School Spirit Quilt

Hello…it’s Jo and Kelli from Jo’s Country Junction.  Some time ago while browsing the internet we saw a beautiful picture of an antique quilt done in red, white and black.  A couple days later we saw that Sweetwater had a new fabric line out, “Mama Said Sew” made in the similar colors.  That same day someone called and asked if we would donate a quilt for an upcoming school benefit.  Being our school colors are red, white and black, everything clicked and before we knew it we had designed a pattern inspired by the antique quilt and Sweetwater’s “Mama Said Sew” fabric line for the upcoming school benefit.
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Mama Said Sew Fat Quarter Bundle
5/8 yard binding
1 1/4 yard outer border
1/4 yard extra of your favorite red from the line
1 yard Country Red Moda Solid for setting triangles
6 yards backing

 Sort your fat quarters into five piles.  Using the Mama Said Sew line, I created the following piles; red, light with red accents, black, light with black or gray accents, and gray.  I also set aside the prints that were either all light with no accents, as well as those lights that had highlights of red, gray, and black. 
You will need a total of:
                -9 light with red accents (I added a few of the lights that were set aside to get a total of 9)
                -6 red fat quarters + quarter yard red print
                -5 black fat quarters
                -5 light fat quarter with black or gray accents
                -3 gray fat quarters
Cutting Instructions
1.  Begin with the red focused blocks.  As 64 red blocks are needed, you will need to cut 2- 5”x22” strips from 7 of the red focused lights.  Cut one 5” strip from the remaining light fat quarters with red accents.  Subcut each of these strips into 5” squares to yield 64 light with red accent squares.  These will be used for the block centers
2.  From the lights with red accents, cut a total of 13 sets of 2” strips.  Subcut  into 2” squares.  Organize squares into sets of four.  You will be cutting a total of 65 sets and will be using 64 of the sets in the flip corners of the red blocks.
3.  From the red prints,  cut each into a total of 12-1 ½” strips.  After cutting each fat quarter into 12 strips, set the strips aside in a group.  From each set, cut 5 of the strips into 5” lengths and cut 7 of the strips into 7” strips.  You will have a total of 20-5” strips and 21-7” strips.  Set aside the 21st 7” strip.
Using the quarter yard of red, cut a total of three 1 ½ “ strips.  Cut these strips into a total of 8 5” strips and 8 7” strips.
4.  Using the 5 black fat quarters, cut 2-5”x22” strips from each fat quarter.  Cut each strip into 4-5” squares for a total of 50 5” squares.  Set one aside.
5.  From the grey fat quarters, cut a total of 10 sets of 2” strips.  Subcut these strips into 2” squares, organizing them into sets of four.  You will be using 49 of these sets for the flip corners on the dark blocks.
6.  Using the 5 light fat quarters with gray or black accents, cut a total of 12-1 ½” strips from each fat quarter; set the strips from each fat quarter aside in a group.  From each set of 12 strips, use 5 to cut a total of 20-5” strips and a total of 21-7” strips. 
7.  Using the solid red fabric, cut 3 strips 10 ½” strips.  Subcut the strips into 8-10 ½” squares.  Cut the squares twice diagonally to yield a total of 32 triangles to be used as setting triangles.  Using the remaining fabric, cut 2-5 ½” squares.  Cut each square once diagonally to be used as the corner setting triangles.
Sewing Instructions
1.  To make one red square, you will need one light 5” square, 2 matching 1 ½” x 5” red strips, and 2 matching 1 ½” x 7” red strips.  Sew the 5” strips to opposite sides of the 5” square.  Press seam to the outside 1 ½” strips.

 Sew the 7” strips to the remaining sides.  Press to the outside 1 ½” strips.  Repeat to make a total of 64 blocks.

2.  Using a set of 4 light 2” squares, place each square on a corner of the block, right sides together.  Sew diagonally across the 2” square.  Repeat to cover each corner.  Trim one quarter of an inch from the outside of the seam. 

