Lattice Bones Quilt

Hi!  I’m Julie from 627handworks and I’m really excited to be sharing this quilt pattern with you.  The design was kind of an accident.  Originally I was playing with some ‘bone blocks’ I made out of strips and dreaming up a dog quilt for my spoiled pups. When I started twisting the blocks around I realized they made a lattice pattern.

This pattern is perfect for chain piecing and comes along pretty quickly if you make an assembly line of sorts.

1 Jelly Roll – Potluck by American Jane
1 Jelly Roll – Moda Bella Solids in Snow
4 yards of Moda Bella Solids in Mustard (backing)

Use leftover strips as a scrappy binding for your quilt

We will be using 1/4″ seam for all piecing and remember to press after sewing each piece.

Pull 32 Strips.  Each print will yield 2 blocks for a total of 64.

From each of the 32 prints cut:

  • Four 6.5″ strips, then
  • Four 2.5″ strips

Pull 37 Strips.

Take 29 solids and cut from each:

  • Nine 4.5″ strips

Take 8 solids and cut from each:

  • Sixteen 2.5″ strips


    • Four 4.5″ solid
    • Two 2.5″ solid
    • Two 2.5″ print
    • Two 6.5″ print

    Arrange your bone pattern.

    Sew the sides of the bones.

    Take your 6.5″ prints and lay a 4.5″ solid diagonally across the top.

    Mark it from corner to corner with a fabric pen, iron or finger press.

    Make sure your diagonal line is going the same way as pictured. If you want your diagonal to go the other way, you will need to place the excess of the solid fabric on the OPPOSITE side of print.  It doesn’t matter which way you choose, just be consistent so the seams on your blocks are all going the same way.

    Sew from corner to corner.  Open it up and make sure it creates one long piece. TRIM.

    Lay out your bone strips.

    Sew all the strips together.

    After you’ve created a few ‘bone blocks’ I recommend chain piecing.  

    You will have a total of 64 ‘bone’ blocks.  Take 4 blocks to sew into a ‘lattice bone’.

    Sew the top and bottom blocks together.

    Sew the sides together. Now you have a larger block. 

    Create 16 larger blocks.

    Sew into rows.

    Sew the rows together. 

    Use leftover prints to create a scrappy binding.

    If you make a Lattice Bones quilt please share it with me, I’d love to see it!

    64″ x 64″ Quilt

    Julie Hirt

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