Simple Drawstring Bag

Have your kids lost their lunch bags yet?  Mine have.  Not permanently lost, mind you, just lost in the morning when I am rushing to make lunches.  My solution:  more lunch bags.   🙂   You will be able to make two simple drawstring bags out of one fat quarter and some ribbon in about a half hour.  I do have to admit that some lunches are a tight squeeze into these bags, so if you tend to use Tupperware, or pack large lunches, you many want to make your bags larger.

One fat quarter of fabric (18 x 22 inches).
About 48 inches of 5/8 inch ribbon

 Cut the fat quarter into two 8.5 x 21 inch rectangles.  Each rectangle will make one drawstring bag.

**If you want to make a wider drawstring bag, cut 1/3 of a yard into two 12 x 22 inch pieces**

Zig zag along the long edges of the rectangle to prevent fraying.  I set my stitch length to 2 and my width to 3.5.

Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together, so that the two unfinished edges are touching.  On one side, measure down 2 inches and mark with two pins.  Pin both sides as needed.

 Starting at the pins, stitch down to the bottom of the fabric with a 1/2 seam allowance.  Back stitch at the top and bottom.  On the other side, stitch from the unfinished top down to the bottom.

 Clip off the bottom corners at an angle.

 Press the seam allowances open.  This is how the side that was started 2 inches down should look.

Turn under the unfinished top 1/4 inch and iron.

Turn down again approximately 3/4 inch.  Iron and pin in place.

Remove the table from the machine to make it easier to sew around the top of the bag.

Starting at the notch, sew an 1/8 of an inch away from the turned over edge.  Back stitch at the beginning and end.
Pin the longest pin you have through one end of approximately 24 inches of ribbon.
Thread the safety pin and ribbon through the open notched side of the bag.  Push the pin through until it exits the other side.
Pull the ribbon through until it is even on both ends and knot.

Pull the ribbon to test out it’s gathering skills.  Trim ribbon if necessary.

Two cute drawstring bags, perfect for carrying lunches or a variety of “special stuff.”

Leila Gardunia

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