Trifle Dish: Strawberries

To make LAYER 4, use layer cakes. There is no scrappy version of this block unless you mix low value prints to create the background.

For EACH Strawberry block, you will need:
Fabric 1/Background:

  • (2) 3½” x 4¾”
  • (2) 2¼” x 2¼”
  • (2) 2¼” x 1½”

Fabric 2/Strawberry:

  • (2) 5″ x 2¼” pieces
  • (1) 9½” x 7¾” piece

Marking pen
You will also need (5) 2½” x 9½” rectangles to go between blocks to complete the row.

Suggested precuts: layer cakes

1. From your background fabric, cut:(2) 3½” x 4¾” rectangles
(2) 2¼” x 2¼” squares
(2) 2¼” x 1½” rectangles

background fabric shown with marked lines

On the wrong sides of the 2¼” squares, draw diagonal lines with marking pen. On all four of the rectangle pieces, draw diagonal lines in opposite directions, i.e., one from the top left to bottom right, second one from the top right to the bottom left. Be sure to draw lines on the wrong side of the fabric.

2. From your berry fabric, cut off 2¼” from the top off the layer cake square. Sub cut into (2) 5″ x 2¼” pieces. Cut the bottom piece to 9½” wide.

3. Take your 2¼” background squares and 2¼” x 5″ strawberry pieces. With right sides together, lay one background square in the top left corner of the rectangle. Sew on the diagonal line. Trim off the seam allowance and press the corner.

On the right side of this piece, lay the 2¼”  x 1½” background piece on top, lengthwise, with the diagonal going down the right side of the piece. Lay the 1/4 line on your ruler directly on the drawn line. Cut off the top.

Flip your white rectangle over and align with the newly cut line. Match the tip of the white triangle with the edge of the red. Sew a scant ¼” seam and press.

4. Repeat the process on the opposite corners of the second berry 5″ x 2¼” piece for the other side of the top of the strawberry.

5. With right sides together, sew both top pieces together and press. 

6. Sew the bottom and the top piece together and press.

7. In the bottom left corner, lay one background 3½” x 4¾” piece on top lengthwise with the diagonal line going from the top left down to the bottom right. Line your 1/4″ ruler line on the diagonal drawn line. Cut off the seam allowance.


Flip over the white triangle. Align the new cut edges matching up the point of the triangle to the bottom of the red piece. Sew a scant 1/4″ seam and press.

Repeat this process on the right side of the strawberry. Press. Your strawberry should measure 9 1/2″ square.

8. Make 6 strawberry blocks. Join strawberry blocks with (5) 2½” x 9½” rectangles so the finished row measures 64″ x 9″.

1 row, measuring 64″ x 9″

Block design by Anjeanette Klinder of {AnjeanetteK}

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