Pure Peaks and Valleys

Hey all you Moda Lovers! It’s Bradie, from A Quilty Kind of Girl here once again to share another Moda Precut pattern. When I first saw this gorgeous line of fabric designed by Sweetwater, I knew it was time to make a boyish quilt. The very next morning I woke with inspiration, and this quilt idea began.
Ready to have some PURE fun? πŸ˜‰
For this project you will need:
One Pure Layer Cake
TWO Pure Charm Packs
Half yard of Natural and Craft # 5435-13 for inner border
1 3/4 yards Cocoa Baby Dots # 5436-20 for outer border and binding
4 1/4 yards backing fabric.
You may also purchase all the fabrics you need for this quilt from Fat Quarter Shop!
Begin by selecting two layer cake squares with good contrast. Place one on top of the other, both with right sides of fabric facing down. I chose to keep the lighter fabric on top, so the marking lines (explained in next step) will show a little better.

Choose 36 layer cake squares in TOTAL which will yield 36 quilt blocks.
Set aside 2 layer cake squares to use in your borders.

Draw a horizontal line through the center of the layer cake (at the 5 inch mark.) You will use this as a reference line shortly.
Cut the pair of layer cakes in half VERTICALLY. Do not use the drawn line.
Draw four marking lines on the layer cake as shown in the picture. These will be used as cutting lines.
Cut on the drawn lines to separate the outer corners from the diamond shaped center.
Take the diamond shaped centers and trim their width down to 4 5/8 inches. I trimmed them all from the inside (as shown in picture) but also experimented afterwards with cutting the outer edge. I found that it does not matter which side you trim on. The shape will turn out either way.
Just for fun… hard to believe this will become an entire quilt!!
Switch out the center diamonds from each layer cake with the contrasting fabric. I like to lay them out and see how the fabrics look together.
Time to stitch these blocks together! It does not matter if you stitch the bottom corners first, you may stitch in any order you like. What DOES matter, is the triangle overhang. Note in the picture, how the extra length or the bottom corner triangle extends to the outside of the block. Arrange the fabrics as shown and stitch from the outer corner inwards. Also keep in mind that you are stitching BIAS edges (which means they can easily stretch out of shape) so stitch slowly and carefully. No racecar sewing on these seams please! πŸ™‚

When you stitch the top corners, you will leave the overhang in the center, as shown in the picture. Begin your stitching from the inner side to finish at the outer corner.
Once you have attached the four corners, you will have two halves, which you may simply stitch straight up the center….
Which will finish up looking just like this! At this point, it is wise to trim away the excess ‘dog ears’ and trim the block to measure 8.5 inches wide by 8.75 inches tall. Yes. It is true. Your block will not be a square, but slightly rectangular!

Make 36 blocks in total.

Layout the blocks in 6 rows of 6 blocks. I played with the layout a wee bit, but found in the end…. they look good regardless of where they land! Sew your blocks together into the 6 rows. Finish the inner body of the quilt by sewing the 6 rows together.

Cut 3 strips of white inner border fabric which measure 2.5 inches in width. Sew the 3 strips to each other, then cut TWO strips which finish at 2.5 inches by 49.5. THESE WILL BE THE SIDE INNER BORDERS. Pin, and sew to the quilt sides.
Cut 3 more strips of white inner border fabric 2 inches in width. Again, sew the three strips together, and then cut TWO strips which finish at 2 inches by 52.5. THESE WILL BE YOUR TOP/BOTTOM INNER BORDERS. Pin and sew to the quilt top/ bottom.

This difference in strip width will bring the quilt back to a square. Which will make adding the next borders MUCH easier. πŸ™‚

Now to play with our charm squares!
You will 52 charm squares in total. Pair each charm with another high contrasting charm.

Draw a vertical line down the center (2.5 inch mark) of one charm from each pair. Place charms together with right sides facing.
Sew a quarter inch seam on each side of the marked centerline. I chain pieced mine and did all the left side seams first, then turned it around to stitch all the seams on the remaining side.

Here’s a closer look at the chain-pieced charms. Trim apart all your charms.

Cut on the marked line to create TWO (2) color charms.

Sew together 13 two color charms to create a keyboard border. Make FOUR strips in total.
Attach one keyboard border to the top, and another to the bottom of the quilt.

Using one of the reserved layer cake squares from earlier, cut the 10 inch square, into FOUR 5 inch squares. Sew a 5 inch square to both ends of the two remaining keyboard borders. Sew these two borders to the sides of the quilt.
Take the second reserved layer cake square, and cut it into FOUR 5 inch squares. Cut 8 strips of brown outer border fabric, 5 inches wide. Sew the strips together in pairs, and trim each one to measure 5 by 61 inches.
Pin and sew two borders to the top and bottom of the quilt. Sorry you can’t see the borders very well…. they match my hardwood floors quite beautifully don’t you think? πŸ™‚
Attach the 5 inch layer cake squares to each end of the two remaining border strips. Pin and sew these last two strips to the sides of the quilt.

Quilt as desired.

The end result? A beautifully boyish cuddler size quilt which measures 71 inches square.

Bradie Sparrow
{A Quilty Kind of Girl}

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