The Candy Box {youth quilt}

the candy box finishes at 50″x60″ and is a perfect youth quilt

i made mine out of hushabye and it is adorable!

1 Charm Pack

1 Layer Cake

1 yd border – Dragonfly Brown 23018-41

1/3 yd inner border – Droplets Pink 23002 45

3 1/2 yds backing if print is directional (piece vertically)
3 yds if you pick a different not directional print (piece horizontally)
I used Bunny Damask Brown 23006-44 and needed 3 1/2 yds

Scrappy binding from Layer Cake leftovers

Cutting Mat with printed grid.
10 1/2″ or larger square ruler
PDF Template – {the last page of the printable version.}

1. Start by Planning out your quilt.
Each block will use one charm and 2 Layer Cake pieces. I’ll be using a-d throughout the tutorial to help guide you.

You can “audition” colors in blocks by folding the one LC diagonally on top of another and putting the charm in the center. {see below on design wall}
It will give you an approximate view of what the block will look like.
If you want a scrappy unplanned look you can skip this step.

2. Once you have the 20 blocks planned its time to start cutting. Start by working with one block at a time.

3. The layer cake pieces need to be cut down to 6×10. Is the print is not directional it does not matter what side you cut from. If the print is directional you will need to pay attention. If the LC will be the side triangles {a & c} or top and bottom triangles {b & d}. If it is going to be the sides you want to cut the 4″ section off one side. It it is going to be the top and bottom you will want to cut the 4″ section off the top or bottom.
4. Now you need to slice it into the two units. This isn’t difficult but if you aren’t paying attention it is easy to mess up. Luckily I only messed up once and you have 2 extra Layer Cake pieces!
Line your 6×10 piece up with the grid on your mat. You want to line your ruler up 2″ down on the left and 2″ up on the right. This should give you a 45 degree angle that will slice your piece diagonally from top left to bottom right. To be sure this is where it helps to line up the template you printed and cut out. The piece you are cutting should be a bit bigger. {do not use the template to cut your fabric.. it is only to help you line things up.. also i added a grain line on the one for you guys} cut!

For top/bottom {b & d} pieces that are directional you’ll want to put them on your cutting board horizontally. Measure in 2″ from the bottom left and 2″ in from the top right and repeat all other steps.

5. Now you need to trim off a little triangle. Line your ruler up with the line you just cut and the point of the piece at 2 1/2″ Cut.
{the template helps here too}

I found it easiest to cut one block and sew one block– much less chance of mixing pieces up. This is where a design wall is extremely helpful.

Now it is time to sew. The only “difficult” thing here is partial seams… but they are not hard!! The outside pieces have 2 long edges and 2 short… but they are NOT mirror images. 2 sides are bias and 2 are not. Make sure you keep the straight of grain edges on the outside and attach the bias edges to the charm.
6. Pick one outside piece {a} and your charm. line them up and sew 1/2 way down the charm.

7. Stop and remove. Iron the seam out and away from the charm. All seams for this quilt will be away from the charm. It does not matter that your pieces are hanging and not all sewn together. we’ll get there.
8. We are going to continue to piece the block in a counter clockwise manner. Add piece {b} and sew the entire seam. Press out.

9. Repeat to add {c}
10. Lastly add {d} and sew the entire seam. Press out.
11. Now that piece {d} has been put on you have what you need to finish sewing seam #1 to attach {a}. Finish sewing and press out. You have finished one block!
12. The beauty of this block is none of the angular seams line up with each other when sewing all the blocks together. So it leaves a good amount of “fudge” room. Use your 10 1/2″ or larger square ruler to trim your block up to 10 1/2″square. Do your best to keep the charm on a 45 degree angle. ( The center of the charm should be at 5.25″)
13. Repeat for 19 more blocks. Once you get the hang of it they go fast. I got the entire top with borders and all done in one day with some breaks and distractions too!
14. Once all 20 blocks are done sew the rows. Press seams in each row in the opposite direction of the next. Then sew all the rows.
15. Attach inner borders.
Inner border – cut (Cut 5 WOF x 1.5 and piece)
(2) 1 1/2″ x 50.5″ (or the length of your top)
(2) 1 1/2″ x 42.5″ (or the width of your top with the side borders on)
16. Attach outer borders.
Outer border – cut – (Cut 6 WOF x 4.5 and piece)
(2) 4 1/2″ x 52.5″ (or the length of your top w/ inner border)
(2) 4 1/2″ x 50.5″ (or the width of your top with both side borders on)
17. Layer & Quilt. I did a loopy design in brown thread on the top & bottom.
18. Use the 4×10 leftover Layer Cake pieces to make a scrappy binding. You’ll need about 230″ I cut mine to 2.25 x 10 and sewed them together on an angle.

one adorable quilt!!

want a kit? 2 great shops are offering them!

Elkhorn Quilt Company has hushabye kits
The Quilt Shoppe will be offering kits of “the candy box” in an assortment of moda collections very shortly


You may notice that the outside the pieces create secondary pinwheels. You can make them the focus by using the same fabric in the center and planning out your LC pieces to have 4 of the same color in each corner. For this you would need 2 layer cakes and 1/2 yd of the fabric you want to be in the center of the blocks. See the image below for a sample made out of Simple Abundance.

I have 9 blocks cut and on my design wall. You need to cut and plan this way because the four pieces that will make each “pinwheel” will actually be in 4 different blocks. I’m not sure if I’m going to stop here and make a table topper or keep going and make a large quilt. Stop by my blog and let me know what you think I should do!
by Julie of jaybirdquilts!

12 comments on “The Candy Box {youth quilt}

  1. SUPER cute quilt!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    Very very cute…and well done tutorial!

  3. Melody says:

    Very nice! Great job once again!

  4. Natys says:

    What a great quilt

  5. What a great looking quilt and excellent use of layer cake and charm pack! Thanks so much for the instructions.

  6. V and Co. says:

    it turned out great! so cute!

  7. Vickie E says:

    very nice..great tutorial!!

  8. Rachel says:

    Another Adorable and spectacular quilt! =:) Thanks so much!

  9. acecraig100 says:

    Love the quilt and the pattern!

  10. Michell says:

    What a great looking quilt!!
    Great tutorial…

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  11. Hillary says:

    So cute! It's a great little quilt and the colors are adorable!

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