – 10″ squares
Subcut the remaining 2 strips into 5″ x width of fabric and then subcut those strips into 5″ squares.  You will have 8 from each 5″ strip.  You will need 32 – 5″ squares.
Cut 19 – 2½” x width of fabric strips.
Separate into two sections – 8 for the binding and 11 for the sashing and borders. 
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

From the Floral Gatherings Layer Cake :
Divide 40 of the 10″ squares in this manner:
You will need 8 – 10″ squares for the four patches – subcut into 5″ squares.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star points.
You will need 16 – 10″ squares for the star centers.

For the four patch blocks :
layout two 5″ cream tone and two 5″ whites in four patch pattern
sew top two together and sew bottom two together, press towards cream tone squares
sew top two to the bottom two, press open, should measure 9½” x 9½”
For the star points : 
draw diagonal line on the back of each white square, with right sides together – sew 1/4″ from line, trim blocks along line
press open, should measure 9½”
For the star centers :
layout four 10″ squares
sew top two and bottom two together – press seams open
sew top row and bottom row together, 
being careful to align pressed seams, then press open
 square to 18½” square

make four

layout star block as you would like it sewn
sew both star point sides to center four patch, press
sew four remaining points to smaller four patch blocks, press
sew top to center and then sew bottom to center, press
ta-da!  36½” square
 now make three more
sew the 11 – 2½” sashing/border strips end to end, press
subcut :
2 – 2½” x 36½” strips
3 – 2½” x 74½” strips
2 – 2½” x 78½” strips

sew 2 – 2½” x 36½” sashing between two top blocks and two bottom blocks, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½”sashing between top and bottom sections, press
sew 1 – 2½” x 74½” border to the top and 1 – 2½” x 74½” to the bottom, press.  sew 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the left side and 1 – 2½” x 78½” border to the right, press.
For the backing : cut the 5 yards of fabric in half, selvage to selvage.  You will have 2 – 2½ yards x width of fabric pieces.  Sew them right sides together creating a square.  It should roughly measure 87″ by 90″.P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
Quilt and bind as desired.
Long arm quilting by Kathy Olkowski.

78½” x 78½” quilt 

Trish Poolson

Bartholo-meow’s Reef Boxes Quilt

Hi, my name is Trish and I blog over at notes of sincerity. Today I have a cute and simple quilt for you, made with Bartholo-meow’s Reef by Tim and Beck.

1 layer cake Bartholo-meow’s Reef (for blocks)
1/2 yard Bartholo-meow’s Reef Coral Glacie (for binding)
1.25 yards Bartholo-meow’s Reef Wave Water (for sashing and borders)
1/8 yard Bartholo-meow’s Reef Deep Water (for 30 corner stones)
4 yards Bartholo-meow’s Reef Deep Water (for backing)

cutting instructions
for corner stones : 
cut two strips measuring 1.5″ x width of fabric
subcut into 30 – 1.5″ squares
for sashing :
cut 18 strips measuring 1.5″ x width of fabric
subcut each strip into 9″ strips you need 71
for borders :
cut 7 strips measuring 1.5″ x width of fabric

for binding :
cut 7 strips measuring 2.5″ x width of fabric  
for backing : 
cut the four yards in half (selvage to selvage)
for blocks :
choose 2 layer cake squares

sewing instructions for blocks :

each square will be cut into fourths (you will have 4-5″ squares)

of those 4 squares, pull one aside, cut one of the squares into fourths (you will have 4-2.5″ squares), cut the last two square in half horizontally (you will have 4-5″x 2.5″ strips)

this is how you will layout your two blocks
sew rows and press to the darker print, then sew those rows together nestling the seams, and press flat
repeat for all remaining blocks 
once you have completed making all the blocks, lay them out in 6 blocks by 7 block rows
sewing instructions for sashing :
sew sashing strips on the right hand side of all the blocks other than the far right exterior blocks – the border fabric will later be sewn there
sew blocks together, into rows
sew sashing and corner stones for center horizontal sashing, press towards corner stones
nestle and pin horizontal sashing to rows, sew
sew rows together and press
sewing instructions for borders : 
1.  cut one 1.5″ x width of fabric strip in half, sew each half end to end with a 1.5″ strip – you will now have two 1.5″ strips – sew each strip to the top and bottom of the quilt top, trim excess and press open
2.  sew remaining 1.5″ x width of fabric strips into two longer strips – sew each strip on either side of the quilt top, trim excess and press open
quilt and bind
 long arm quilting by Kathy Olkowski

58″ x 68″ throw quilt

Trish Poolson

Christmas Spools Quilt

It’s not even Halloween yet but that didn’t stop me from getting a jumpstart on Christmas sewing! This quilt is an easy project that will get you ready for the holidays in a hurry.

