Trifle Dish: Sponge Roll

To make LAYER 7, use charm packs and Moda Candy (mini charms). For a non-scrappy version, use layer cakes and charm squares.

For EACH Sponge Roll blocks, you will need:
Fabric 1/Background:

  • (2) 5″ squares

Fabric 2,3,4,5/Charms

  • (2) 5″ squares

Fabric 6,7,8,9/Moda Candy

  • (4) 2½” squares

Note that the above fabric requirements won’t yield a completely scrappy block. Mix and match the block components in the row for a truly scrappy look.

Block Dimensions: 8″ x 8″ (finished) / 8½” w x 8½” h (unfinished)

Suggested precuts: Charm packs, Moda candy, layer cakes

1.  Create half square triangles by matching 1 print and 1 solid charm square with right sides together. Using pencil or fabric marker, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of the solid squares. Following the marked diagonal line stitch ¼” seam either side of the line. Repeat for all charm  squares. cut along the marked line to yield two half square triangle pieces {4 in total}. Press towards print fabric. Trim to 4.5” squares.

2. Using mini charm squares, mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of each square. Place right sides together against solid corner of HST. Stich on the marked line. Cut ¼” from the line.

{NOTE: the diagram below shows dog ear corners on two sides of the charm square. For this block, only one side needs a dog ear corner. See block diagram below.}

3. Sew 4.5” squares together in block layout yielding an 8” x 8” finished block

4. Make 7 more blocks to complete the row.

1 row, measuring 64″ x 8″

Block design by Keera Job of {Live.Love.Sew.}

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