Q&A with Oda May: Going Green

 Oda May is back today to answer a reader question about Printer Friendly Files.

Dear Oda May,
I am so inspired by the Moda Bake Shop! There are many, many projects I want to make. I print out the Printer Friendly file from each recipe that I want to make so I can have it on hand. The only problem is that they’re really starting to pile up! Plus I’m running out of printer ink every few weeks. Any tips on organizing my printed recipes or keeping track of what I want to make without printing so much? I think I have all of 2013 printed out!

Drowning in Recipes in Denver
Dear Drowning,
I know the feeling! I also have a hard time keeping track of MBS recipes and other patterns. There are too many wonderful things I’ve got on that ol’ mental “make some day” list. But I do have some tips to help you stay organized and get out from under that pile of papers.

1.Start a Pin Board. You can go virtual by using Pinterest to organize and save all of those projects you want to make. Be sure to follow the Moda Bake Shop board.

Do you prefer an old school pin board over a virtual one? Instead of printing out the entire recipe, just print the first page and pin it to your board. Then when you’re ready to make it, you can easily find the recipe using the recipe title and Chef’s name from the page you printed.

2. Go Digital. So many designers offer digital versions of their patterns these days and for good reason! It’s easier to keep track of digital files. Download them to your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet). You can also download our Printer Friendly Files to your Kindle or other e-reader.

3. Print Sparingly. If you have to have a paper copy to work from when you’re sewing, print it out just before you start instead of printing all of the projects you want to make.

Any reader tips on keeping up with all of those Moda Bake Shop projects you want to make?
Happy Sewing,

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