Press to the corner triangle.

Continue on each of the 64 blocks.

3.  Making the dark square is similar.  You will need one black 5” square, 2 matching 1 ½” x 5” light strips with black or gray accents, and 2 matching 1 ½” x 7” light strips with black or gray accents.  Sew the 5” strips to opposite sides of the 5” square.  Press to the dark center.  Sew the 7” strips to the remaining sides.  Press to the dark center.  Repeat to make a total of 49 blocks.

4.  Using a set of 4 gray 2” squares, place each square on a corner of the block, right sides together.  Sew diagonally across the 2” square.  Repeat to cover each corner.  Trim approximately one quarter of an inch from the outside seam.  Press to the corner triangle.  Repeat for each corner.  Continue to create flip corners on each of the 49 black/gray blocks.

Quilt Layout

1.  Sew the blocks together on point as shown alternating red and black blocks and adding the setting triangles.  Press well.

2.  From the border fabric, cut 8-4 ½” strips.  Join end to end.  Lay out and measure the quilt through the middle of the quilt.  Cut two border strips to this measurement.  Sew onto the appropriate sides of the quilt.  Repeat to add the border on the other side.

3.  Quilt as desired.  Bind using 2 ½” double fold binding.

83″ x 83″ quilt

Jo and Kelly Kramer

Studio Tour: Jo’s Country Junction

Today we are touring the studio of Moda Bake Shop Chef Jo Kramer of the blog Jo’s Country Junction.

{Tour other studios in our Show Off Your Stash Link Party.}

Jo has a very organized studio with lots of cabinets to keep the real mess out of sight! She lives in an old farm house, and you can see how warm and cozy it must be.

Jo tells me “We put the cupboards in a few years ago to help hide my mess but I can’t keep all my things contained into just the cupboards.  I keep my fat quarters and cut fabric in the plastic drawers that I really want to replace someday with something wooden and more sturdy.”

Jo keeps her Moda pre-cuts stored in the built-in cabinets until she has a specific project for them. Then they find a home in these great organizer baskets, which help her keep the project tidy while the quilt top is coming together.

Thanks for letting us into your space, Jo! You can see more of her studio {here}.

Studio Dreaming,

Peaks and Valleys

Hello…It’s Jo from Jo’s Country Junction.  I was doodling during a long meeting one evening and came up with this quilt design, Peaks and Valleys. Once I got the quilt together then realized I wanted something a little more creative than my typical stippling for the quilting.  Dawn, The Pajama Quilter, came to the rescue.  She sent a video with a wealth of quilting ideas.  I topped the quilt off with a strip border from the Salt Air Fabric line and wa-la…a finished quilt. The colors and prints are very kid-friendly, which makes it a perfect picnic or snuggle quilt for the whole family.

To cut out this quilt you will need a Tri Recs Ruler. Stop over to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction, to sign up for a chance to win.

You will need a tri-recs ruler or a similar ruler that allows you to cut a triangle in a square block.
Fat Quarter Bundle of Salt Air
5 yards Moda Marble
3/4 yard stripe for binding
6.5 yards for backing

Before cutting I want to show you what the block looks like that we will be making.

We will be constructing “triangle in a square units” and coupling them with squares to create the block.  Each block consists of:
4~ cream squares
4~colored squares

4~triangle in a square blocks with a colored center

4~triangle in a square blocks with a cream center

56 of these blocks are joined together to create the zig zag Peaks and Valleys design.

Working with this specialty ruler can be a bit tricky but very do-able.
Please note
:  There is a left and a right side to the small right angled triangles that are sewn to the center triangle.

