Boho Honeycomb Quilt

Hi!  My name is Erica and I blog over at Kitchen Table Quilting.  I am so excited about Moda’s new honeycomb pre-cut and this is a fun, quick way to put them to good use.  There are no Y seams involved and it yields a generously sized lap quilt.

1 Honeycomb Hexagons in Natural
2 Boho Jelly Rolls
2 Yards Moda Bella in Sienna
4.5 Yards Boho Wild Child Rain
2/3 Yard Boho Basic Earth
Batting at least 80″x90″

1. Unroll your jelly rolls and put the matching strips into pairs.  You will need 36 pairs of strips.

2.  Leave the strips folded in half and subcut the first strip into pieces 5.75″, 8″, and 8″.  Since you left your strip folded, this will give you two pieces each time you cut.  CUT CAREFULLY.  There is very little wiggle room here.  
3.  Leaving the strip folded again, subcut the second strip in the pair into pieces 10.25″, 3.5″, and 5.75″.  
4.  Separate the strips into two piles.
  • Pile for the inner ring: two 3.5″ pieces, 2 of the 5.75″ pieces, 2 of the 8″ pieces.
  • Pile for the outer ring: two of the 5.75″ pieces, two of the 8″ pieces, two 10.25″ pieces.  

5.  Each honeycomb hexagon will need a set for the inner ring and a set for the outer ring.  Take a hexagon and sew a 3.5″ piece to the top and bottom of the hexagon.  Make sure to center your jelly roll piece over the side of the hexagon so a little bit hangs over on each side.

6.  Press and then trim two opposite sides by lining up your ruler with the side of the hexagon.  You only need to trim the two opposite sides because the other sides will be trimmed later.
It should now look like this.
7.  Add two 5.75″ pieces to the sides you just trimmed.
8.  Press and trim.
9.  Now add your 8″ pieces to the two remaining sides.  
10.  To trim down to a hexagon shape, line the 2.25″ inch mark on your ruler with the edge of your hexagon in the center.  Trim around each side.  

11.  Now, using a different print, add two 5.75″ pieces to two opposite sides of your hexagon, press, and trim.  

12.  Add the 8″ pieces, press, and trim.

13.  And then add the 10.25″ pieces, press, and trim just like before by lining up the 2.25″ mark on your ruller with the inner ring (the blue print here).  

14. Cut your solid yardage into seven inch x width of fabric strips.  You will need 9 strips, each strip yields 8 equilateral triangles.

15.  To make equilateral triangles, lay a 7 inch strip (folded in half) on your cutting mat.  Line up the 60 degree mark on your ruler with the top of the fabric.

16.  Cut along the edge of the ruler.

17.  Flip your ruler over and line up the 60 degree mark with the bottom of the fabric to make an equilateral triangle.

18.  Sew the triangle to one side of your hexagon by centering the triangle over one side of the hexagon.  A little of the solid fabric should hang over each side.  Once it has been sewn on and pressed, it should line up with the adjacent hexagon side as shown in the photo below.  
You will need 6 total hexagons with 1 triangle, we will call these the “B” hexagon.  It doesn’t matter which side you add the triangle to since they are all of the same.  

19.  Take the 30 remaining hexagons and add a triangle to the opposite side.

20.  You will need 24 total  of these “A” hexagons with 2 triangles added, so take the remaining 6 hexagons and we will add a third triangle.

21.  Add a third triangle to make three “C’ hexagons.

22.  And a third triangle to make three “D” hexagons.

23.  Arrange your blocks into this layout:

24.  Piece the horizontal rows together.  Do this by taking two hexagons at a time.

And flipping the hexagon on the right up to sew the parallel edge together.  
25. Sew the rows together to finish the quilt top.

26.  Once you have the finished quilt top, two of the sides will need to be trimmed.  Use your ruler and rotary cutter to square up the bottom of the quilt and make this edge straight.

27.  Baste, quilt, and bind as desired.

Finished size: 76″x80″

Erica Jackman

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