Sunnyside Stars Quilt

Hello again!  This is Karin Vail from Cascade Quilts with yet another Moda Bake Shop project for you!  This one is super quick and EASY, I promise!  If you have a layer cake that has larger prints that you just hate to cut down into small pieces, this is a perfect pattern for that!  It has nice large blocks that will show off those wonderful prints!  Let’s get started!

1 layer cake (Sunnyside by Kate Spain)
1 jelly roll (Sunnyside by Kate Spain)
1/3 yard of 2 different prints (each cut into four 10” squares)
3 2/3 yard Moda Bella Solid (Snow) cut into fifty 10” squares)
3/4 yard print for binding (or you can use 10 strips left from your jelly roll for a scrappy binding)
6 2/3 yards print for backing

Your layer cake will contain 42 squares.  Since the base of this pattern is made from 100 HST’s, you will need 50 print squares and 50 solid squares.  So, from your 1/3 yard cuts of 2 different fabrics, cut four 10” squares from each, so you will now have 50 print squares.
Cut fifty 10” squares from your Bella solid yardage.

On the wrong side of your solids, draw one diagonal line from corner to corner.  Pair the solids with the prints (right sides together) and stitch a scant 1/4” from the each side of the line.  Continue with all 50 pairs.


Cut each of the 50 pairs on the line drawn.

Press each section open to reveal 100 large HST’s.  Do not square them up yet. Set aside 36 of your HST’s.  Lay one at a time of the remaining 64 HST’s on your cutting mat with the lower left corner matching up with lines on your cutting mat.  You will be cutting a wedge off the solid portion 2” down from the top/left corner and 2” over from the bottom/left corner.


You will now have 64 pieces that look like this.  The scrap to the left is waste.

Now, take 16 strips from your jelly roll and cut the selvages off and cut them into quarters.  This will yield approximately 11” long strips (64 total).
Take a strip and line it up (right sides together) with the cut edge of one of your HST’s.  Make sure it hangs over the top edge by at least 1/4”.


Stitch 1/4” along  the edge of the strip.
Press open.

Now, you can square up your blocks to a perfect 9.5” square.  If you didn’t do a *scant* 1/4” when you stitched on either side of the line, you might find it difficult to get the full 9.5” square.  You can trim them to 9.25” if you like, just as long as they are all the same. You can also square up your 36 HST’s that you set aside that didn’t get the wedge shape (the same size as the ones with the wedge).


Now that you have your 100 sub-blocks ready, I suggest matching them up into 25 sets of 4.
There will be 9 sets with all four sections with wedges.


There will be 16 block sets with 2 wedge sections and 2 plain HST sections.


And there will be 4 sets with only one wedge section and 3 plain HST sections.


Now, arrange your blocks so that the plain HST sections are on the border and sew together.  You now have a finished quilt top that should measure 90.5”x90.5”.

Since this is such a large quilt top, you will need to piece your backing in several pieces (unless you use a wide backing material).  This is one option for piecing your backing.


This is the backing on this finished quilt – I decided to piece it using 2 different prints – the yellow from Sunnyside and the blue from a print from Cuzco (a previous collection print also by Kate Spain for Moda)

I was playing with options for this quilt, and I think it would look wonderful if you used all the same print for the stars as well:
If you wanted to go this route, you could use 1 1/8 yards of a print for your stars in place of the partial jelly roll.   OR, if you wanted to use a Bella solid, you would only need 5/8 of a yard because you can use the cut-off pieces from your wedges when you square up the blocks to use on another block since Bella solids are reversible!  I like this idea since I hate to see any waste 🙂


Here is a mock-up of what it would look like using S’more Love (making it smaller).  I love the contrast with this fabric line.


After you have finished piecing the top, layer your quilt top/batting/backing and quilt as desired!  This was my first experience with longarm quilting a quilt, and I can’t wait to try the next!  I’m hoping to do FMQ next time!  This was a pre-programmed pattern on a computerized longarm that I ‘rented’ time on.

I love the texture of a freshly washed quilt!

approx 90”x90” quilt

Karin Vail

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