1 charm pack of In From The Cold by Kate Spain (spool centers)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Paper Bag (spool tops and bottoms)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Bleached White (surrounding spools)
1.5 yards Bella Solids in Bleached White (sashing and borders)
1/8 yard In From The Cold – Mint (center squares)
4 yards (backing)
1/2 yard In From The Cold – Marshmallow (binding)

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

cutting instructions

for the top and bottom of spools

cut 21 2 ½” x wof strips

subcut each strip into 4 – 2½” x 9″ strips

you need 84

for the sides of spools

cut 11 – 2½” x wof strips

subcut each strip into 8 – 2 ½” x 5″ strips

you will need 84

for the corners of spools

cut 11 – 2½” x wof strips

subcut each strip into 16 – 2 ½” squares

you will need 168

for the corner stones

cut 2 – 2″ x wof

subcut both strips into 40 – 2″ squares

you will need 30

for sashing

cut 18 – 2″ x wof strips

subcut each strip into 4 – 2″ x 9″ strips

you will need 71

for binding

cut 7 – 2 ½” x wof

for backing
cut 2 –  72″ x wof pieces

**for border

cut 7 – 2″ x wof strips

measure the perimeter of the quilt top

firstsubcut 2 strips to that length (should be 59″)

sew top and bottom borders on

nextmeasure the sides and subcut 2 strips to that

length (should be 72″)

piecing instructions

for each spool block you will need : 
1 charm square
2 – 2½” x 9″ strips
2 – 2½ x 5″ strips 

4 – 2½” squares

1.  Draw a diagonal line on each of the 168 – 2½” squares


2.  With right sides together, pin 2½ ” squares to corners of the spool top and bottom strips, as pictured.

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }3.  Sew directly on the line, trim ¼” from seam, press out.  Repeat until all 84 strips are completed.
4.  Sew 2½” x 5″ strips on opposite side of each charm square, press  toward charm square.
5.  Pin spool top and bottom to center.
6.  Carefully sew top and bottom to the center, press toward center.

block should measure 9″ x 9″

Repeat as instructed for each block.  **To use less thread and time, I chain stitched all the center portions of the block, then the spool portions.

lay blocks out as you like
7.  Sew 35 – 2″ sashing to the right side of each block minus the far right row.  Press seams towards sashing.
8.  For horizontal sashing, sew 30 – 2″ corner stones to 2″ sashing strips. 
9.  Sew strips into rows consisting of 5 corner stone/sashing strips.
You will then sew the remaining 6 – 2″ sashing strips to the end of each row.
10.  Press corner stones out.  Pin each sashing strip to the bottom of the first 6 spool rows, sew together. 
11.  Pin rows together, sew.  Press seams towards sashing.  
12.  Sew sashing to the top and bottom, press out.  Sew sashing to sides, press out.

13.  Quilt, bind, and enjoy!  
Beautifully long arm quilted by Kathy Olkowski.

The Moda Bake Shop has a fabulous binding tutorial here.

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

62″ x 72″ adorable Christmas spools quilt

Trish Poolson

Avalon Scrappy Summer Quilt


Hi.  My name is Trish and I blog over at  notes of sincerity.  I am so happy to be back at the Moda Bake Shop sharing another tutorial.  Thank you so much for your kind comments left on my previous tutorials.

5 Avalon charm packs
1 1/9 yard Avalon Daisy Natural (blocks)
 1/2 yard Avalon Daisy Natural (binding)
4 yards Avalon Cherry Candy for backing
*optional : starch

Our quilt today will consist of two blocks.  A four patch block and a diamond block made from half square triangles.
Open and divide charm packs into two piles.  You will need 128 squares for the 32 four patch blocks and 62 for the 31 diamond blocks.

Iron and cut 8 – 5″ by width of fabric strips.  From these strips cut 8 – 5″ squares.  You will need 62 (having two left over).

For the four patch blocks, pair and sew two charm squares together.  Press with hot dry iron to set seam then press to one side = 64 pairs.  Sew those pairs into 32 four patch blocks, being sure to “lock” center seams.  

Press with hot dry iron to set seam, then (using a little starch – optional) press to one side.  Here is an example of the back to one of the blocks.

 Square to 8 1/2“.
Repeat until you have 32 blocks.
For the diamond blocks you will draw a diagonal line on one side of the neutral square.  Place flat, right sides together, and pin to patterned fabric.
Sew a 1/4″ seam on either side of the line.  Press with hot dry iron to set seam, carefully cut along drawn line.
Iron seams open (my personal preference).
 Square to 4 1/2″
Form a square with four half square triangles in a diamond shape pattern.  Sew top two and bottom two together.  Press to set seam with hot dry iron, then press to one side.  
Sew top two blocks to the bottom two blocks.  Press to set seam (with what??) a hot dry iron (wink), then press to one side. Square to 8 1/2″.  Repeat until you have 32 blocks.
**little note : pressing both of your blocks to one side will allow those blocks to “lock” together while sewing into rows, then later when sewing rows together to form the quilt**

Lay your blocks out as you would have them – into rows.  Sew your rows together, locking seams as you go.  To insure that all my rows locked as desired, I made sure to place all diamond block seams facing up and all four patch block seams facing down before sewing.