To cut these right and left hand side pieces it is important to keep the fabrics laying right sides together as you cut the triangles.  This will insure that you will get a right and a left side piece each time you cut.  If you are hesitant to use the ruler, there are good videos out that show you how. Here’s one

Let’s start cutting:
From the cream background fabric:
Cut 48~ 3.5″ strips.
Subcut:  232~ 3 1/2″ squares
232 center triangles
232 right handed triangles
232 left handed triangles

Open the fat quarter pack and press the fat quarters. (I did not use the panel that looks like labels.)
Cut four 3 1/2″ strips that are 18″ long from 29 of the fat quarters.
From each set of strips:
Cut 8~ 3 1/2″ squares.
Cut 8~ center triangles
Cut 8~ right handed triangles
Cut 8~left handed triangles

Now that everything is cut, let’s start sewing.  I sorted my left and right handed colored triangles into piles.

All seams are sewn at 1/4″.

Take the cream triangles and add the left hand side piece like this.

Press the seam to the printed fabric to create this.

Add the right hand triangle next.

Press to the printed piece to create this.

Repeat to create 232 units.  Repeat the process making units with a printed center and cream outer triangles creating 232 units.

Next add a square to each triangle unit as shown.  Note that the center of the triangle is the color of square that is added.  Make 232 units of each type.  Press all seams to the point of the triangle.

Sew the units together in a line as shown.  Press all seams to the point of the triangle.

Make 232 units.

The units now need to be sewn together to make blocks.  To do that, arrange four of the strips together as shown.

Match the seams and sew.  Press.  Repeat to make 56 blocks.  You will have some units left over.  Save these to piece the backing.

Sew 8 blocks together in rows.  Make 7 rows.  Sew the strips together to create the quilt top.

To piece the backing sew the remaining units together into one long strip.  Cut the backing in half.  Sew a strip of backing to each side of the pieced unit.  Press.

Sandwich top, batting and back.

Quilt as desired. 

I quilted mine using the Pajama Quilter’s flower and ribbons design for quilting in the cream area.   I put evergreen type Christmas trees in the colored zig zags.  It’s free hand quilting.  It’s the most complicated design I’ve done but I love it.

Cut 9- 2 1/2″ binding strips.  Bind.

84″ x 96″ Quilt

Make sure to stop by at my blog, Jo’s Country Junction, to sign up to win one of the tri-recs rulers.

Jo Kramer

A Touch of Red Quilt’s Jo from Jo’s Country Junction. I’m here with my latest Moda Bake Shop project “A Touch of Red”. The quilt is a giant and finishes at 98″ x 98″ but it only uses two jelly rolls of Sweetwater’s Reunion fabric line. One of the fabrics features newsprint. As I was sewing along I discovered my Iowa town, population of 257, was listed on the fabric. It was a fun coincidence! After you are done reading this tutorial, head on over to my blog for your chance to win two Reunion Jelly Rolls that Kim from The Fat Quarter Shop is giving away.

2 Reunion Jelly Rolls
2.5 yards
Ink 5477 18 Setting Triangles, Corners and Outer Border
3.25 yards Cherry 5476 22* Blocks, Inner Border and Binding
9 yards Cherry 5478 12 Backing

This quilt features 112 8″ finished blocks set on point.

Each block uses 27″ of jelly roll strip. Three blocks can be made with two matching jelly roll strips. To cut the blocks you will need to unroll both jelly rolls. Match the like fabric together. Set the fabric that is the same as the red squares aside.

From each set cut:
6~ 2 1/2″ cuts, 6~ 4 1/2″ cuts, 6~ 6 1/2″ cuts

From the red fabric:
Cut 30 2 1/2″ strips. Sub cut into 448~ 2 1/2″ squares.

Inner border:
Cut 9~1 1/2″ strips

Cut 10~ 2 1/2″ strips

Setting Triangles and Outer border:
Cut 3~ 13 1/2″ strips. Sub cut into 8~ 13 1/2″ squares. Cut SIX twice on the diagonals to create 24 setting triangles. Cut the remaining TWO once on the diagonal to create the corner triangles. Cut 10~ 3 1/2″ strips for the outer border.

