Trifle Dish: Orange Peel

To make LAYER 2, use layer cakes and yardage to create a two-color version. One layer cake will make one block. Alternatively, use charm squares to create a scrappy version.

For EACH Orange Peel block, you will need:
Fabric 1/Background: 4 – 5″ squares
Fabric 2/Peels: 4 – 5″ squares

You will also need:
Applique thread (hand or machine)
Applique needles (for hand applique)
Basting glue
Template plastic

Suggested precuts: fat quarters, layer cake, charm pack

This block can be made using machine or hand applique techniques. 

1. Create template pieces for the orange peels. See Printer Friendly Version at the end of this post to download the orange peel template file. Cut out a total of 32 orange peels for the row.

    Tip: Be sure to label your template with permanent marker so you can use them again in another project.

    2. Cut out background fabric. You will need 4 squares for each block, cut them to 5″ to allow yourself some wiggle room for the applique.

    3. Applique one orange peel to each 5″ square, using the applique template as a placement guide. Use your preferred method of applique. Make a total of 32 orange peel blocks. Trim to 4½” square.

    4. Join 4 orange peel blocks together to make one complete block. The unfinished block should measure 8½” square.

    4. Join 8 blocks to form Layer 2.

    1 row, measuring 64″ x 8″

    Block design by Leila Gardunia of {Sewn by Leila}

    Trifle Dish: Cherry Spools and Lady Fingers

    To make LAYER 1, use fat eighths to create a two-color version. Two fat eighths will yield two blocks. Alternatively, use a variety of precuts to create a scrappy version.

    For EACH Cherry Spool block, you will need:
    Fabric 1/Spool:

    • (2) 2½” squares 
    • (2) 2″ x 8″ strips

    Fabric 2/Leaves:

    • (6) 2½” squares

    Fabric 3/Cherries:

    • (4) 2″ squares

    Fabric 4/Background:

    • (8) 2½” squares
    • (2 ) 2″ x 8″ strips
    • (9) 2″ squares

    You will need (6) 2½” x 11½” strips for sashing between blocks (Lady Fingers)

    Finished block measures 11″ square

    Tip: use a mix of low value prints for the background if desired

    Suggested precuts for scrappy version: fat quarters, layer cake, charm pack

    1. Create half square triangle (HST) units

    • Draw a line on the wrong side of each 2½” background square. 
    • Pair each 2½” background square with spool squares and leaf squares (a total of 8 pairs of background fabric + print), right sides together. 
    • Lining up the edge of your foot with the pencil line, sew a scant ¼” seam on each side of the line. 
    • Cut on the pencil line and press to the darker fabric. 
    • Square up each HST to 2″.

      Make 12 sets of background/leaves HSTs and 4 sets of background/spool HSTs per block.

    2. Lay out your block pieces for the center as shown.

    Piece together in rows.

    Add background side strips and spool top and bottom. Press well.

    3. Repeat step 2 to make 4 more blocks (5 total).

    4. Join 5 blocks and 6 lady fingers together to form Layer 1.

    1 row, measuring 64″ x 11″

    Block design by Robin Nelson of {}

    Trifle Dish Sew-Along

    Today we are kicking off a fun Moda Bake Shop sewing challenge! We asked our Chefs to use their favorite pre-cuts to design a block to make up a row quilt. The blocks are sweet as can be and Oda May picked her favorites to layer together in a wonderful project that we are calling the Trifle Dish Quilt.

    Each post in the Trifle Dish Sew-Along includes instructions to make the block shown with fabric requirements for that block and row. Instructions typically include options for using a few of our different pre-cuts. The Trifle Dish Quilt was designed to be scrap-friendly and to allow you to combine your favorite Moda Fabrics collections. Our version of the Trifle Dish Quilt is made using Storybook by Kate and Birdie, Mirabelle by Fig Tree and Co., and basics from the Moda Dottie line.

    Here is the Trifle Dish Quilt Sew-Along schedule:

    June 9: Layer 1 – Cherry Spools and Lady Fingers | Robin Nelson of Craft Sisters
    {tutorial here}

    June 11:  Layer 2 – Orange Peel | Leila Gardunia of Sewn by Leila
    {tutorial here}

    June 13:  Layer 3 – Pinwheels | Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts
    {tutorial here}

    June 15:  Layer 4 – Strawberries | Anjeanette Klinder of AnjeanetteK
    {tutorial here}

    June 17: Layer 5 – Jewel Box | AnneMarie Chany of GenX Quilters
    {tutorial here}

    June 19: Layer 6 – Posies | Cory Yoder of Little Miss Shabby
    {tutorial here}

    June 21: Layer 7 – Sponge Roll | Keera Job of Live.Love.Sew.
    {tutorial here}

    June 23: Layer 8 – Butterflies and 4-Patches | Trish Poolson of Notes of Sincerity
    {tutorial here}

    June 25:  Assemble the Layers
    {tutorial here}

    June 27: Brick Border | Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs

    {Break from June 27 to July 7 to catch up on piecing}

    July 7: Final Reveal and a Cherry on Top {full pattern download} and reader link-up to win prizes

    NOTE: Tutorials for each row will be published HERE on the Moda Bake Shop on the dates shown.