Now that all your blocks are sewn into rows, it is time to press your rows so that they may be sewn to become your quilt top.  To reduce bulk and allow for the seams to lay flat after pressed, I pressed away from the diamond blocks.
Pin each row together and sew rows together, one at a time.  I like to number each of my rows with a tiny sticky tab, that way they are sewn together in the pattern I intended, with no guess work.

When rows are all sewn together, you will quilt as desired, bind using 2.5″ strips, and enjoy.
      Beautifully long arm quilted by Kathy Olkowski.

a fun and happy Avalon scrappy summer throw that measures 56.5″ x 72″

Trish Poolson

Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt

Hi.  My name is Trish and I blog over at notes of sincerity.  I am so happy to be back at the Moda Bake Shop sharing another tutorial.  Let’s get started, shall we?!

You can use layer cakes or charm squares for this project. I used a Layer Cake, hence the name!

1 layer cake OR 4 charm packs Honey Honey by Kate Spain
1 layer cake OR 4 charm packs Bella Solids in Snow (background fabric**)
5/8 yard binding fabric
4 yards backing fabric (Honey Honey in Sunset)

**If you prefer to use yardage for your background fabric, you will need 2 3/4 yards.

Open layer cake and choose 36 of the 42 prints you would like for the blocks, set the other 6 aside.

Cut each layer cake into 5″ squares.  If you’re using charm squares, lucky you! Jump to step three.

You should have  144 5″ squares.  

I used yardage for my background fabric and the instructions below tell you how to cut your pieces. If you are using layer cakes, cut into quarters as shown above. You will need 156 squares. If you are using charm packs, jump on down to step four and start sewing.

From your background fabric, cut 20 5″ strips x width of fabric.  Sub cut each strip into 5″ squares – you will get 8 from each strip.  You will need 156 squares.

Pull out 48 pattern squares and 60 solid squares.  Trim to 4.5″.  Set aside. (These are your filler squares.)

Pair remaining 96 solid and pattern fabrics, making half square triangles.  Press seams open, trim to 4.5″ square.

Arrange squares and sew block together in above pattern, one row at a time.  Pressing seams open when finished to reduce bulk.  Each block measures 20.5″.

Sew quilt together 3 blocks by 4 blocks.

Cut strips of 2.5″ x width of fabric and piece for length to make binding.

Quilt, bind, and enjoy!  
Beautifully long arm quilted by Kathy.  

61″ x  84″ Honey Honey Layer Cake Quilt

Trish Poolson

30-Minute Gift: Charm Square Scarf

Hi, my name is Trish and I blog over at notes of sincerity.  Today I am going to teach you how to create a fun and cozy scarf for those cooler days that lie ahead.


1 charm pack of Patisserie by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda
 20” x WOF* of flannel in desired choice

This is actually a very easily adjustable pattern that you could increase or decrease the length of your scarf depending on what you prefer.  You could also use your favorite scraps of fabric.

First, you will need 34 of the 5” charm squares.  So pick out your favorites and place side by side in sets of two.  When the desired pairs are matched, stack together.

Sew each pair using a ¼” seam (I prefer using a chain stitch method.).

You now have 17 pairs, give seams a good little press with a hot iron.

Open pairs and press to one side.

Sew pairs together, locking center seams that are ironed in opposite directions …

… until you have the full length of the scarf.


Again, press those newly sewn seams with a hot iron.  Then press in one direction. Cut flannel in two strips measuring 9 ½” x WOF*.  Sew both pieces together, end to end with RST*, press seam with a hot iron, open and iron to one side, then cut to 76½”.

Pin scarf front to scarf back, RST*.

Begin sewing around perimeter with a ¼” seam.  Secure beginning and ending stitches, leaving a gap you will be able to put your hand in to, enabling you to turn it right side out. Once scarf is sewn, clip the corners below seams, in order to bring corners to a nice point once turned right side out.  Give seams a press with a hot iron.


Turn right side out, pushing out corners to a point.  Press perimeter carefully, making sure it lies flat.

Sew around the perimeter using a “scant” ¼” seam.  Secure seams at beginning and ending of stitches.


One 9″ x 76″ cute and snuggly scarf that looks cute with a denim jacket and makes a fun Christmas gift for those special ones in your life.

 *RST = right side together
*WOF = width of fabric

Trish Poolson