Starry Eyed Quilt

Hi there!  I am Angela from Fussy Cut, and I am excited to be sharing here at the Moda Bakeshop for the very first time.  It is such a fun way for me to combine my background in education and my love for quilting, and I am so very happy to be here.

The quilt I have for you today was inspired by this set of pillows that I made for Christmas last year.  When they were sitting to each other on my couch, I realized how nicely they would work together as a quilt!  This pattern, paired with Sweetwater’s gorgeous new Christmas line, makes for a really fun quilt project.

I present to you, Starry Eyed…

– 1 layer cake and two charm packs (OR 2 layer cakes) of Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater
– 3 yards of Moda Bella solid in white or ivory
– 1 yard of Countdown to Christmas in black and red stripe (5456 14) – binding
– 4.5 yards of Countdown to Christmas in red reindeer (5457 12) – backing

** please note – use 1/4″ seam allowance, and press all seams open unless noted **

Cut fabrics:

From 2 charm packs:
– Choose 10 charms (3 cream, 3 green, 2 red, 2 black) for star centers.  Cut them down to 4.5″ squares.
– Choose {40} 5″ squares for the star points (do not use cream).  Cut in half diagonally.

* before you cut your charms, see the “Piecing Star Blocks” section below to help you select colors *

From layer cake:
– Take out 5 cream squares.
– Cut remaining 35 squares into 2.5″ strips.  Each layer cake square will make {4} 2.5″ strips, and there will be 140 strips total.


From Moda Bella solid:

Cut {20} 2.5″ strips x width of fabric (WOF)
  – From 10 of those strips, subcut {2} 4.5″ strips and {2} 16.5″ strips from each.
  – From the 10 strips left, subcut {2} 8.5″ strips and {2} 12.5″ strips from each.
  – You should now have {20} 2.5″ wide strips in each of these lengths: 4.5″, 8.5″, 12.5″, and 16.5″

Cut {10} 4.5″ strips x WOF.
  – Subcut strips to make {80} 4.5″ squares.

To prepare your fabrics:

Grab two contrasting strips and sew them together.  Continue with the entire pile until you have 70 pairs.  Press seams.


Subcut into 2.5″ strips, and you now have 280 strips of 2 blocks.

Time to sew those strips together!  You will need to sew together the following:

– {10} 4 patches
– {20} 4 square strips
– {40} 6 square strips
– {20} 8 square strips

That is a lot of chain piecing!  Press seams when you are finished.

Piecing Star Blocks
We will begin by making the wonky star blocks.  For each block, you need {1} 4.5″ square for the center, {8} of the triangles you already made from the 5″ squares for the points, and {8} 4.5″ background squares in natural.  When choosing fabrics for the star, use contrasting colors for the points.  For example, this star shown has a green center, and two different black squares and two different red squares were cut in half diagonally for the points. 
 Arrange your star center and its eight points in a pleasing manner.
Select one set of star points.  Layer over top of the background solid.
Start with the bottom triangle, the one that will be partially covered.

Flip it up onto the background fabric.  Sew as shown.

Finger press triangle open to ensure that it covers the background square.

Trim off excess background solid.  Press seams towards the printed fabric.

Now it is time to add the second triangle.

Lay it on top of the background and first sewn triangle.

Just like you did with the last point, flip the triangle up onto background fabric.  Sew as shown.


Finger press open to make sure that the triangle covers all of the solid background.

 Trim off excess fabric.  Press seams towards the print.

Your star point is almost finished!  Now you need to trim it up into a 4.5″ square.  Flip it over so the right side is facing down, and using your solid background as the guideline, square it up.

Repeat this on the other 3 star points.

Time to assemble your star.  You need your star center, the 4 points the you made, and four more background solids (all are 4.5″ squares).  Layout pieces as shown.

 Sew rows together.  Press seams.

Sew three rows together to make a completed star.  Press seams.

Next is the border.  Grab two strips of 6 blocks for the sides and two strips of 8 blocks for the top and bottom.

Sew the strips of 6 blocks to the sides.  Press towards the printed fabric.

 Sew the two strips of 8 to the top and bottom.  Press towards the prints.

There you go!  A completed star block!  You will need to make ten of these.  For my blocks, in order to get a nice variety, I made three blocks each with cream and green center, and two blocks each with the red, and black centers.  I chose to not use any cream prints for the points because of the lack of contrast between the cream and the natural solid.
Piecing framed square blocks:

Grab 1 four patch, {2} 4.5″ solid strips, and {2} 8.5″ solid strips.  Sew the smaller strips onto the 4 patch.  Press seams.

Sew the two longer strips onto the top and bottom.  Press seams.

For the next round, you will need {2} strips of 4 blocks for the sides and {2} strips of 6 blocks for the top and bottom.

Sew the smaller strips to the sides, and press.  Sew the larger strips to top and bottom, and press.

For the last round, you will need {2} 12.5″ strips for the sides and {2} 16.5″ strips for the top and bottom.
Sew the shorter pieces to the sides, and press.  Sew the longer pieces to the top and bottom.  Press again.
There is your completed framed squares block!  You will need to make ten of these blocks.


Now it is time to layout your quilt top!  There will be four blocks in each row with a total of five rows.  Alternate your blocks, and pay attention to the star centers when you are playing with the arrangement.  They are the ones that stand out in terms of placement.  Sew your blocks into rows, and then your rows into your completed quilt top!

To make your quilt backing, simply cut your red reindeer yardage in half then sew together lengthwise.  Give it a good press, and then you are ready to layer, baste, quilt.  I chose to free motion quilt in a meandering pattern.  I like how the quilted curves soften up the straight lines and points in the pattern.  Using your black and red striped fabric, bind in your preferred method.  And that is it; you’re finished!

One bright and beautiful Christmas quilt!  Before washing, it should measure approximately 62″ x 78″.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  I had so much fun writing it up for you.  If you make this quilt, please let me know.  I’d really love to see pictures!  Happy quilting!
With love,
Angela Mitchell

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