Sweetwater Flower Table Runner

This adorable runner was designed by the family trio best known as “Sweetwater” Their first line of fabric from Moda is called au-then-tic and is hitting shelves now! click here to download the pattern.

1/2 yd backing
(3) 12″ squares flower backgrounds (can be cut from FQs)
(3) FQs for flowers
(3) charm squares for flower centers
15×38 batting
5×15 fusible web

1. Cut 3 flower backgrounds to 12″ x 12″
2. Line the 12″ x 12″ square on your grid of your mat board and cut off a 3″ x 3″ triangle.

3. Repeat for all 4 corners.

4. With RST sew the pieces together along one edge only. Repeat to add third octagon.

5. Cut a slit in the center piece. This will be used later to turn the piece right side out.

6. Layer batting, backing right side up and top piece right side down.

7. Sew through all layers with a 1/4″ seam.

8. Trim extra backing and batting. Be sure to clip in at inside corners.

9. Turn through 3″ slit and press out octagons by hand. Then press with an iron and set aside.

10. Fold your flower FQ in half and pin. Trace flower template. Rotate it 180 to continue tracing.

11. Make a small slip through one layer. Sew on drawn line all the way around. Turn through slit.

12. Repeat 2 more times. Your flowers should look like this.

13. Draw a 4″ square on your fusible web. Mark in 1″ from each corner and draw lines. You are making mini versions of your flower backgrounds. Repeat 2 more times and iron onto 3 charm squares.

14. Iron onto flower center and stitch in place. I used a small zig zag with matching thread. Repeat for other 2 flowers.

15. Pin flower onto runner base. A quilting pattern is provided on the original pattern. You can draw it on or just go for it like I did!

16. One attached flower! Repeat for other 2.

17. The original pattern does not call for it but I added a bit more quilting my stitching around the entire topper 1/4″ in.

that is it!

one super cute table runner

the lovely ladies over @ sweetwater are having a contest!

We know you have some type of fabric in your stash that would be perfect for this pattern. To enter the contest, make the table runner in your choice of fabric, photograph it and send us the picture (e-mail to info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com). We think it would be lots of fun to see what it would look like in different colors and patterns. If you show it on your blog, give us your web address and we will link from our site.

You have until the end of August to enter. My mom told me this pattern was so easy, even I could make it. That may be stretching it a bit, but she whipped it out in just a couple of hours. If you are a beginner, this would be perfect for you.

One random winner will receive one of our authentic Jelly Rolls. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Remember, you have until August 31 to enter.

so go visit their blog and enter!

and don’t forget to upload it to the moda bake shop flickr group!
I think this runner works as a perfect display for jelly rolls! pictured – Mill House Inn by Fig Tree Quilts, Authentic by Sweetwater, Rouenneries by French General

9 comments on “Sweetwater Flower Table Runner

  1. Jackie says:

    Very cute runner!

  2. figgy runner.
    you didn't tell me you were doing it in figgy fabrics.
    looks SUPER cute.

  3. Super cute runner! Then again, anything made out of the “authentic” line is ADORABLE!

  4. Kimberly says:

    I am so in love! Hmmm… give me a few days and I'll see what I can do…

  5. Heather says:

    Must get on this soon – I downloaded the pattern – but the tutorial will be extra helpful – thanks!

  6. verrry nice! must get to work on winning that Au-then-tic!


  8. Melvin says:

    This looks so cute…

    Thanks for sharing…
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