3D Pinwheel Throw Quilt

Hello Moda Bake Shop readers! I’m Anjeanette and I am so happy to be back with you, sharing this adorable new quilt. Come visit me anytime at byAnjeanette.blogspot.com. When I saw this new line from Bonnie and Camille, I knew it had to be made into something fun and whimsical.  Enter a 3 dimensional pinwheel to fit the bill.

1 Fat Eight Stack  
3 3/4 yards Penny White 55065-19
1 yard Penny Lime 55065-13
4 yards Hop Navy 55062-17 (Backing)
1 yard Red 55064-11 (Binding)

Starch your fabric first. We are sewing on the bias and it will help to keep the fabric stabilized. We are also going to end up with a really dense seam in the pinwheel with all the layers of the fabric. Normally I use a scant seam, or skinnier than 1/4”. But for this throw, I suggest to sew with a larger than 1/4” seam. The seams in the pinwheel have many layers of fabric and I find that it is easier to get a nice flat pressed seam when there is more of a seam to press.

From the white, cut:
10 WOF (Width of Fabric) X 6″
               Sub cut into 6″ squares total of (56) 6″ squares cut in half diagonally

14 WOF X 5″
               Sub cut into 5″ squares  total of (112) 5″ squares 

 From the green, cut:
5 WOF X 6.5″
                 Sub cut into 6.5″ squares total of (28) 6.5″ squares

From the fat eight stack you will need to cut (28) 9″ squares.

There are two blocks for this throw, a square in a square, and a dimensional pinwheel.

To make the square in a square block you will need four white triangles and one green square.

Fold your green square in half lengthwise and then again in half width wise. Press to get your center markings. Alternately, you could pin the center of each side if you prefer. Fold your triangles in half and press.

  Matching your pressed lines, match two side triangles to the sides of the square and pin in place.

Sew side seams and press towards the white.

Flip over and trim off the excess corner points.

Layer the last two triangles, sew and press towards the white again.

Trim your square to 9 1/2” There shouldn’t be much to trim off.

Make 28 of these blocks.

To make the dimensional pinwheel block:

Start with two contrasting 9 X 9” squares cut from your fat eight stack. Layer together, right sides together. Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner in an X and then from top to bottom and side to side like a +. Sew 1/4” on both sides of the line from the X. With your rotary cutter, cut directly on the lines of the + from top to bottom and then from side to side. Then cut along the diagonal lines.

You just made 8 HST or Half Square Triangles.

Open up your squares and then fold in half with wrong sides facing each other. Topstitch along the folded edge with about 1/8” topstitch. This little step is going to help keep the shape of the pinwheels once you wash your quilt. Trim off the dog ears or the overhanging corners.

To make your pinwheel block, take four white 5” squares and two sets of triangles.


Layer your triangles on top and in the corner of each white square. The right side of the white squares should be facing up/the triangles. Pin the right side. Take the bottom of the triangle and fold it over to the right lower corner. Topstitch with 1/8” seam along the right side and the bottom of the triangle.

Press. I found that I wanted my pinwheel pressed quite flat because it helped when I got to the part with all the layers of fabric.

Lay out your four squares to make the shape of a pinwheel.

Sew the top two pieces together (remember we are using a seam that is just a bit bigger than a regular 1/4” seam here.) Press the seam open. It is going to be a chunky/thick seam.

Sew the bottom two squares the same way and press well.

Layer your top and bottom together, right sides facing. I placed a pin in the center of the top seam and matched it with the bottom seam to hold it in place. Because of the bulk of the fabric, clips like the one you would use to bind, are very helpful to hold the layers together. 

Sew and press open.


Make 28 of these blocks.

Alternate your square in a square blocks with pinwheel blocks. Sew into rows. Sew rows into your top.

Quilt and bind.

*Because of the dimension of the pinwheels, when you are quilting you may find it easier to pin each pinwheel flap back.


My boys think this is the perfect quilt to lay on the grass and read. I think it is the perfect quilt for a picnic.

Either way, I think the dimension of the pinwheel makes for a fun quilt.

If you decide to make one too, please remember to share it with me. I’d love to see it!

I couldn’t resist these piggies next to the dimensional pinwheel. Makes me so happy.

A roughly 63” X 72” Epic Summer 3 Dimensional Pinwheel Throw

Anjeanette Klinder

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