Let’s start sewing! To make a block you need:

2~ 2 1/2″, 2~ 4 1/2″, 2~ 6 1/2″ pieces from the jelly roll strips and 4~red 2 1/2″ squares.

Sew the 2 1/2″ squares together as shown. Press to the red.

Sew the pieces together to create a four patch. Press.

Sew the 4 1/2″ pieces to each side as shown. Press away from the red

If the 4 1/2″ pieces do not line up with the four patch, you are sewing with an incorrect seam allowance. Take the time to correct it now. If everything matches up continue on with your block.

Sew the remaining 2 1/2″ red squares to the 6 1/2″ pieces. Press away from the red.

Sew the newly created pieces to the block. Note the position of the red pieces.

Create 111 more blocks.

Lay the blocks out in an on point (diagonal) setting. Sew together in diagonal strips. Then sew the strips together.

Trim the edges if necessary. Sew the inner border strips together, pressing seams open. Add to the quilt.

Sew the outer border strips together, press seams open and add them to the quilt.

Piece the quilt backing together. Press. Layer the backing, batting and quilt top. Quilt as desired. Trim. Sew the binding strips together. Bind.

98″ x 98″ quilt

As I was sewing my quilt, I discover one of the fabric prints had newsprint as the design. I picked up and fabric and started reading it only to discover my little town of 257 people was listed on the fabric! It makes the quilt even more special to me. Read more about the discovery and the great giveaway from the Fat Quarter Shop over on my blog, Jo’s Country Junction.

Jo Kramer
{Jo’s Country Junction}

Cheddar & Blue Quilt

Here’s the latest baked up goodie from Jo’s Country Junction. The quilt features a traditional block in a barn raising setting and is made with the most gorgeous Moda fabric, Morris and Company, by Barbara Brackman. It’s a must see to appreciate fabric. The colors are so rich and inviting. If you want to see the fabric up close and personal, Karen over at Cabbage Rose Quilting and Fabrics has the entire line and has generously offered to give a lucky reader from my blog a jelly roll along with $30 gift certificate. I used a new to me batting, Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select…which I loved! Ramona from My Fabric Nook sent it to me to try and she is giving one of my readers a batting to try. Check out the tutorial here first then hop over to my blog and I’ll tell you all the details of these great giveaways.

Jelly Roll of Morris and Company
3 3/4 yards Gold Redwood 8213 18 Moda #1
6 yards
Kelmscott Blue 8217 17 Moda #1
8 yards backing
Hammersmith Tea 8217 13 Moda #1
Quilter’s Dream Cotton Select batting- Queen Sized

~From Jelly Roll, set aside the gold and blue strips. Cut 440 2.5″ squares from the remaining strips.

~From Gold cut 32 – 2 7/8″ strips. Subcut into 440 – 2 7/8″ squares. Cut them on the diagonal to create 880 triangles.

Cut 9- 2″ strips for narrow border

~From the Blue cut 28 – 4 7/8″ strips. Subcut into 220 4 7/8″ squares. Cut squares on the diagonal to create 440 triangles.

Cut 10 3.5″ strips for outer border.
Cut 10 2.5″ binding strips.

To make the above section of the block, take one of the 2 1/2″ squares. Attach a gold triangle to it. Press the square.

Attach another gold triangle to the block. Press to the gold. Then attach a blue triangle to created triangle. Press to blue.

Create four blocks.

Sew them together to make one large block. Create 100 blocks.

Using 25 of the blocks, sew the blocks into a 5 x 5 setting.

Repeat to make a total of four.

Sew those four pieces into this.

Following the initial block construction directions, create 40 more of these blocks.

Sew them into two sets of these.

Sew those rows to the top and bottom of the quilt.

Sew the gold inner border strips together. Sew them onto the quilt.

Sew the blue outer border strips together. Sew them onto the quilt.

Your quilt top should look like this.

Piece together the backing. Layer it with the batting and quilt top. Machine quilt as desired. Bind with the blue binding strips.

