Studio Tour: Vintage Modern Quilts

Today we are touring the studio of Moda Bake Shop Chef Lisa Calle of the blog Vintage Modern Quilts.

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Let’s take a peek! Lisa tells us, “I frequently make changes to my sewing space. I can never seem to find the perfect arrangement or the right furniture pieces. I suspect the real problem is that I have too many supplies, too much fabric, and too many WIPs!”

Lisa’s space is filled with inspiring little objects and art, and she tries to keep everything tidy on shelves and tucked into drawers. She has a special spot for her Moda pre-cuts. That’s a very inspiring shelf, indeed.

Lisa keeps her one yard and larger pieces on mini bolts, and she says that it has given her a lot more storage space. Jars keep notions like thread and buttons from getting dusty or spilled on the floor by little hands.

Thanks for letting us into your space, Lisa! You can see more of her studio {here} and {here}.

Dreaming of Jelly Rolls,

Quilted Toy Leash

Hi! My name is Lisa Calle, and I blog at Vintage Modern Quilts. This is my first tutorial for the Moda Bake Shop, though I have been a Moda and Bake Shop devotee since I first learned to quilt.

I had my first baby, a boy named Benjamin, in November 2011, and I’ve been obsessed with baby sewing projects ever since. Today I have a project for all you mamas that have picked dropped toys up off the floor a few times too many. This toy leash also makes a great gift and sews up quickly.

4 charm squares (I’ve used Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski)
1 piece of batting (measuring 2″ x 21″)
1 plastic toy link (available in baby stores and most grocery stores and pharmacies)
2-inch strip of Velcro

Lay out your charm  squares in a pleasing pattern and then join together, using a 1/4″ seam. Press seams to one side.

Place your batting strip in the center of your pieced charms. Fold the left edge in 2 inches over the batting. Pin in place.

Line your foot up with the raw edge of the fabric and sew the length of the strip.

Fold the right edge in so it butts up against the batting strip.

Fold again and pin in place. Sew a 1/4″ seam along the length of the strip at this new fold.(Your seam should match up with the first one, but if it doesn’t, you can camouflage with your quilting.)

Quilt your strap as desired. The more quilting, the sturdier it will feel. Top stitch the long edges of the strap for a finished look. (The right side in the image below has been top-stitched; the left side has not.)

Trim any excess batting at both ends of the strap. Fold the top edge of the strap towards the inside 1/4 inch (the inside has the visible fold).

Sew 1/8″ from the raw edge, and back stitch at each end. Trim any excess batting and threads. Repeat on the bottom edge of the strap.

Now it’s time to add your final touches. Slip the strap through the plastic toy link and fold over so it covers the link and leaves room to stitch (about half an inch is enough).

Use a zipper foot to sew close to the link.

To add the Velcro, separate your hook and loop pieces (the hook is the pokey part and the loop is the soft part). Place the hook piece of Velcro so the top is aligned with the edge of the strap and it is centered across the width. Pin in place. Top stitch around the Velcro.

Measure just a hair under 6 inches from the bottom of the hook part of the Velcro to find the spot where you will attach the loop part. Pin your loop piece of Velcro in place as shown.

Top stitch around the Velcro.

One super cute and very helpful toy leash!

Lisa Calle