Trifle Dish: Orange Peel

To make LAYER 2, use layer cakes and yardage to create a two-color version. One layer cake will make one block. Alternatively, use charm squares to create a scrappy version.

For EACH Orange Peel block, you will need:
Fabric 1/Background: 4 – 5″ squares
Fabric 2/Peels: 4 – 5″ squares

You will also need:
Applique thread (hand or machine)
Applique needles (for hand applique)
Basting glue
Template plastic

Suggested precuts: fat quarters, layer cake, charm pack

This block can be made using machine or hand applique techniques. 

1. Create template pieces for the orange peels. See Printer Friendly Version at the end of this post to download the orange peel template file. Cut out a total of 32 orange peels for the row.

    Tip: Be sure to label your template with permanent marker so you can use them again in another project.

    2. Cut out background fabric. You will need 4 squares for each block, cut them to 5″ to allow yourself some wiggle room for the applique.

    3. Applique one orange peel to each 5″ square, using the applique template as a placement guide. Use your preferred method of applique. Make a total of 32 orange peel blocks. Trim to 4½” square.

    4. Join 4 orange peel blocks together to make one complete block. The unfinished block should measure 8½” square.

    4. Join 8 blocks to form Layer 2.

    1 row, measuring 64″ x 8″

    Block design by Leila Gardunia of {Sewn by Leila}

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