89″ x 97″ quilt

My beagle Gracie and I invite you to stop over to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction to check out the great giveaways sponsored by Cabbage Rose Quilting and Fabrics and My Fabric Nook.

Jo Kramer

Starry Terrain Quilt

Horray, Horray, it’s a Moda Bake Shop Day!! Well everyday is a Moda Bake Shop day, but today it’s my day to show you the latest project that I have been working on, Starry Terrain. I needed a wedding present and the couple had requested a black, lime and magenta quilt. I checked to see what fabric lines Moda had and of course, they had something that would work…the fabric line Terrain along with the black swirl fabric…perfect. For interest, I ended up adding the orange too. I hope you like it.

Terrain is a fun fabric line with deep jewel toned colors. Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop has fabric from the line at her shop. She has generously offered to sponsor a give away for $50 gift certificate to one of my lucky blog readers. After you check out the tutorial here, head on over to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction, to learn more about it.

1 Terrain Layer Cake
6 yards Black Marble Swirls Jet9908 29
2 yards Orange
Terrain Lichen Bloom 27098 13
3 1/2 yards Magenta Terrain Fern Berry 27099 12
2 yards Lime/Teal Terrain Lichen Foliage 27098 14
6.5 yards Backing Terrain Forest Floor Foliage 27090 14-More fabric will be need if you don’t want to piece a scrappy backing.

Cutting Instructions:

Black-6 yards
Cut 32~ 2 1/2″ strips sub cut into 512~2 1/2″ squares
Cut 19~2 7/8″ strips sub cut into 256~ 2 7/8″ squares cut on diagonal
Cut 8~5 1/4″ strips sub cut into 64~5 1/4″ squares cut twice on diagonal

Lime-2 yards
Cut 19~2 7/8″ strips sub cut into 256~ 2 7/8″ squares cut on diagonal

Orange-2 yards
Cut 8~5 1/4″ strips sub cut into 64~5 1/4″ squares cut twice on diagonal
Cut 7~ 3 1/2″ strips. Set aside for a pieced back.

Magents-3 1/2 yards
Cut 16~5 1/4″ strips sub cut into 128~5 1/4″ squares cut twice on diagonal
Cut 9~2.5″ Strips for binding

Layer Cake
Remove the lime, orange and magenta squares from the remaining squares cut 64~ 4 1/2″ squares. There will be a few repeated fabrics and some leftover.

When you initially look at this quilt, it appears like the quilt features the green star block. That is not true! This is the actual block:

As the blocks come together, they create the secondary green star. Also note the center square of each of the stars features a different fabric.

Start by sewing the black and green triangles together to make half square triangle blocks. You will need 512 total. Press to the black.

Now take a black 2 1/2″ square and pair it with one of the half square triangles that were just created. Sew together as shown. Press to the black square. Now pair the pieces together and sew. Press seam to one side. Set these aside.

To create the hour glass portion of the block take a magenta triangle and lay it on a black triangle. Sew as shown. Press to the magenta. You will need 512 total.

Take a magenta triangle and lay it on an orange triangle. Sew as shown. Press to the magenta. You will need 512 total.

Lay the newly formed triangles on top of each other and sew making sure to match the center seams. Continue until you have 512 quarter square triangle blocks.

Begin assembling the blocks by sewing the pieces into strips as shown.

Sew those strips together to create the block. Complete 64 blocks.

Assemble the blocks into an 8 x 8 layout.

To piece the backing, take the leftovers from the layer cake and sew them into a 126″ long strip that is 10″ wide. Sew the 3.5″ orange strip pieces together. Sew them along the sides of the layer cake pieces. Cut the backing fabric into two 126″ pieces. Sew that to the sides of the orange fabric.

Press the backing and top. Layer backing, batting and top. Quilt as desired.

Bind with the magenta 2.5″ strips. ENJOY!!

96″ x 96″

As long as I quilt, it will always amaze me to see the designs created when blocks come together.

Don’t forget to come on over and check out the give away I am hosting for the $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

Sophie’s Bouquet

Fresh from the oven at Jo’s Country Junction is the latest Moda Bake Shop recipe….Sophie’s Bouquet. Our old farm dog, Pepper, is showing off the quilt that features fabric from the line Sophie by Chez Moi. I am in love with the fabric. I am especially in love with the turquoise blue floral fabric that is used as the setting squares. The floral design is amazing. The quilt uses one jelly roll along with extra yardage.

To get you started, Kimberly over at the Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring a giveaway over on my blog to get you started on the project. After you’re done here, hop on over and check it out.

1 Jelly Roll-Sophie for Blocks and Scrappy Binding

4 1/4 yards Nosegay Blue Fiesta (32501-11) for Setting Squares, Setting Triangle and Corner Triangles

2 yards Sophie Leafy Swirl Pink Sorbet 32504 13- for constant pink in the blocks and the inner border

1 3/4 yards Sophie Petal Pink Sorbet 32506 22-for background fabric in the blocks

6 yards Sophie Paisley Floral Cream 32502 14

You will also need a half square triangle ruler such as an Easy Angle.

If you would want to fussy cut the setting squares, you will need extra yardage.

From the setting fabric:
Cut 12~ 6 1/2″ strips. Sub cut into 72~ 6 1/2″ squares.

Cut 3~ 9 3/4″ strips. Sub cut into 9~ 9 3/4″ squares. Cut these squares twice on the diagonal to get your setting triangles. You will use 34.

Cut 2~ 5 1/8″ squares. Cut once on the diagonal to create 4 corner triangles.

From the pink constant fabric in the blocks:
Cut 17~ 2 1/2″ strips. Sub cut into 270 2 1/2″ squares.

For the background fabric in the blocks:
When I made my version, I used the lights from the jelly roll pieces for some of the back ground in the blocks. I cut the remainder from the light yardage. You can do it the way I did or you can make all of the background from the same fabric. You will need a total of 23~ 2 1/2″ strips for the background.

I pulled out the strip of fabric that matches the setting fabric and set it aside.

Take one of the jelly roll strips. Layer it right sides together with one of the light 2 1/2″ strips as shown. Place it on the cutting mat. Take the half square triangle ruler and position it over the top. Cut a straight edge on the side as shown.

Following the manufacturers instructions that came with the ruler, cut triangles as shown. Flip the ruler as you make each cut. Each block needs six sets of triangles. Continue cutting across the strip making triangles. You will get four sets of six triangles per strip.

Chain piece the triangles, keeping the like triangles together.

Cut the triangles apart. Clip the dog ears and press towards the dark fabric. Continue keeping like squares together.

Layout the half square triangles along with three pink squares as shown.

Sew the blocks into rows.

Sew the rows into blocks. Continue until you have 90 blocks. Press blocks.

Now is the fun part…the layout. This quilt is set on the diagonal. It’s easy to get blocks twisted or turned. I kept watching and checking to make sure those pink squares were lined up in rows.

Continue laying the blocks out in a 9 x 10 setting. Sew the blocks into rows then sew the rows into a quilt top. Notice the pink squares are all in a line.

Take the backing fabric and cut it in half. From the remaining jelly roll strips cut 6~ 21″ pieces. Piece them together connecting them on the diagonal as you would binding strips. Sew the strip between the two backing pieces. This isn’t completely necessary. I just like to do it so that I don’t have to try to match the prints in the backing fabric.

Layer the backing, batting and quilt top together. Quilt as desired.

Cut eight 2 1/2″ strips of the blue floral fabric. Use them to bind the quilt.

One 74″ x 83″ quilt.

Come on over to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction, and see all the pictures I took while making the quilt. There were a few mishaps that went into this quilt. You will also want to check out the giveaway that Kimberly from The Fat Quarter Shop is sponsoring there.

Jo Kramer
{Jo’s Country Junction}